20 Replies to “Things You’re Gonna See On The CBC”

    1. AB

      It’s a version of the Pelosi wrap up smear.

      I suspect a New Democrat or two invented a false story and gave it to the CBC

      The CBC reports the story.

      Then Notley et al can quote the story.

      Even if the CBC issues a retraction, NDP partisans will still quote the original story.

      The Pelosi wrap up smear.

  1. I don’t understand why whoever is in charge of social media in the Premier’s office is still using the CBC as source material, instead of shunning it on all occasions. Even to the point of treating the CBC as the federal #Libranos have long treated The Rebel, and Blacklock’s Reporter. Take the CBC’s questions, then look away as though they weren’t even in the room.


    This, from a few hours ago.

    1. Normally, marc, I would agree. However (and I’m just spitballing here) in this case I think DS may be trying to capitalize on the fact that MotherCorpse FUBAR’d this one & then actually admitted it. It’s a rare opportunity.

  2. Did their sources exist, or did they pull a Jayson Blair?

    Meghan Grant deserves a nomination for living up to the Blair standard

    1. It wouldn’t matter because they are a publicly-funded mouthpiece for the Liberals.

      The damage was done with this fraudulent report.

  3. The “Canadian Broad-Corping Castration” is incapable of producing anything other than prima facie PROPAGANDA.

    Just turn them off. The cure is to be delinked and defunded. Attack dogs for the PMO propaganda who underwrites their budget…you contract vapid intellectualized nausea from these patent hit pieces, nothing more. 🙂


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st St Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

    1. “Canadian Broad-Corping Castration” is incapable of producing anything other than prima facie PROPAGANDA.”

      Pretty much covers the communists broadcasting corporation.
      Maybe I should not say that, knowing things about CeeBeeCee only second hand, never listen or see any of it, could be considered unfair.

  4. While I do mainly ignore the CBC, I still feel they should be held to account and as such I have contacted the CBC ombudsman indicating actions that I believe should be taken with respect to the “unnamed” source or the writers if the source will not be identified. I know it is a long shot but I feel if more people to were to make complaints on such matters, the ombudsman might eventually publish requests for actions that are long overdue.

  5. As Frank Q pointed out with Guilbeault’s idiotic ‘Asian hatred” tweet…it’s all by design.
    Mission accomplished.

  6. Keep your expectations low – the CBC ombudsman has refused to correct blatant errors on climate. He seems to have sole jurisdiction on what he tackles.

    There is one truly remarkable exception. CBC French language ombudsman Gendron gave the Corporations’ management and reporter a well deserved and fun to read spanking:

    “When it comes to accuracy, the JSP (journalistic standard practices) expects us to “seek out the truth” and “invest our time and our skills to learn, understand and clearly explain the facts.” The article failed at all these levels. The article’s errors, omissions, imprecisions and inaccuracies are so numerous that I believe it is an aggravated case of failure to comply with the JSP. Since this seems to have been a repeat offence on the same subject by journalist Marc Montgomery, I cannot hold him solely responsible. This is also an issue of inadequate editorial oversight.

    Given the scope of the observed failures, I doubt it is possible to correct an article that is so flawed through and through. If Radio Canada International decides to amend it, I strongly recommend that the task be assigned to another journalist, preferably someone who has demonstrated their ability to cover environmental topics.”

    The obvious problem is that there were no consequences and no improvement in CBC’s coverage. Everyone involved in this crappy article probably got a performance bonus.


  7. The CBC is not a news agency, It is the Ministry of Propaganda for the Liberal/NDP/Green cohort. Under a Conservative government, the CBC is the official opposition network. They knew what they were doing. The national media is now focused on Rachel Notley’s campaign. It’s “Trash Danielle Smith 24/7”. The institutional left may not “know” much, but they know who their enemy is.

  8. And remember that just a few days ago, the CBC CEO, who doesn’t even live in Canada, started a speaking tour across Canada to brag about the high level of professionalism within the ranks of CBC journalists. Here is her webpage.


    And here’s the clip about her speaking tour – CBC interviewing Catherine Tait. Count the lies.


    She blames social media for the CBC’s failure – what a load of bovine excrement!

    1. “She blames social media for the CBC’s failure”

      When caught repeating a lie, the neighbourhood Gossip will always blame her sources.

  9. The level of desperation is becoming quite palpable. There is a Premier in Alberta who is finally doing the job; being Premier of Alberta. Le Dauphin wants Red Rachel elected so he can have no resistance to his plans. Matter of fact, Le Dauphin may have a great problem if Rachel is elected; she may move too quickly to destroy Alberta. But then again, as far as Le Dauphin is concerned, the faster the better.

  10. The CBC is quite happy. It did all the damage it could by lying about the noncontact. Red Rachel’s hordes will still run with iit and you can bet that it will be used in the next election to disturb the low info voter who leans even a little bit left. I had a smile because a morning radio host on Global radio in Edmonton who used to be the news reader on CTV seriously intoned that the CBC likely didn’t lie about the information after all they had sources and they checked those sources too. If there were any shame they would all be sharing it but they aren’t. They are paid to be supporters of NDLIBs. None of them would be on the air if not for NDLIB funding.

  11. The morning people on global radio are supposed to have opinions – just not opinions that require any thought. They live in fear they might blurt out some word or say something controversial and get radio’d.

    Remember Dave Rutherford? He’d announced his retirement after 25 years with Corus at QR770 in Calgary. He said something they didn’t like and fired him on the spot within 2 weeks of his exit. That’s what your dealing with.