27 Replies to “Awkward”

  1. Ooops? Interesting timing of all of the ‘revelations’!

    Trying to deflect from other news (e.g. corruption in Ukraine)?

  2. Hahahahaha, one has to think the deep state just shot themselves in the foot. Penciltwitt was to run against Trump, butt now…………

    1. Well … THAT Christian man has no compunction about LYING … if it hurts Trump. What an absolute RAT. HIS Christian credibility just got flushed down the toilet … now he can go slither away like the snake he is.

      1. Ken Gee
        Actually his kristian credibility is fully intact, as he performed the same as many, if not most kristians do. There is now a debate going on about the text of the original bible, and whether it has been altered . And the answer I think was well explored by Dawkins, were he points out that there are strong probabilities that there are errors in translation. But the new debate focuses on recent changes, and as the RCC admitted that they lied about one of 3 historical references to Jesus, they may have added text of convenience to support their effort to destroy Judaism, and vilify math, and by extension science, and that is were the 666 number of the beast comes from. Butt then kristians are as stupid as libtards.

  3. I truly think that the Democrat party has “had it” with President Joe Biden and that Joe (especially his wife Jill) have not taken the hints to resign and so the party, in order to save 2024, MUST get rid of him now. I know that makes Vice President Kamala Harris the next President, but I think that is what the men in the grey suits want as she is a woman and of colour which will be the rallying points. Just because she is incompetent is not important.

    1. I thought Sec State Mike Pompeo, Sec Energy Rick Perry, Peace Negotiator Jared Kushner and Press Sec Sarah Huckabee Sanders did pretty good considering.

    2. He went with folks he thought he could trust. Remember he’s NOT from DC. It’s shows how bad it really is

  4. No oops about it. The greasing of the skids continues. Paraphrasing Oprah – “You had classified documents!…you had classified documents!…eeeeeeeverybody had classified documents!!!!
    The trifecta is complete: Hillary, Joe and now this retard who joins the list of non presidents having classified docs. I half expect Al Gore to announce “I’ll be damned…look what I found!!!”

    They want Joe out for 2024, that much is true…but I think they somehow want to clear the way for Trump only because the prospect of a DeSantis Presidency keeps the Dems up at night.
    I’m spitballing of course.
    Nothing in Washington is by accident or a coincidence.

    1. Al Gore sure as hell SOLD and PROFITED from his VP office. Corrupt bastard. I think SHE is jealous of just how $$$$$MUCH Gore made off with from those filthy rich ragheads

  5. Draining the swamp is not possible, at least not possible without overwhelming military power.

  6. I recognize that this revelation will amount to a fart in the wind as Pence generally evokes zero emotional anything. In this he reaps what he sows.
    A piece of toast has been discovered plated on classified doccuments from the offices of the Department of Agriculture. More at 11.
    Zzzzzzzzzzzz ….
    This is the insidious nature of the fifth column.
    (We’ve quickly moved on to listing better Trump appointees. )

      1. Haven’t actually figured out how it got picked up. It used to be a disqus pic. but it may be on my google profile. Something changed at SDA settings that picked it up.
        So, the pic. Is attached to my email which is gmail. Google profile must have that pic.
        Prolly time to change it. Great Horned is the skunk’s only natural predator……

  7. Yunno, I never trusted Pirate of Pence.
    I noticed the contemptuous expression on his face, for example, when watching Trump signing documents; very similar to the one on Paul Ryan’s puss.
    I put a lot of stock in body language.

    1. What I saw watching Pence’s body language when asked if he took any documents. He pauses, looks away, denies doing so while nodding his head and looking uncomfortable.

  8. You won’t find any classified documents at Bill Clinton’s pad. He can’t read.

  9. Secret things afoot, I say. Biden’s media protection seems to be dispersing, as do his corrupt pals in the Ukraine. Trump and Desantis or Trump and Tulsi, this could stretch out to a 24 year reign of populist-nationalist-rightists. That would be end of the Uniparty.

  10. I think the permanent Washington class is disposing of Biden, and on the Repub side is warning Pence not to run. Trump is only beatable in the primary if there is one outstanding not Trump option, any more and the not Trump vote is split.

    The permanent class is rigging this election upfront, they want two uniparty candidates then they don’t care. Think Bush v Clinton, they didn’t intervene because both were acceptable (to them) F the citizens.