33 Replies to “This Is The Time At SDA When We Remember The Bow River Lemmings”

  1. So rare that the cinematographers were able to set up all those angles and a lone seal on a large ice pan. Sort of as rare as the lamestream media documenting a pandemic. They will set up your demise and record it. It’s mental masturbation for them

  2. I don’t see anything in this video that is “rare” and when I read about sharks losing a knife fight with Orcas I always cheer for those carrying the big guns.
    I especially enjoy reading how Orcas seem to be passing on the skill of eating the livers out of the sharks, and discarding the rest as waste. Saw the video of an Orca tossing a great white shark into the air too. Great entertainment.

    Perhaps what’s rare, is having multiple drones in the air to enable the BBC with their near unlimited budget, the ability to video from a variety of camera angles.
    Were there 30 seals originally being chased by the Orcas, and this was the very last of them?

    Perhaps if Jeremy Clarkson could do some of the commentary for this? I don’t know how else this could be improved.


  3. Two seals as well…or who knows how many they used. Significant black “smear” colouration on the left cheek extending below jaw line at :12 seconds… absent at :21 seconds. Anyways, with slick editing and god knows what other technologies exist for the video industry you can create any scenario and people will believe it.
    I have a neighbour who thinks this is real. And yes, he votes Liberal.

    And lose the upbeat piano music…we’re watching a seal being murdered not someone’s wedding slide show.
    The End by the Doors. Oh yeah, much better.

    1. “Murdered”? Serves the seal right. It made its living by hunting down innocent fish and eating them alive.

      1. They always seemed a little reptilian to me. And what’s up with eating on your stomach? Amirite?

  4. This must be ancient film footage as I am led to believe that there in no more ice in Antarctica.

  5. Remember the infamous “global warming” photograph of a sad-looking polar bear alone on a small ice floe with the open ocean all around him? Turns out that picture was taken from a boat *just offshore* (50 yards or so) of the mainland but angled to appear far out at sea.

    They do this kind of stuff all the time, with the ‘nature’ shows as well. Much of what you see is apparently shot in enclosed nature preserves and zoos.

    1. Ah, the law of unintended consequences strikes again, John C. When guns are banned, it’s back to clubbing baby seals.

      1. Mineral oil (aka crude) was the savior of the whales. Will seal oil become the next savior of mankind as crude oil becomes banned?

  6. Hey guys, Orca’s gotta eat too.

    Gates should get right on that and start making lab grown seal meat, but there might be a problem with animating it for Orcas.

    Oh wait, Gates thinks he’s a god, so it shouldn’t be that big a deal!

  7. The underwater shot of the seal was a dead giveaway that this was a heavily massaged video. How was it that a cameraman just happened to be at the right time and place in the Antarctic waters to catch that?

    And to do so with a pod of orcas circling around would be dangerous. Orcas rarely attack humans, but they’re huge powerful animals, and accidents could easily happen in the middle of a hunt.

  8. ”That’s a lot of camera angles”

    Kate, your droll humor and incisive commentary crack me up.

  9. I remember watching those nature shows when I was a kid. Am pretty sure that I remember seeing the grain shovels they used to shovel the lemmings over the edge.

    1. Reminds me of an old joke; “You have just seen a hippopotamus stomp a cobra to death to save it’s young. Mutual of Omaha will stomp you to death to save your young!”

  10. Flipping around one night and caught 10 seconds of one of those fake “alone in the bush” shows.

    Woman comes running out of her cabin to shoot at a wolf (pretty sure she had a scope on a shotgun). Very dramatic.

    Oh, and here’s the shot from the drone…that, mysteriously…didn’t show the camera that obviously had to be right beside her.

    I believe Survivor got caught doing that too…

    1. I punched out of Season 3 of Alone when it became blatantly obvious they were seeding the areas near the female contestants (only) with useful items for them to find. Specifically the bleached bones of a cow and it’s untanned hide piled helpfully next to it.

      Joke was on them; the one female contestant used the cow bones to make wind chimes.

      1. Hahahahaha … A … male … Obama would have made cow bone draperies. Then, incessantly talk about how he made them and how great they are for shading the noon day sun

  11. 60 or 70 years ago, in the day of Disney, all the “nature” footage was fake. Why should that change? When the choice is wait 100 years for the perfect shot or fake it, they always fake it.

  12. any one seen “heart of the sea” its a movie of the true story Moby Dick was based on . more about apres survival than the fight.

  13. I remember the great show that the Bow River Lemmings put on at Candlestick Park in San Francisco back in 1982.

  14. Actually had a friend whose cousin worked on the set turning the great lemming plunge. LOl and remember watching that shit on the tube back in the day.