18 Replies to “Welcome Party In Hamilton”

  1. This needs to happen at everyone of his public events from now on. We need f Trudeau trucks following his campaign bus everywhere during the next election too. He’s not welcome anywhere but Toronto.

  2. A better headline: “Greater Toronto and Hamilton area have buyer’s remorse”.
    Better late than never I guess.

  3. What? No Roman Candles shot at the procession vehicles? No broken and burned storefronts? No rocks or bricks thrown? ANTIFA would have.

    1. Of course they will. The headline will read “Racist white Canadians attack our beloved leader!” or “White supremacy groups prevent Justin from blessing the residents of Stoney Creek.”

      1. CBC et al will say, “Violent mob threatens Trudeau” and further down in the article “Peaceful protests in Atlanta”.

  4. “Small fringe minority” prevent the people of Hamilton from expressing their love and devotion to our dear leader. There CBC, saved you a day’s work.

    1. Imagine Blackie’s disappointment, discovering that they weren’t all there to tongue bath & fellate him.

  5. Nice but, how many voters didn’t bother to show up in the last Ontario provincial election? Sixty-something percent no-shows? What was it, 67% or 63% no-shows?