14 Replies to “Virtue signalling gone mad? SaskEnergy finances soap making from CO2 capture at Regina Airport”

    1. You don’t wanna know what Germans and their allies in Western Ukraine were making soap out of during WW2. It rhymes with news.

  1. So a virtue-signaling crown corporation, where jobs are likely guaranteed from layoffs, is financing a soap product that will be given away. I wonder how that will impact Canadians in the private sector whose jobs depend on people BUYING the soap they make.

    1. If you watch the video, you’ll see that this thing produces so little product, the service tech comes around every so often to collect it. In other words, the amount of eventual soap produced will be trivial, at best. And likely not cheap, either.

  2. Don’t know about flue gas soap … but I sure know who I’d like to see “permanently sequestered”

  3. I thought I saw K2CO3 as the final product. I wonder if they use KCL as the reactant. Might be another market for Potash.

    I would like to see the Chemical equation of the unit and where the reactant is mined.

    There could be some unintended consequences to this. We need to see more.

    1. Yup.
      Saponification is generally dependent on fats and certain Na or K hydroxyl ions, for hard and soft soaps, respectively.
      If these are a by-product of CO2 capture tech, all the better.
      CO2 is not a threat because of climate change, but, long term, it can be a threat because of its toxicity.

  4. You know who else made soap, right? Today’s “carbon capture” is tomorrow’s “Where’s Memaw?”

  5. I wonder if Justine is going to use this idea to make his MAiD program more recycle oriented?

  6. Finally some soap for my Saskabush brothers and sisters!
    Canada’s moonshot, deodorant to Moosejaw. :0