It’s Monday On Turtle Island

Today In Islam:  This week in Jihad.  Paying the Jizya.

Woke Britain:  Fulani is a complete hypocrite.  Apparently crime is legal in Britain.

Biden’s America:  Bishop Joseph Strickland did not kill himself.  Guns, fire, and knowledge.  Musical re-imagines Jesus and Judas relationship.  The role of James Baker in the laptop scandal.  Journalists attack Matt Taibbi.  Your morning meme.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Carey Price slams Trudeau over new anti gun legislation.  Today Climate Justin burns jet fuel to Ingersoll Ont.  There he will rant about electric vehicles.  Marco Mendicino states he will end gun violence.  Next week, he will announce his cure for cancer.  Justin goes full fascist.  Lawyers must report on their clients.  And park police can search cars and buildings without a warrant.

The Media:  Victor Davis Hanson explains corruption in the media.  Trust The Science News:  Post Faucist America.

8 Replies to “It’s Monday On Turtle Island”

  1. Carey Price versus Juthtin Weirdeau.
    Carey, if you don’t know, is half Indian.
    Juthtin, if you didn’t know, is 100% asshole.
    The gun war is part of the cold civil war. The neo-Marxist Liberals want to disarm Canadians completely. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

  2. When I think I’ve seen everything STUPID…
    Something else pops up!
    Prince Harry as Spiderman…
    He can’t draw any viewers off his name but needs to drag down another character into irrelevance by using they’re viewers star power attraction.

  3. Requiring lawyers to rat out their clients? Ouch – Trudeau’s gone loony. He’s going to tick off the lawyers and they are the chosen people. Not being a lawyer, an expression I use frequently is, “Don’t tell me that shit.” Thank goodness my memory truly does suck.