7 Replies to “Y2Kyoto: Abby Normal”

  1. CBS News: “As Hurricane Ian roared towards Florida, it experienced a phenomenon known as rapid intensification — getting very strong, very fast. Scientists say the process of hurricanes rapidly intensifying is becoming more frequent, and is connected to the impact of human-caused climate change.”


    Or you could refer to the actual Hurricane experts (instead of “Scientists”) and realize that shear and dry air dropped off in September creating an opportunity for a strong hurricane(s). And, you wouldn’t be wrong in stating that 2022 was a below average “hurricane season.” So, why is CBS News focusing on the rapid increase in strength of Ian? Simple, narrative #1 is that there is an increase in Tropical Storms and hurricanes as a result of climate change. That didn’t pan out, so it was on to plan B. Climate change causes rapid intensification of Hurricanes.

  2. Every MSM commentary on climate and weather is saturated with lies. The entirely political, anti-scientific “We’re all going to die,” agenda must lead every program and leave every viewer quaking in fear. Meteorologists who cannot predict Friday’s weather with an iota of accuracy, believe they know what the temperature will be the last week of November in 2099.