Your Intellectual Betters

Not all of her schoolboard colleagues are in sync with her

h/t James MacMaster

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  1. Nilly

    Just another overtly ignorant mask NAZI.
    ZERO evidence anywhere that they have any efficacy whatsoever. Pure bullshit propaganda worthy of a pat on the back by Joseph Goebells himself.

      1. Well, I live in the Center of Insanity, Victoria.

        Mask wearing has taken a notably large uptick in the last week, thanks media, Forger Dix, and of course, Bonnie Nazi for instilling FEAR FEAR FEAR!. Last trip to Costco was jaw dropping, this area is full of cowards and brain damaged, fearful serfs, loyal to their medical bureaucratic masters.

        There were even some wearing industrial masks in the store, haven’t seen them since the mask mandate a year ago.

    1. Amen. And it’s the same story everywhere in the Western democracies. The (mostly) urban areas keep voting in power-crazed crooks, out and out creeps, and angry fanatics.

    2. Her mania is supported by that rainbow flag in the background.
      Germophobe, tyrant, and Hypochondriac! That’s the Triple Threat!

      This ignorant little insect forgot the first rule of talk radio.
      It’s the host’s show, and the host controls the discussion, and, the host’s rules are whatever they want them to be. She brought a pea shooter to a gun fight.

  2. I’d start my Harley early each morning and try to clear out the carbs if I was her neighbour. haha

  3. People are fed up with the Wuhan and everybody knows the big load of RSV is the fault of the turds like this wingnut and isolation policies.
    When even the Ottawa Health Nazi, Vera Nearly-rhymes-with Etches, says the Wuhan is fading, you gotta know that really means its toast.
    However, a lot of people are masked up everywhere in Ottawa, inside and out.
    But nobody has been telling anyone not covered by a mouth muffler to put one on.
    I could be wrong, but the Fed-up crowd has gotten larger and louder.

  4. After 3 years of spreading China flu BS and outright lies, it sounds like Bill Carroll is slowly coming around.
    Too little too late
    CFRA went woke when Lowell left and hopefully is on its way to broke.

    Also – that woman is bat shite crazy.

      1. They’re not good at that, are they? I mean, they sing a good song about liberté, but their history tells quite a different story: a predilection for home-grown despots and foreign control.

        Like Canada.

    1. The eyes-open-too-wide thing is part of the body’s fight-or-flight response. These people are neurotic and constantly being triggered into an “OMG I’M GOING TO DIE” state by their malfunctioning amygdala. Somebody with eyes open that wide and hyper-focused on one thing when they’re not actually being chased by a sabretooth tiger is having an inappropriate fight-or-flight reaction. They’re not rational, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

  5. The thrill of being a tyrant is like a bag of chips, really hard to walk away from.

    Look at the fame and power Covid/lockdowns/masking/vaccinating has brought to Tyrant NKM

    She doesn’t want to see that end, and obtuse panty-wetters are her only way forward. She has to double down on the hysterics to preserve her power. (Much like the rest of the power hungry fanatics)

  6. She also put her “special needs” kid in private school while she decimated the children in the public system.

  7. Those eyes say it all – they scare me. But maybe those are just her angry eyes – like Mr. Potato Head

  8. As someone who has had mask training for industrial applications I would dare any of the pro maskers out there to wear one of those face diapers on a site where they are removing asbestos. If any mask can not keep out asbestos particles it certainly won’t keep out a virus.

    BTW the ‘doctor’ is nuttier than squirrel turd.

    1. All you have to do is read the instructions that come with the mask to know that. Asbestos fibers are -less- penetrative than viruses. But then we get “HealthCareProfessionals!!!11!” like Karen here -screaming- that the idiotic dentist mask is going to save the world.

      You would think that somebody who passed medical school would know the difference between droplet and aerosol, or would be able read the instructions on the mask box. And really, they can. Let’s not kid ourselves. Karen here is not an idiot. It’s worse than that.

      Generally one sees the MD in front of a person’s name, and assumes that a doctor wouldn’t lie to your face for personal gain. But sadly we must now face the fact that many of them have done exactly that since 2020, and still are.

      They’re not stupid. They’re LYING. Seriously, it makes a difference.

      And yes, Dr. Karen definitely has CrazyEye going there, big time. That’s the type of girl who makes hospitals a living hell. You bring a lawyer when you see that.

  9. She seems nice.

    While she’s indulging her inner totalitarian, I must admit to feeling some sympathy for her. The pandemic has frightened her and she’s likely in a tremendous amount of emotional pain. For the first time in a possibly very sheltered life, she’s come to recognize the fragility of life and to see that, ultimately, she’s entirely powerless against the whims of nature and chance — as are we all. She’s responding to this by attempting to control everything — and everyone — around her; it’s an attempt to impose some stability and to deny that fragility and vulnerability. While her desire to beat down anyone who disagrees with her is risible and must be countered, there may still be room to see her sympathetically. Of course, the door to that room closes and locks as soon as she damages other people in her attempt to calm her fears. I don’t know if she has any official power to harm other people beyond her public ranting; she may have already caused such harm, and that destroys any sympathy I might have for her.

  10. The word unhinged comes to mind. When some mask freak starts lecturing me on the merits of a mask I ask them to site evidence, they can’t because they do not work and the package they come in tell you that. Look at those out in public all masked up, look at their eyes-clouded with fear or rage. The government turned those people into fanatics, and I for one have no problem telling them personally to “GFT” or the donkey they rode in on.

  11. Loonies going to loon.
    Problem is we have been led by these types of unthinking nuts for most of the last 30 months.
    Rational consideration of the facts has been shouted down by the very people we elect and employ to take the emotion out of public policy.
    And it hasn’t ended yet.

    1. Because masks are a demonstration of submission and Dear Leader will not be challenged or he will impose marshal law and freeze your bank accounts.

  12. If you can stand watching her for a few minutes, Kaplan-Myrth was on TVO’s The Agenda two months ago proclaiming that any talk of getting back to normal is “far right language”. Her insanity begins at the 1-minute mark of the video, and lasts two minutes. She returns at the 6-minute mark for another 2 minutes. And she keeps coming back and back, spouting conspiracy theories and disinformation. Fortunately, another quest, a doctor, debates her effectively and calls her out as a liar.

  13. Crazy.

    To think this Government lackey has real patients that trust her with their personal health.

  14. I live in Burlington, ON and our mayor just mandated masks for all civil servants while in indoor settings. I suspect it won’t be long until the public won’t be allowed to congregate unless they, too, are masked up.
    I frigging HATE our country!