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      1. Nothing will change. Commissioner Rouleau, a Trudeau patsy, threw out the convoy’s legal representative (I think his name is Brendan Miller, if memory serves). I knew that there was some scheme the liberals were hatching. They knew that there was going to be an inquiry, but didn’t seem all too concerned about it.

        So I learned that the reason Miller was tossed was that he applied (orally) to have an additional witness to the stand (I believe his name is Cohen, but could be wrong) who would have testified that the photographer that took a picture of confederate-flag guy was a Trudeau photographer. The commissioner ruled that all petitions would have to be submitted in writing, but you see, the lawyer was getting inundated with tons of document dumps pertaining to the witness testifying (Mendicino) while he (Mendicino) was on the stand, and since he didn’t get any timely decision on his previous written submissions, he decided to make his case orally, and that’s where the commissioner tossed him.

        If any of these details are inaccurate, I invite anyone who is more deeply aware of what’s going on to correct them. I am working from memory here.

        The point I am trying to make is that this hearing is as corrupt as any other government institution, and I can guess what the final report is going to say about 6 months from now, and I think you can too. This whole thing is a farce. A whitewash to justify the government’s decision to take away our rights. Miller said it best when he stipulated that the thing turned into a beating of Police Chief Sloly, when it should have been a sincere effort to get to the truth.

        This commission is not interested in hearing the truth, so any evidence presented to counter the government narrative will quickly be buried down the memory hole.

    1. What’s interesting is I am sitting in a Home Depot parking lot going to get some supplies.
      Just watching a guy build his home on top of his pickup truck out of chipboard and leftover excess house windows , to live in.
      Seems like a regular working construction bloke.
      I am noticing an uptick of people living in their cars, vehicles , motor homes, campers in parking lots like these and Wally Mart , Tim Hortons, etc.

      Is this the beginning of a really bad recession or worse ?
      Any of you seeing this in your travels ?

      1. Yes, everywhere. The working/middle-class is being destroyed. Meanwhile Biden just found a way to waste another $40 billion dollars, and we’re the ones who will be paying that bill.

  1. ParlVu..Todays SECU broadcast..Libs ban semi auto rifles and shotguns.. Perhaps no buyback..Snakes.. This will affect thousnds of Canadians.. Raquel Dancho and a few fight back hoplessly.. this is infuriating .
    Sorry I can’t link.. Please go see this..long but important.

  2. Marc Elias: Kari Lake’s “Crocodile Tears” About Voter Suppression Are The Definition Of “Chutzpah”


    Yes Yes! Katie Hobbs saved Democracy by defeating sKari Lake. Why is sKari whining about the election? There is NOTHING suspicious about taking a week to count the votes.
    Now the Arizona border will remain open to brown doctors, accountants, scientists, engineers and management consultants.

    1. Second we have Timothy Snyder, world’s foremost expert on Ukraine and author of bloodlands (should be mandatory reading) argues that what Pootin’s junta is doing in Ukraine easily fits the international definitions of genocide (yes, those definitions can be abused, I know)
      Those Broshevicks who argued in the past that since not every child was kidnapped, not everywoman raped and not every man tortured then not genocide, should pay attention.

      1. Thank you for this, it is an excellent video.

        Russias actions and intentions certain qualify as genocide when you apply the following markers:

        – description of a state as not a state. You see this a lot on Russian Telegram. Ukraine shouldn’t even exist.

        – description of a group of people as not a people. Ukrainian identity shouldn’t exist. They’re all Russians we just have to tell them by force.

        – dehumanization of a group of people. Ukrainians are all nazis and Satan worshippers. They eat children. Hitler was a master at dehumanization. Putin isn’t far behind.

        – retrospective. Denial of previous genocides. Ask Russians about Holodomor. It never happened, it was a creation of western propaganda.

        – replacement. Other people are replacing us, the only solution is to replace them.

        – post modernism. You flood the information space with both true and false information in an attempt to overload people who then become numb. Russia is a master at this.

  3. I think you should bump and re-post the story from Francisco that the trucker convoy lawyer now knows who the Nazi Flag waver was, and who took all the pictures of him. Both are tied to the PM and the Liberal Party?

      1. Death Toll is down to 6.

        Virginia has fairly good Carry Permit Laws, and I don’t think Walmart posts their stores as Gun Free Zones. But they do not want or allow their employees to legally carry, and the gunman/manager walked into an employee breakroom full of unarmed employees. They were not shoppers that could have been legally armed.

        1. That’s the point I was making. They don’t allow their employees to carry. It was a story in the news few years ago. So when he went into the room it was shooting fish in the barrel.

  4. CCFR Announcement: New Massive Long Gun Bans Brought by the Liberal\NDP\Bloc Coalition

    Today the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition government broke the glass on a typical Liberal distraction tool – gun bans. With Canadians reeling from a failed economy, tripling of taxes looming, 1.5M Canadians using foodbanks, hospitals overwhelmed with sick children who can’t even get Tylenol, Chinese interference in elections and of course a terrible showing at the Public Order Emergency Commission, the Liberals needed the media and Canadians in general talking about something other than their failures.

    On behalf of this coalition, the Liberals added a disastrous amendment to Bill C-21 effectively prohibiting several million additional, individual rifles and shotguns. These new prohibitions will include:

    IWI Tavor & X-95
    all AR180 and variants
    Canuck bullpup shotguns
    Crusader Arms
    Kel-Tec Sub2000 (and others)
    JR Carbine
    Kriss Vector
    Ruger PC Carbine
    GSG 16
    GSG 15
    Norinco T97 NSR
    Benelli MR1
    Benelli M4
    all B&T models
    countless others
    This amendment has been put forward by the Liberals and they have the votes to add it to Bill C-21. If Bill C-21 passes, and again they do have the votes, these firearms as well as all formerly prohibited firearms will be enshrined in legislation.

    Bill C-21 also now prohibits ALL CENTERFIRE SEMI-AUTOMATIC firearms with removable magazines.

    Back in 2020, the Liberals banned over 2000 models and variants of hunting and sporting guns commonly owned and used safely by gun owners across the country. They said gun owners would be compensated for this loss and were welcome to purchase other guns as replacements…now, they’ve come for the rest of them. This is why nobody can trust a word these people say. But hey conspiracy theorists – they’re not “coming for your guns”.

    So take notice Canada, yes they are, and it doesn’t matter what they told you yesterday or what they tell you tomorrow.

    The CCFR will come forward with a plan and provide more information in the coming days. Please continue to support your organization as we will fight these corrupt political parties (Liberal\NDP\Bloc and of course the Green Party), in every possible way.

  5. In this G&M investigative piece (under a paywall), Canada has as yet, after seven months, to seize any Russian assets, after a Bong promise to do last March:

    According to Foreign Minister Melanie Joly, her crackerjack bureaucrat team is still hard at work identifying Russian assets, and as such have not seized anything. The supposed sale of assets is earmarked to go to Ukraine relief efforts.

    (Under a paywall, so go incognito or search for an archived copy).

    1. “In April, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government said it would use a 2022 budget implementation act to give Canada the power to forfeit, or sell, assets of foreigners seized under sanctions law.”

      But as Justine has said that Canada is the world’s “post-national state” does he/she consider all non-Quebecois Old Stock Canadians to be “foreigners”?

    2. I suspect the only Russian assets that have been seized are the ones belonging to the Russians in Justin’s hotel rooms.

  6. Tip: Sometimes winter brings relief.
    I see a lot of Bad Tattoos on people and thankfully, colder weather covers most of them up.
    Yesterday’s best birthday card:
    Picture of a big dude with tats talking to tattoo parlor guy behind the counter.
    “I want a tattoo of a hundred dollar bill on my dick.”
    “I like to play with my money. And I like to watch it grow.
    And if my wife wants to go out and blow a hundred bucks she can stay home.”

    Happy Birthday.

  7. As our Thanksgiving approaches here in the USA, I’d like to give thanks for a few things:

    – my ancestors, who took the risk of leaving Poland, Ireland, and Germany (I’m a mongrel) to come to the USA
    – the state of Iowa, where I have found peace after decades of seeking it
    – the music of Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Verdi, Puccini, and many others
    – good friends, including those who post here

  8. Justin Trudeau: Prime Minister, Or Puppet On World Stage?

    “Thumbs up for Africa. While we are at it, may as well go all-the-way. CAP has compiled a list of 3rd World and so-called “developing nations” which the Trudeau government ship some $8 billion dollars to every year:

    Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Jordan, Ethiopia, Senegal, Pakistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Bangladesh, Kenya, Sudan, Niger, India, Ghana, Lebanon, Uganda, Rwanda, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Myanmar. Central African Republic, Liberia, Congo, Brazil, Iran, Burkina Faso and Chad.”

  9. Schadenboner…

    Woke Journalists and Their Transphobic Server


    “…freedom of speech has returned to Twitter under Elon Musk, and journos are desperate for a new digital meeting place where they’re the Mean Girls clique once more.

    So they turned to Mastodon, a totally Woke (and decentralized) social media platform of individual servers, where NPR’s Adam Davidson set up the journa.host server for like-minded media wokesters. According to NYT, there are something like 2,000 members who have to prove who they are in order to join. But not all is good in liberal paradise:…”

    1. Perhaps The Bong can give some trannies a taste of his Elixir.
      Recommended injestion for Bottoms.