19 Replies to “Textbook Definition of a RINO”

  1. They should put him in a no-holds barred cage-match with a Ukrainian Nazi and a couple of baseball bats to prove his tough guy image of himself. Will get CNN ratings up for a night anyway, seriously I’d watch.

    1. 1 Why would he want to fight a Ukrainian?
      2. Does the Nazi have to be Ukrainian? Those are hard to find. Russian ones are much easily available. Just call Wagner Group (ask for Prigozhin) or Sparta Reconnaissance battalion (ask for Motorola, ops you can’t) HQs.

      1. FILTHY LIBERALS should recall Freelands’ Grandpa who was a NAZI Ukrainian. I think it looks like Cryin Kinzinger laying there pissing himself like the beta he is. More likely to have someone else pissing on him, tho. FILTHY LIBERAL

  2. Looks like Adam Kinzinger is a fan of prosecuting anti-Soviet Agitation.

    And as for his military service, he flew airforce refueling and surveillance planes. Hardly the ‘combat’ veteran he pretends to be.

    1. 1. He is calling Ukrainians real worriers not himself.
      2. Yes flying on air force planes in combat zones qualifies one as a combat veteran. Dummies don’t get to fly either. Being stationed in a combat zone qualifies one as combat veteran.
      3. Where did you get “:anti-Soviet”

  3. He’s not just a rino, he’s a whino.

    It makes me weep to think about how corrupt he is.

    Oh wait..that’s him: ” If I met you in person it would not end well… for you. ” .
    Why yes, you’d get his tears all over you. That would not end well…you’d need to wash and disinfect.

  4. Isn’t that big scary Catturd one of those evil people Elon refused to banish from Twitter?

    This threat to Catturd proves Elon Musk is enabling violence on Twitter!

  5. Ah yes, of they don’t deny elections, celebrate Russias terrorism, and kiss Trumps ass they must be a RINO!

    1. Buddy, how did you end up here? This isn’t REDDIT. When you vote for escalating war like he does instead of pushing for peace, he gets what he deserves, he is the enemy. Where are all the hysterical LIBTARDS that used to be for Peace? No UN talks, nothing. TRUMP brought actual PEACE Agreements to the Middle East. There is no hope for you. Put your mask on and OBEY

  6. The whole cartoon is about as funny as Trudeau senior wearing a Nazi helmet and riding his bike while honking through Jewish neighborhoods. I am sure orcs find genocide funny and fun though.

  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Meme is funny,unless it gores your ox..
    Could be why there are very few real comedians left,cause the righteous cannot laugh at their own follies.

  8. If I compare the current Ukrainian warfighting („Neo-Nazis“ and all) with the results of the last 7 decades of US warfighting (after Korea) and take the circumstances of the warfighting (absolut air superiority in all US engagements) under consideration, I have a hard time to see a reason for mockery on your part (if you’re American and not in one of the CCP dominated territories north of the US). Viewed purely from the standpoint of military prowess the Iron Cross awarted to a Wehrmacht soldier was worth more than all the Soviet Style Lametta on Mark A. Milley‘s chest, clean and secure and well provided for as he might be.