15 Replies to “He Admires Their Basic Dictatorship”

  1. Gotta love Canada’s ‘Spud Stud Trudeau’…
    He can’t seem to get ‘no respect’ on the world stage.

    1. “He can’t seem to get ‘no respect’ on the world stage.”

      Doesn’t need it and doesn’t care as long as the CBC keeps the grift going and a promised place beside masters feet awaits his future.

  2. That’s the mask and get up you gotta wear to not get the Rona , not some N95 paper mask.
    Think the stoopid sheeple understand that ?

    1. Golly John I can’t count the number of times I have stated that yet hey, the terminally stupid are still wearing masks.

    2. Butt John, you wear a mask to protect others, don’t cha no? One silly twit in here even posted that to VOWG.

      1. Why do you think the CCP has police outposts in the West ?
        The better to “persuade ” and keep tabs on those assets wormed into our institutions/creative hubs.
        Easier to steal it than create it themselves.
        The hive mind of the Borg Collective is good at copying, not so much at invention.

  3. Little Potato? What has Cuban born former Twins’ righthander Camilo “The Little Potato” Pascual to do with this? Inquiring minds demand to know! Anybody seen Minnie Minoso lately?

  4. Who needs bioweapons when you can call Trubozeau a liar in front of the whole world and he doesn’t deny it? Too much ancient history in the article. The Chinese are rich enough at this point to just buy whatever they need in Canada.