Hard Truths for the Hypocritical Left

While Giorgia Meloni directs her aim at French President Macron, everyone in France and every member of the Left in the West should feel equally lambasted by her truth bombs but, of course, we all know how conveniently they ignore the end effects of their disastrous policies.

h/t Larry

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  1. I think I’ve re-tweeted / liked this video about 30 times in the past couple of days, though it may be dated from sometime during the campaign?

    It’s excellent.

    1. No, it’s more recent. Meloni appointed one of her coalition partners, Matteo Salvini, to the job he wanted.
      // Matteo Salvini the leader of Lega and minister of infrastructure in the new government has control over the Italian coast guard.
      He will use it as a means to rekindle his personal war on immigrants and NGOs which yielded him so much public support back in 2018-19. //

      So Italy refused several ship with refugees, which violated an agreement with France according to which they dock in Italy andare then sent on to France [& many eventually to Germany]
      France complained and this was Meloni’s rejoinder.

        1. // I love her fury! //

          She vents her fury at internal criticism as well; “Nobody’s going to tell me how to be a mother!” in
          response to criitcism of bringing her six-year-old daughter to the G20 meetings.
          Italy’s new far-right prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, is suing one of the world’s best-known journalists,
          the anti-mafia and human rights campaigner Roberto Saviano, for criminal defamation,
          over remarks he made regarding her policy towards migrants drowning in the Mediterranean sea.

          Given her vehemence on such local items, how will she raise the ante when the EU starts putting
          on the screws? Italy is expecting [and needs] lot of money in the near future.

  2. She’s right about creating the economic opportunities … IN … Africa to erase any argument in favor of economic migration … however … what is to stop various strongmen and Islamic terrorists from seizing all that wealth and the children STILL work in the mines … for less than subsistence wages.

    1. The Chinese are doing exactly that. They will roll over the “Islamic terrorists” like they are gophers.

      1. Yes … their advantage over France is they already have a Uyghur gulag all set up for the Janjiweed terrorists.

  3. I would pay real money to see her locked in a room and square off against Justin.

    He spits up blood in ten seconds.

    Calling it now.

  4. There are claims beneath that Twitter post that she signed on to the digital health pass at the G20 and has yet to remove the vaccine requirements in Italy.!?

    1. A very good question. Does anyone have an answer?

      One has to consider that politicians are well-trained in throwing ‘red meat’ to their base. A passionate speech on a topic where it’s very easy for a group of people to shout, “YES!” Except when you pause and peer under the surface, the politician is speaking of an issue that is outside their control, or their actions betray their words, or the topic is a red herring meant to distract you from something else the politician is doing that the crowd would not find so agreeable.

      An Italian PM calling out the French government for its foreign policy doesn’t mean a hill of beans if the Italian PM isn’t cleaning up their own house. The French aren’t going to listen nor care what the Italians say about them. Leftists never do. Call them on their hypocrisy all you want, they don’t care, because to them, you’re just a racist misinformation spewing fascist who doesn’t deserve the right to speak in the first place.

      1. “An Italian PM calling out the French government for its foreign policy doesn’t mean a hill of beans if the Italian PM isn’t cleaning up their own house”

        Excellent point!

  5. I have to wonder…

    If they have all that gold, why don’t they sell it on the international market?

    Instead us using that French colonial currency, why not print their own, or use US dollars? Other countries do.

    Not excusing the French, but there must be more to that story.

    1. Heh. What was it Shakespeare said? Oh yes, “Hell hath no fury like an angry ex with a lesbian lawyer”.