If everyone’s going to need batteries, the lithium might as well come from Saskatchewan

Prairie Lithium drilling the first lithium well in Saskatchewan. Pipeline Online

Saskatchewan is in the very early stages of lithium exploration and development. Say what you want about electric vehicles, everything from your iPhone to your laptop to yes, your EV, is going to require massive amounts of lithium. And Prairie Lithium of Emerald Park is the leader in this field.

9 Replies to “If everyone’s going to need batteries, the lithium might as well come from Saskatchewan”

  1. They have a very good process that could be a winner, for their stakeholders and for Western Canada.

  2. If lithium extraction from the relatively weak grade brines in SK oilwells is economic, the implication is that the price of lithium will be very high going forward. By way of comparison the brine from the major Chilean dry lake mine is about 30 times higher concentration. At least the SK oil well brines don’t have the negative implications on groundwater the dry/salt lake deposit pumping have. That said you’re going have have to pump a lot of salt water out of the ground to make 1 ton of Lithium.

    1. Saskatchewan is underlain by a huge salt bed that is thick wide and deep. Riding Mountain escarpment was made by intrusion of water on the west side causing it to sink and raising up the escarpment on the east side. Saskatchewan’s one and only magnitude 6 earthquake (as counted by Europeans) was related to settling in the salt bed. Just pointing out this might have some unintended consequences but who would miss Regina if it got levelled by an earthquake?

  3. Raping mother Gaia of her valuable resources? Ohhhhhhh mommmaaaaa. Did Mother Gaia give her permission for that? Why is NOT OK to strip mine for any minerals … except lithium and cobalt?

  4. I’m just waiting for the greens to complain about the water that will be DESTROYED! by using it to get lithium in quantities required for their Green Utopia

    /might be the “Native water keepers” instead

  5. Just say no to all green development scams, including this one.
    They just provide cover for the continued war on fossil fuel development, which is a real source of wealth and jobs.

  6. Has anyone asked Justin? I doubt that he sees any business opportunities with Lithium in the future. We won’t need lithium when we’re all living in caves, killing each other for scraps of food. And, of course, in our spare time worshipping Justin for his benevolence.