Without coal, the lights would have gone out in Saskatchewan this week. The spinny things only put out 6% of their capacity

Boundary Dam Power Station

For months, Pipeline Online has been pointing out that Alberta puts out detailed data on its power grid, but SaskPower did not. Apparently others have been asking for the same information as well. Now, @SaskPower has responded. What does a day of power production look like in SK? Wind put out 6% of its capacity, and 2% of total generation. Coal provided 42% of total  power

REGINA – While it’s not the same minute-by-minute data provided by the Alberta Electric System Operator for their grid, SaskPower has begun breaking down where its power is coming from on a daily basis. And the data from Oct. 3 and 4 showed wind generated an average of just 7.3 per cent and 6 per cent of its rated capacity of 615 megawatts. And while the Crown corporation often points out that “conventional coal accounts for approximately 24 per cent of SaskPower’s total generation capacity,” on those days, coal was providing an average of 42 per cent of the power in this province.

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  1. 0550 in Calgary. Wind at 6%, solar at 0.09% of capacity.

    How’s the EV charging going, all you Tesla owners?

    Eventually everyone including EV owners will be taking public transit, walking, or using Uber rickshaw.

    1. EV owners/supporters are going to bring down the electrical grid that the rest of us depend on.

      And governments won’t intervene until it’s too late.

  2. FILTHY LIBERALS need to be relentlessly mocked (since we can’t beat them senseless as they already are). We deserve this misery and communism. We voted for it. We will Rise up and smash our pathetically weak, stupid beta leaders. They should never be put in power again (Dominion did actually) Blackface Brownface Groper Trudeau is a depraved disgrace to real Canadians. I hope he gets his Booster soon. Jab jab

    1. Okay but it is UPC and SaskParty who are doing this to themselves. Kenney is out today. Still got the Moe though.

  3. One number which is always hard to find, is how much is wind/solar producing when it is demanded?

    What benefit is there to produce a megawatt if no-one in sask wants it at that time? How much do we spend to produce that megawatt when no-one wants it?
    Yah, we can export it if there is demand for it elsewhere. So how often is that? How much do we get paid for that?

    Get those numbers and one will see that the wind/solar produced/consumed is much lower than their advertised produced.

    Yes, same numbers matter for coal/gas – but at least it is much cheaper and we have some degree of control over WHEN coal/gas produce power. We’ve no control over wind/solar, unless some politician is blowing hot air again….

    1. Twenty years out of date but I doubt the physics have changed…

      Was involved with the planning/negotiations to build a biomass power plant in Northern Saskatchewan in early 2000’s. It didn’t happen, but learned a little in the process.

      Our contract would have required 95% availability. Supply power 95% of 24/7 or big penalties. The best windfields in AB at that time were at about 24% availability.

      So take wind power “capacity” and divide by 4 if you want to compare capacity. And as pointed out it doesn’t mean it’s there when you want it.

  4. That’s simple … according to your “green” overlords … simply cut everyone’s energy by 42%. Welcome to the Dark Ages.

  5. That’s simple … according to your “green” overlords … simply cut everyone’s energy by 42%. Welcome to the Dark Ages.

  6. That’s simple … according to your “green” overlords … simply cut everyone’s energy by 42%. Welcome to the Dark Ages.

  7. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the plan is to keep most North American fossil fuels in the ground forever and to use our military to secure what is needed in a “drain the Saudis first” strategy. I think that they believe that they will be able to keep most of our fuels in the ground though political controls.

    Russia also must be tamed as an energy giant. This whole price cap scheme seems like a test run of a way to limit production of oil without cutting producers in on the high prices that scarcity will necessarily cause. Unsurprisingly, the Saudis will have none of it, seeing it as a weapon that will be turned on them, soon enough.

    They think that they have reached the endgame in “The Great Game.” It will be interesting times ahead.

  8. Kenji

    The Dark Ages indeed.

    Many have suggested that Micro Wind and Micro Solar are Just great for a single home…uhuh. Who the hell can afford the install of not only the Generating equipment, Solar: 5000kw for a decent set up – For wind Ya need at least a 15′ -20 Turbine (or 2), and at least a 100′ tower ea upon which to install, then some very heavy duty cable 6 ga..?? or so to your battery storage using likely “Surrette” batts whicxh are by no means cheap folks & they last how long..?” ~ 6-7 yrs.?

    oh…? Don’t want to switch all your appliances over to 48VDC.?? You’ll need to look at a Serious Hefty Inverter as well. With a minimum loss of 7% during the conversion.

    Best bet would be to do both of course… But there will be days where the wind is a tad High (and you’ve not feathered your turbine), or your batteries are fully charged, ..What then.? Ya need somewhere to put that excess energy. Many will build a 10-12,000 Gallon insulated storage tank filled with water and store said energy there.

    There will also be days where there is NO Sun and NO Wind…Best to have a 5500Watt Diesel Genny available…along with 100+ gallons of Diesel.

    And let’s not forget that anyone doing so would need a sizeable bit of land with at least a cpl acres, prefferably situated on a high spot…yea.?

    So if you are 18 yrs old, have 1M in the bank and wanna go “Renewable” have at er…

    IMO, “renewable energy” is and always will be something for RV’s and a Cottage on the lake, for the rest..?? It is and always will be VIRTUE SIGNALLING Bullshit – the utter lie of Climate Change being just another facet of the Globalist/WEF/UN/GATES plan to destroy Western Hemisphere Civilization.

  9. All Federal buildings should run, if that is the word, on green energy thereby reducing the needed staffing to under 10%.

    1. Further, eliminate all staff parking at Federal buildings. Government employees can take transit.

  10. Wouldn’t it be a pity if someone were to shut down their coal-fired plants for a few days this coming February and watch what happens, hypothetically speaking.

  11. Green energy was never intended to work or replace those miraculous, prosperity generating, plant food producing hydrocarbons.

    People just needed to think they had an option once hydrocarbons were outlawed/rationed.

  12. I’ve always enjoyed Brian’s commentary on energy. He’s a great spokesman for Saskatchewan’s energy ( real, not imagined) sector. Thanks for being on sda!

  13. People need to clearly understand what the percentages are – it is NOT 6% of total contribution to the power grid. If renewables had performed at 100% they would have contributed something to the power grid (usually in the range of 4 or 5% of total power generated). Instead they only performed at 6% of what they should have performed at; in other words, renewables underperformed by 94%. Which is just useless for any real purpose (like keeping the lights on or the furnace fan pushing out warm air)

    1. Maureen

      Your comments are correct regarding renewables contribution to total energy demand.

      However, what the gang greens don’t say is that their goal is to get rid of private cars and have everyone take a bus.

      Further you’ll have to turn down the heat and wear a sweater in the winter.

      Air conditioning? Nope, wear shorts and tee shirts.

      1. Correction: a sweater … and … a $2,400.00 Canada Goose jacket (with genuine imitation coyote fur collar)