15 Replies to “Obama’s Third Term”

  1. That was very clear the first day Biden had a massive amount of Executive Orders piled up and waiting to be signed.
    He didn’t do it himself as his cognitive ability it quite bad…surprised he has authority to release the Nuclear Weapons.

    1. jojo
      Yup, and the Afigan withdrawal and Ukraine war are both O’Butthole’s as well. But Russia ain’t playing along, by winning said war. Now we need to educate the dimwitts as to what is happening, and that is a difficult job because of the emotionalism they are embedded in !

  2. At least someone is starting to connect the dots between DC-Davos Globohomo and Ukraine. They took out one nationalist standing in the way of their agenda (Trump) with clearly illegal actions, subterfuge, and a blizzard of corporate media propaganda. Now it’s time to take out another major nationalist player the same way (Putin). But they knew it would take an actual hot war to achieve.

    Funny how there are some supposedly “on our side” that remain totally blind to this. Shows you both how skillful Globohomo’s techniques are and just how dumb others are.

    1. COLIOT

      no question…It’s quite simple really.
      Theres the MSM Narrative, and theres what I believe is 100% opposite, to be very close to the truth. I don’t know how reliable or true this was, but supposedly Nathanial Rothschilds cam out earlier in the year beseeching the Nato/West/Davos/Globalist Satanic cabal of Filth to ensure Ukraine does not fall, saying it would be the end of the “great reset”.

      Another MSM Narrative is that the US had nothing to do with sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines….Yet Biden and others had stated a while back that there is no WAY they would ALLOW them to even come online Seems to me a…VERY DEFINITE NOPE, not happening.

      Add to that, I read and wish to hell I had saved the link: A sleuth was using “Flightradar24” app and showed how a Orion P8 left the US flew to the Baltic on that day and time, spent an hour re-fuelling, then dropped down to a lower altitude did some form of manouvering…possibly launching a cpl of torps in the water and then flew back to the US.

      Funny that this aircraft flew from the US if it was simply a normal “routine” flight… there are Orion P8’s stationed in the UK..

      But hey, it was Putin that destroyed his own infrastructure….
      Right.?? ALLEN S, UnME, Colon etc….???

  3. You don’t need an Obammy or a Soreass or a Swab “directing things”. All you need is a governing elite that has been schooled by champagne socialists and a complacent and comfortable electorate.

  4. From the comments:
    “Communism fails every time it is tried hope this is their final attempt and failure.”

  5. I’m currently in Dresden, Germany. Bombed to rubble in the second world war, it has been transformed to much of its former glory and the old city is a joy to behold.

    What’s interesting is that under the East German communists, the rubble remained for 50 years and restoration only began in 1994 after reunification. The magnificent Church of Our Lady was rebuilt between 1994 and 2004 with substantial financial aid from great Britain.

    Yesterday I visited the Stazi headquarters where political prisoners were kept for years at a time. It was truly horrifying. A dark time in which prisoners were closely watched to ensure they could not escape their pain, loneliness and despair through suicide. A dark
    time when paranoia ran throughout society and no neighbor trusted another.

    A stark difference between communist and free societies. One is a society of fear and decay while the other, while imperfect, offers growth, freedom and opportunity.

  6. There’s nothing I can really add to that concise summary of: America Deconstructed. It’s like bad post-modern Architecture… where the buildings are twisted and built inside-out. America is a mangled artifice of box-checking and wokeisms.

    I would suggest that the #1 Greatest Scam ever perpetrated on the planet is: Global Warmism … CAGW.