13 Replies to “Mockery is Important”

  1. Theo Moudakis wasn’t punched in the face often enough in high school.

    1. If you click on the original tweet you don’t see Mcraes response but you do get a lot of chimeing and rhyming from the TorStar bots.

  2. So the point of the original cartoon was what? That truckers are supposed to show gratitude to the government for doing their jobs? Or is aid contingent upon praising Liberals or at worst keeping one’s mouth shut while paying one’s exorbitant taxes.
    Let’s not forget who works for whom in a democracy.

    1. Government is their god and only the truly faithful will be blessed with the occasional handful of crumbs.

      It is a pathetically shallow and corrupt mentality because they don’t have the intelligence to understand where it leads.

      And Trudeau’s corporate welfare to the Brown Star provides 75% of Theo’ s salary, so he better make fun of Trudeau’s enemies.
      Or feel the wrath of the Liberal Party.

    2. “I am not a slave! I work for no man!”

      ~Fred Blatchnovic, Bureau of Motor Vehicles

      (Given the length of the lines in front of your window, we know, Fred. We know.)

  3. The cartoon is a perfect encapsulation of how pathetic and petty Trudeauites are.
    We cannot use the Label “Liberals” except as mockery.
    Assault Style Statists or A.S.S s for short.
    As one raised on John Stuart Mill’s “On Liberty” from which these parasites drew their party name,I know they share no interest in individual Liberty or any rights or freedoms for their fellow man.

    Deceit is their name,lying their game.
    As liberty has no place in their schemes..except as a cloak for their theft and malice.

    So any self styled Liberal,is a lying piece of work..or a complete idiot..
    Although I cannot exclude the possibility of “AND”.
    The blessing of these last 3 years of Dread Covid Theatre and mass hysteria is that all masks are off.
    Canadians have no rights or freedoms under Canadian Law.
    What we have are privileges,to be permitted the exercise of said privileges ..except when our masters,the state,are in a state of emergency..
    And said “Emergency” shall be perpetual.
    For frightened inadequate creatures,will always be in a “State of Emergency”.
    For such is the nature of the inadequate.

  4. And for the record Theo, those disaster relief funds come from all taxpayers, not from Trudeau himself.