Recycle Everything

Including the old slogans, propaganda and failed strategies.

European Council- Council agrees on emergency measures to reduce energy prices

The agreement reached today will bring relief to European citizens and companies. Member states will flatten the curve of electricity demand during peak hours, which will have a direct positive effect on prices. Member states will redistribute surplus profits from the energy sector to those who are struggling to pay their bills.

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  1. “Member states agreed to set a mandatory temporary solidarity contribution on the profits of businesses active in the crude petroleum, natural gas, coal, and refinery sectors. ”

    Outside of his book, I don’t think you could come up with a more Orwellian sounding word combo than “mandatory temporary solidarity contribution”. Except maybe in Ayn Rand’s books. Our political class have become caricature or a parody of the ignorant, arrogant, greedy, authoritarian politician.

  2. Ah .. another alluring path to communism… Share everything until there is nothing left to share.

    Did miss anything?

  3. “Member states will flatten the curve of electricity demand during peak hours, which will have a direct positive effect on prices.”

    They couldn’t do this to fight global warming, but suddenly they grew some balls?

    1. Maybe the European politicians have a Trudeau-esque solution. European Citizens will get a binary choice. They can choose near freezing homes or completely frozen bank accounts.

    2. It will be easy to flatten the demand curve. It is called a Rolling Blackout.
      Demand all the power you want, If there is no generation capacity, you have no power.

      1. The problem with rolling blackouts is that it is indiscriminate. It knocks out everything – residential, businesses, telecommunications – and can damage electronics.

        The other problem is the restart. Lots of things can go awry. I’m sure everyone has experienced a power outage followed by a failed restart attempt … it is because of the demand surge immediately at restart. I suspect that routine use of rolling blackouts (repeatedly forcing grids on/off) will damage grid components.

        1. You mean to say hospitals require reliable, constant sources of heat and electricity?

          Surely there are pedal-powered heart-lung and dialysis machines by now.

          The dictators have assured us that our deaths will not go un-noticed, and Gaia will be much happier in the future. If we’re alive to notice.

  4. So they will do anything to deal with the energy shortage except increasing energy supply? Got it.

  5. They don’t have enough electricity and have no means of making more.
    To combat your enemy first make a joke of it.
    Are these “A”holes self defeating?


  6. “Member states will redistribute surplus profits from the energy sector to those who are struggling to pay their bills.”

    Pure genius! And here all of us dummies were, thinking it was an energy shortage – but all along it was nothing that a bit more socialistic money shuffling wouldn’t cure!

    “We know you can’t afford non-existent coal or gas, but here’s a nice fat cheque to keep you warm.”

  7. The Davos people want the Euro-Eloi to get used to their future. If someone wanted to implement their great reset they couldn’t have done better than what we’ve seen over the last few years. The Belgian nuclear plant closure looks like their work as well. Pension funds, in an attempt at meeting their commitments during the no-growth of their centralized economies, have become highly leveraged, leaving them vulnerable to rising interest rates. Last week the shit hit the fan. It’s just the start.

  8. “they may exceptionally and temporarily set a price for the supply of electricity which is below cost.”

    This will not end well…

    1. Then why would anyone sell electricity? Of course, the government(s) then logically must force them to sell electricity, “nationalisation” on the way.

  9. “The EU has experienced an unusual increase in energy prices that has been further aggravated by the military aggression by Russia against Ukraine. ”

    There was nothing unusual about it. They did it to themselves. They shut down energy sources without adequate replacements, in the feverish hope renewables could and would fill the gap, when it was technically impossible for renewables to do so. It was a self-inflicted wound. And know they call it “an unusual increase” as if it came from out of nowhere.

  10. Eurotrash commies.
    Next they’ll be lining up to purchase winter boots at the EU Boutique with the empty shelves.

  11. Nice.. So when you need energy the most your going to MANDATE that nobody can make a dime off of it. Sounds like Venezuela, who ran off all the experts so commie hacks could take over.. I don’t expect this to end well..

  12. All that’s missing is an injection to keep your body temperature up. A vaccine against shivering.

    I suppose until they roll those out, there’s always a hot rum.

  13. Hmm flatten the curve was used to reduce demand for health care; so this will reduce demand for electricity how? And then next year we will flattern the curve for food no doubt.

    There isn’t a thing government does right, either by incompetence or design. Governments, as we know them, should be abolished.