12 Replies to “Looking Ahead”

  1. Totally self inflicted when our politicians decide they know better in trying to control their failed policies of investments and they’re lemons with absolutely no benefit except massive amounts of costs to it’s own citizens.
    Real experts in the field fired or ignored for a failed narrative of alliances to other countries and politicians.
    Rather than evaluate and change, they’re still all in on it’s failed path.

    1. C’mon now…someone speaking logically, articulately, in full sentences, (without making up incomprehensible words or giggling)? That’s never going to catch on. Get real!

  2. The EU and US sanctions mean that most of Russia’s petroleum exports will go to China, who will then turn around and sell it to whoever they want at vastly inflated prices….

    After all, it’s not like you can put a “recovered in china” sticker on each barrel of oil

  3. Look at the issue in a microcosm more close to home. California is a mess with constant rolling brown outs. Granted, they don’t have the same winter concerns, but that’s immaterial. Every single article trying to rationalize WHY California has brown outs will always blame it on heat waves and and natural occurrences like fires.

    Here’s the dirty little secret. Florida has a hotter climate than California. It’s, also, much more humid. Does Florida have brown outs. Nope.

    This is all self-inflicted by controlling politicians who bought into the Climate Change nonsense not from an altruistic perspective, but from one of power and influence.

    1. Gavin Newscum, piglosi’s nephew. Many on these idiots support this climate garbage to cover their own illegal actions. And that is so on both sides of the aisle! That anal-ist cow in the article is typical of what is wrong, trying to down play Russia’s success in over coming sanctions. Just the kind of BS alla unDork and the Colon read , to pacify their emotions!

      1. The picnic scenario. Invite any normal person to a picnic and ask them to bring drinks. They will ask for how many, and what people usually like to drink.

        Ask a California politician to a picnic and to bring drinks and they will bring a small bottle of seaweed grass wine with 20 thimbles (and a separate private cooler with their own drinks).

    2. Perhaps the gang greens will resort to burning poop to keep warm.

      I hear California has lots of it.

      And when California Dumocrats ban meat, the vegetarians will produce lots of fibre.

      The Europeans could then import the California dung burning practice. Klaus would be so proud.

  4. Pulled from the comment section – could not have said it better.

    Graham Stull

    I suppose the real worry is this: a system so incapable of recognising its own self interest as to destroy its own economy and impoverish its own people is also likely to commit itself to a proxy war that risks unleashing a nuclear holocaust that will make the current energy apocalypse look like an underbaked batch of Pl├Ątzchen at Sunday afternoon coffee at Oma’s house.