23 Replies to ““You’re Not The Most Popular Person in Ottawa””

    1. LeDrew is the former President of the Liberal Party of Canada who now hates Trudeau, so I’m OK with him.

  1. $314 + tax up front for an annual subscription, no monthly option.

    I’m almoooooost there, but seems just a bit steep for me to click “BUY NOW”.

    If I could do a couple of months at $30 to try it out they’d have me.

    1. I think I’ll subscribe and share the login in with a couple of people. Hopefully that ‘free advertising’ for them will offset me sharing it.
      I’m thinking that the younger generation would benefit most.

      I subscribe to several news services, half to get their news and half to simply support independent news.

      1. Stan: that would be a great idea. Steal their content and then share it with your friends. Kinda like a Netflix subscription. One guy pays for it and then the password gets passed around.
        Very Canadian

        1. Nah, sign up for a year and share it with people I know who might appreciate it and perhaps they will also sign up and tell others about it.

    2. The Grope and Flail is close to $500 a year so Blacklock might be well worth it just to get stories you find in the MSM

  2. i stand corrected

    damn always thought blacklocks referred to trudeaus tresses , or his mums nether parts.

  3. Do you think the c**ts at CBC, CTV, Global, etc… all have subscriptions so they know not what not to publish and what questions not to ask the government arseholes?

    Somebody once asked Juthtin about blacklocks and he heard black cocks and said, “You better ask Sophie!”

    1. Heh …. how else would they know what the news is and how to edit it, misrepresent it, omit it and ignore it?

    2. Since juthin is a eunuch trans that failed when they tried to make him male, that assessment is hard to disagree with.

      Likely they do have a subscription, they would need something real to be able to have something on the libbrul hhoers to keep the bribes coming.

  4. This is all fair and good, but I’ve noticed that there are a lot of “essays” written praising all kinds of liberals, leftists and communists on Blacklocks Reporter

  5. She refers to 2015 and having lots of conservative subscribers since then.
    That is when Turdeau used our tax dollars to bribe the traditional media in Canada
    so in a perverse way he has boosted her business model as everyone was/is starved of objective reporting?
    If we fast forward to 2025 and PM Poilievre, now in power with a majority, her opposition (now not subsidised by our taxes) will be reactivated in attack mode against the new government and she will ALSO be combing through government docs non stop and her
    ‘finds’, will be enhanced 24/7 in the Canadian traditional media who will by now have got rid of Turdeau and are being financially supported by God knows who??
    I am just trying to be realistic about media in Canada.

  6. My first annual subscription is nearly done, and I plan to renew. I had to save up for a few months beforehand to be able to swing the price, but to get quality and unbiased reporting it’s worth it. I hope they will continue to hold govt to account regardless of who is in power, all have made mistakes in the past (they are humans after all).