There’s a Trend Here

Experts who know better keep their traps shut so as not to upset the ruling class. Chaos and misery ensues.

Brownstone Institute- The Economists Self-Censored and Inflation Is a Result

Did economists not see inflation coming? Or, if inflation was not a surprise, why did economists not raise the alarm about the policies that led to it?

The answer to these questions is disheartening. Many in the economics profession did see that government policies of the last couple of years would result in high inflation. But most who saw it coming chose not to inform the public or raise the alarm until it was too late.

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  1. An idiot could see inflation coming. Government reduces economic activity with Covid lock-downs; government prints record amounts of money; voila – inflation; central bank raises interest rates to halt the inflation caused by government printing; government prints more money to fight inflation.

    This is too stupid to be accidental; it is deliberate. All policies have reduced the middle class, shut small businesses and centralized more power and control in government hands. What’s not to like for governments and the super-rich beneficiaries of these policies. Farms are going bust and Bill Gates buys farmland cheap.

    The same malign intent as the reduction of electricity generation capacity at the same time as legislating more electricity usage via electric vehicles. Really, they just want the population reduced to 19th century standards of mobility. The people responsible know there is not enough electricity to replace oil.

    1. Economists can’t predict sh*t because they don’t understand the fundamentals:
      1. Energy prices sky rocket, cost of everything goes up (inflated prices)
      2. Lockdowns disrupted supply chains — businesses went out of business, or can’t get their goods to market in a timely fashion. This creates scarcity of supply. (inflated prices)
      3. Scarcity of supply is not the same as increased demand. Demand is actually the same or less but prices remain inflated.
      4. Overprinting of money is the last element but not as important as the other 3.
      The only point “economists” are talking about is #4. That’s why central banks are stupidly increasing interest rates which will only make things worse. How does raising interest rates reduce the price of energy, or your groceries, or any of the items at your local store except to take away your disposible income so you can’t afford to buy anything.

      1. Not a single so-called economist is talking about INCREASING SUPPLY. Supply of energy FIRST, and encouraging increases in SUPPLY of everything else. These economists are all trained communists and socialists and that’s the ONLY equations they know.

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  2. the answer can be found in:

    “Milton Friedman isn’t in charge any more!” chanted by the proponents of Moronic Money Theory (MMT)

    1. He’d say it was all Trump’s fault. That it was Trump’s “warp speed vaccine” … that it was Trump’s FDA, CDC, and Trump’s Deep State. Trump’s economic Advisors. Blah, blah, blah …

  3. The ‘Great Margin Call’ on loans and debts worldwide!
    Trillions of US Dollars in loans…
    As every country and company pays the minimum or turns over the debt into a larger loan.

    That little writing stating that they can call in their debt at anytime is now being activated.

    When the bankruptcies dust settles…who benefits in the end?
    Yes, China. President China Joe was slipped in to make a statement…many people didn’t get it…an idiot running the Great United States government.

    The United States Dollars are about to be made useless as printed paper as the banks lockdown.
    Midterm Elections…ya right…like you had a choice…
    Crashing the system rather than let allow a different party in charge.

  4. So … let’s summarize the primary voices INSISTING that ALL the draconian C-19 measures were necessary and rational.

    – Joe Bidinh … or more correctly … the cabal operating our puppet POTUS
    – The entire Congress, including the GOPe
    – The US Supreme Court … by passively allowing the two branches to seize unlimited power … because “Emergency”
    – The Deep State … every single Agency of the Government including even The National freaking Park Service!!
    – The entire broadcast Media
    – Every Blue State Governor, Legislature, and Mayor … and MOST Red State ones.
    – Every Blue State Police Dept. … and MOST Red State ones.
    – The entire Education Profession
    – Every Teachers UNION throughout the nation.
    – Every gutless School Board throughout the nation.
    – Every scientist and Doctor with government contracts or hopeful of government contracts
    – Every major Social Media platform
    – Every High Tech business.
    – Every Primary Care Physician … like mine, who still labels me as “non-compliant” for refusing any Booster jabs.
    and now …
    – Every gutless, incompetent, Economist who were either voluntarily self-censoring, or willfully WRONGLY analyzing the economic impacts.

    And no … there will NEVER be a confession of guilt, or apology, or self-analysis in any way whatsoever from any of these entities … thus GUARANTEEING their subsequent and continuing destruction of America (a feature, not a bug). Just watch as The Fed drives us all deeper and deeper into simultaneous depression and inflation. Depress-flation. There is more PAIN coming … there is DESTRUCTION coming.

  5. The Next BIG Experts’ Lied to Cover Up Regime Failures Story?
    Professional Diplomats and Military Leaders Failures to raise the Alarm and Prevent Nuclear WAR.

    That story will not ever be reported, because it will be abundantly clear when half the population in the Northern Hemisphere is annihilated in a Nuclear War. The survivors will be too busy surviving to care, much less analyze and report the Genocide.

    Thank you F. Joe Biden and your corrupt perverted son Hunter, Victoria Nuland, Vladimir Putin, and a cast of hundreds in DC, Brussels, Berlin, Kyiv, Moscow, and Beijing.

  6. Most economists do not know what causes inflation. There are many schools out there. Some believe an overheated economy causes inflation, others believe it rests on interest rates, some believe it is caused by central banks, some believe it is money creation whether private or public, others believe it is prices of key goods like oil, others believe it is caused by external conditions.

    Most economists don’t know. That they now claim to know, but chose to remain silent, is simply a case of concealing one’s complete ignorance on the subject!

    1. What a load of BS.
      Any economist knows that reducing supply of goods and services while increasing supply of currency = inflation.
      The only people who come from “schools” that deny this simple fact are not economists, they are commies, out to destroy us so they can implement the workers freakin’ paradise.

      People were warning the policy makers, at the top of their lungs, but they didn’t listen.