If It Wasn’t for Government Jobs

There’d be hardly any jobs at all.

Armstrong Economics- Canada’s Private Sector on the Decline

Canada’s job recovery last year seemed strong according to standard measures. However, it was recently revealed that the majority of jobs were created in the public sector. Nearly 9 in 10 jobs created between 2020 and 2021 were in the public sector. Government, not business, is expanding. Between February 2020 and July 2022, private sector growth remained relatively stagnant after posting just a 0.4% increase. The public sector, on the other hand, rose 9.4% in that same period.

26 Replies to “If It Wasn’t for Government Jobs”

  1. That explains why all government agencies (from airports to the passport office to hospital emergency departments) are so much better at serving taxpayers than before the Wu Flu lockdowns began.

  2. Good to know. We can just keep increasing govt jobs until everyone is employed by the govt. We just need a couple “experts” to sign off on the idea.

    This country is so screwed it has gone past being not funny and circled all the way back to being hilarious. We need to get out now.

    1. This country is so screwed it has gone past being hilarious and circled all the way back to being German Deja Vu We need to get out now.

  3. It’s called communism.
    The fckn dinks in China are less Marxist than the average Frozenturdistanian living in Toronto, Vancouver or Ottawa.

  4. It doesn’t matter as long as you can simply print more money and tolerate the inflation. It gets interesting when that stops though.

  5. That’s the plan. The more government jobs, the more votes for the government from the government “workers”. All you have to do is look at the cities where big government exists and you will find voting patterns towards the leftist parties. It is also why politicians and public sector unions work behind the scenes in a symbiotic manner. One hand washes the other.

  6. That’s nice.

    Now, when money can no longer be printed and these public sector chair-moisteners cannot be paid, will this still be a good idea?

  7. This does not end well as govt. workers do not pay taxes and federal employies pay zero taxes not even property taxes or GST, In order to continue the federal govt. has to devalue the money., aka Cuba and south American countries, and that leads to unrest and a weaponized federal govt.

  8. Of course the Liberals were portrayed in the media as economic miracle workers by omitting a few very relevant facts.

  9. “it was recently revealed that the majority of jobs were created in the public sector.”

    Recently? Revealed?

    You mean this information had some kind of a locked lid on it and prior to yesterday was unobtainable?..

  10. The average government worker makes $29.87 per hour according to talent.com
    The average private sector working makes 9.8% less than the average government worker according to the frasier institute, so approximately $27.20 per hour.

    At that rate, you are paying approximately $3.04/hour in federal income tax, therefore it takes ~9.83 private sector employees to generate the taxes to pay just the wage of the public sector worker. (Government employees don’t really pay income taxes, as it’s money from the government paying them going back to the same government, essentially an accounting entry)

    There are approximately 15, 292,600 employees in the private sector, and 4,234,200 in the public sector for a ratio of 3.6 private sector employees per public sector employee and that ratio has been getting worse for a very long time.

  11. A good portion of jobs in flyover country are based on natural resource harvesting. We all know those are terrible professions that do untold damage to the planet, and those occupations must end. That’s why the New Green Economy will be manufactured out of whole, imaginary cloth. And I laughed and I laughed and I laughed.

    And crypto currency consumes no energy. And I laughed and I laughed and I laughed.

    1. In Canada, there are more people employed by the government(4234k) than in the goods producing sector (4006k), and who knows how much of the goods producing sector is getting government support

  12. I’m 68 now,retired, still get texts from our office manager,”I have stuff for you to do please attend”.
    I’m an Industrial mechanic,knowing how to fix shit has some perks.

  13. I have said for years (when the conversation’s topic deems it appropriate), I think it is a conflict of interest when government employees or anyone paid by tax dollars for that matter has the right to vote. Prisoners used to lose their voting rights due to their personal choice to remove themselves from society. I understand that firefighters, police officers, medical staff, ect., aren’t the leeches of society, but the line has to be drawn somewhere.

  14. Factoring in >400,000 new immigrants annually, a 0.4% increase in private sector employment actually means a decrease. Immigration is used to cover up our declining standard of living.

  15. I bet the only private sector growth is also due to gov’t contracts, to boot.
    There exist companies who work exclusively for the gov’t, to do such things as install nuclear detonation detection devices around the world, or reverse-engineer Chinese electronics, that’s two that I have first-hand knowledge of.

    Small business is dying, but micro-business seems to be growing, and as far as working for corporate Canada, like telecom, big-box stores, manufactiring, etc, they are now so full of woke rules and Karens that you’re better off just being a penny-ante sub contractor.