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  1. Oh, goodie! A short B western made by what must surely be a “poverty row” studio. (According to IMDB, it produced only 3 movies.) The only member of the cast whose name I recognize is Charles Middleton, sometimes known as Ming the Merciless from the Flash Gordon serials.

    1. Colonialista:

      Earlier this evening, I watched the Chuck Norris movie you mentioned the other day (Hellbound). You were right: it is a stinker.

      Speaking of which, TCM showed the movie The Tartars, a cheesefest with Orson Welles and Victor Mature. I couldn’t find it on YouTube or Odysee, but I did come across this clunker, Tartar Invasion:


      I’m sure some of the battle scenes were used in a Monty Python sketch…..

      1. Thanks, I have watched linked by you “All the Way, Boys” yesterday. So we’re even for that day… with a score of -1 : -1

    2. I watched Northwest Trail before I went to bed last night. The plot falls into the “seen one, you’ve seen ’em all” category. In the end, the good guy wins, the baddies are vanquished, and….. well, you know the rest of the story.

      Judging by the production quality and the running time (an hour), I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie was meant for Saturday afternoon audiences. Its length would have allowed for a short cartoon and an episode of a current serial as well, so theatres might have had 2 showings.

    3. The Mounties were one of the first police forces to dump horses for the automobile. Yet stereotypes in movies, like this one, persist. The opening scene turned me off.

      1. The Mounties were one of the first police forces to dump horses for the automobile. Yet stereotypes in movies, like this one, persist.

        I’m sure the movie studio didn’t consider that, but that depiction might not be so far off the mark. The movie is set in the early 1940s in, supposedly, a remote part of the country.

        My parents and I moved to northern B. C. over 60 years ago which, back then, was still fairly wild and woolly. Although I don’t remember seeing them, my mother said that at least one store in downtown Fort St. John at the time had hitching posts in front. Apparently, there were people who still rode horses into town.

  2. Rules for thee, but not for me.


    Later this week, Nancy Pelosi will be called on to vote on the “Inflation Reduction Act,” cough, cough, cough, such a joke the name of that bill is.

    Pelosi and her husband own millions of dollars worth of shares in Tesla, and the “Inflation Reduction Act” legislates tax credits of $7,500 to every citizen who purchases a car from the world’s richest man.

    She has similar conflicts of interest regarding legislation regulating big tech, another sector in which she and her husband have millions of dollars invested.



    1. “… tax credits of $7,500 to every citizen who purchases a car from the world’s richest man”

      Apparently not: Elon and GM have sold enough EV’s that they’ve had their time at the buffet table, so the poor saddened consumer will have to settle for a Bentley, Volvo, E-Mustang or Mercedes:

      “HOW MANY CARS QUALIFY FOR THE SENATE DEMS’ NEW SUBSIDIES? “Today’s trick answer, via Reason: none. Thanks to the convoluted path that the so-called ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ took, what started off as an expansion of an existing tax credit for electric-vehicle models on the market developed into subsidies for vehicles that only exist in the imagination.”
      Glenn Reynolds: Instapundit”

      But as was very well put yesterday (I can’t find it in my feed so I can’t attribute it), ‘how nice of the Dems to help-out the poor by providing subsidies so rich people can buy $80,000 cars…’ And I gotta’ admit, yeah, that was really nice of them ( – /sarc – )

      1. I believe the “Act” removes the cap on the number of vehicles from a given auto manufacturer that are eligible for the tax credit.

        What I’d really like to see is a coal-powered vehicle.

    1. “Biden insisted he would not increase taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000 a year.”

      And Trudeau said he is not targetting legal gun owners. And Confucius said, “You can tell when politicians are lying – their lips move.”

    1. Ahhh yes, The JONESTOWN JAB being finally revealed & acknowledged as DEADLY..and most assuredly a BIO-WEAPON.

      Why am I not surprised says this PureBlood…??

  3. FWIW

    “Has Paracetamol (Tylenol) made this pandemic much worse than it should have been?”

    “Ancients used to consider fever as an indispensable ally in the fight against illness. “Fever is a mighty engine which Nature brings into the world for the conquest of her enemies.”said 17th century physician, Thomas Sydenham, also known as “The English Hippocrates”. Modern-day medicine focused on comfort – over therapeutic reason – has been systematically quashing fever for some time now, particularly during this pandemic.”

    More at


  4. Well, there goes the narrative. While over 50 people were shot over the weekend in Chicago, Biden and the North American media were outraged at four Muslim men being shot. Police have now arrested a Muslim Afghan man for the killings.

    1. The incidence of vaccine injury at this point is so obvious that it is unbelievable that there are agencies still pushing mandatory vaccines. Here is just one testimony regarding the problems: https://resistance.kiwi/nelson-hospital-emergency-department-staff-speak-out/
      The example is from New Zealand but anyone following the issue knows the dangerous vaccine side- effects are happening everywhere. How long does the Globe and various other mandate pushers think they can continue to hide the truth? People ( including kids) are dying from the injections, and yet our politicians, public health agencies and mefia continue to look the other way. It is positively immoral.

      1. It’s getting more weird daily. We have to hang tight with this. Heard a Radio announcment requesting for blood bank donations here. I wonder if they want people who’ve been vaxxinated? What will this mean for the future of Health care as we knew it?

        See @ 12:07 pm, nurses leaving… to USA.

    1. This is down far enough in the thread that few will read it, Nancy….BUT…. here goes….
      I get emails from all the leadership contenders. Fair enough. But one of them is different.
      Emails from the PP, Lewis, Barber, and Aitchison camps always have their names attached – the note shows as being from them.
      Notes from Charest are different. They are always from other people, purportedly telling how only Jean can unite the party, fight against the extremist non-law abiding fringes, and so on. Nauseating, I know, and just a rehash of what Junior would say about most of the CPC contenders.
      But of note…..Charest never sends those notes under his own name. He uses the names of others, and it changes pretty much every time.
      If you know that any note with your name attached will be immediately deleted by most party members without even reading it, and you need to use other names to even trick people into opening it…..why are you even running?
      If your messaging strategy is clickbait, what are you basing your hopes on?
      Methinks the Party Brass may pull a Super Tuesday, and wangle Jean into leadership, even tho the membership has him running dead last.
      Remember Super Tuesday? Joe Brandon was around 4th or 5th – dismal numbers, and Kamala was dead last. When the “Super Tuesday” votes were counted, suddenly Joe was #1. The Dem Party Brass stole that one. They are good at that sort of thing. No one complained or looked at the obvious, because Dems gonna Dem.
      Sounds like how Hillary beat Bernie.
      I fear the same here, with Charest in the race. Why else suddenly schedule a 3rd debate, other than that Jean did poorly in the 1st two?

      BTW, how are the votes in the CPC leadership race counted? Is it one vote equals one vote, or is it one riding equals one vote? If the latter, that means that thousands of votes in a Calgary riding could only have the same worth as a hundred votes in a PEI riding. I had heard something like that, but cannot be sure of the source. Any help out there?

      1. Don’t you know how the votes are counted? Thought
        they count the votes over and over and over again until they get their WINNER!


        Trudo and Charest,
        Sitting under a tree,

        First come love,
        Then comes marriage,
        Then comes Trudo,
        With a baby carriage!

        1. This from the CPC website:
          The Election Process asset out in the Constitution shall be conducted on a
          One-Member, One-Vote Point System where;
          a) Each Electoral District will be allocated 100 points or 1
          point per vote cast at that stage, whichever is less;
          b) Leadership Candidates will be assigned a point total
          based on their percentage of the vote in each electoral
          c) To win the leadership, a Candidate must obtain a
          majority of points from across the country; and
          d) Voting will be by preferential vote (single transferable

          So it is a mixture of ridings vs votes. And yes, Eastern votes from areas with a few members will count more than Western votes from ridings full of CPC members. Max 100 points per riding, regardless of whether or not there are thousands of votes from that riding, or only 100.
          Skewed to the East. Like another party or two who shall remain unnamed.
          Actually, I voted for PP in this leadership race, but I voted Max in the last two elections, and will probably do so again. We do have options, people.
          Caveat – I totally agree with you on the voting, Nancy. Unless Pierre and Leslyn can get an astounding number of overseers in the counting process, it will be whomever the Party Brass want – another Trudeau Lite. Because that is who our real overlords (the MSM) have anointed as being the Moderate Choice. Completely ignoring the fact that as the whacky left goes further and further off the deep end, being in the middle also moves any other party further to the left.

          1. Good to know. I will watch for shenanigans, though it sounds like the process itself is already a shenanegan.

    1. And here we thought that press gangs were a thing of the past…..