58 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Stinken Parliament”

  1. Illegal to import handguns?

    a) not if you’re a First Nations member.

    b) not if you’re a criminal

    1. *

      If guns ’cause’ crime… mine must be defective.

      Google Toronto Police Most Wanted… I dare you.


      1. I don’t need to. It’ll be 10 black guys like everytime I’ve done it over the last 20 years. They were just good boys dindu nuffin wrong getting their lives back together I’m sure.

        1. “I don’t need to. It’ll be 10 black guys like everytime I’ve done it over the last 20 years. ”

          I think it’s 30 or 40 black guys now (and one Latino).

    2. c) law enforcement.

      d) private security. I imagine this one will be a growth industry.

      1. And remember – HE’S NOT TARGETING LEGAL GUN OWNERS!!!

        { – Well, lessee… there are three possible groups here – 1) people who don’t own guns, 2) people who own legal guns and 3) people who own illegal guns ( – you know, “criminals”. Pity the RCMP in Portapique didn’t know about that…) And which is the only group of those three, that gives a $hit about his Bravo-Sierra gun laws? – }

        1. Why would he target his core supporters? Libranos brought voting booths to prisons for a reason.

  2. I breathlessly await the day when Trudeau decides to come after our hunting rifles. I don’t think he’ll try another LGR, but undoubtedly he has a plan to confiscate most of them.
    There sure have been a lot of shootings in Canada lately all with illegal guns. So the Left will applaud Trudeau’s latest.
    I’m cheering for the sharks off Costa Rica.
    Btw, how many body guards does Trudeau take on these holidays?

  3. Basic Turdhole vacays in a country without any Covid restrictions and without any mask dictates.
    He also flies with his Family in a private jet maskless… but the “science” , said no one.

    Corporate and State Media dutifully ignore their rulers hypocrisy.

    Canada must be some kind of magnet for the Globalism virus because the Globalist virus doesn’t reach Costa Rica, even from a super spreader dictator thats had the virus at least twice.

    Rules for you but not for them.

  4. Cue the retards on the Canadian right singing that we need to stop the natives from running guns into Canada, to help stop gun crime in Toronto, no less.
    Their rhetoric is identical to that of Lori Lightfoot blaming “out of state guns” for the gun crimes in Chicago.
    Canada’s goose is cooked.

    1. Ok, I’ll bite, HiHo. In your opinion, where do the guns that are used by criminals in Toronto come from? Would you please share your insight as to their origins? Thanks

      1. Who cares? You? Lori Lightfoot? Trying to get guns out of the hands of criminals is retarded, in and of itself, trusting the state to do it even more so. The only answer to bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. Canada needs constitutional carry, failing that, it needs an avenue for everyday citizens to obtain them.
        The idea that the answer to the turd attempting to chop off any avenue to obtain guns legally is to end all illegal avenues is so freaking retarded that it boggles the mind, in fact, it is exactly what the gun control nuts who would like to see us all disarmed want, and the Canadian right fall for it every freakin’ time.

        1. Constitutional carry without an absolute moral code will generate Might making Right. The ones with the most commitment to their own goals will win. And it becomes a turkey shoot.

          1. “Constitutional carry without an absolute moral code will generate Might making Right.”
            Just more BS made up by the left.
            In fact, the lack of a moral code among many makes it even more essential.
            I like the fact that in the USA, the NFA is being struck down, and people will be able to buy machine guns over the counter, as they should be.

          2. Go to any ‘at risk neighbourhood’ anywhere in North America and tell me Might doesn’t make Right. The vast majority of decent people stuck in these ratholes are scared sh*tless to walk out their doors after nightfall. They get criticized for not helping the police but would you when you see the thugs picked up one day then out the next looking for who ratted them out?

          3. That ain’t the guns, Chris, that’s the groids.
            I guess you think people who live there shouldn’t be armed?
            More channeling of Lori Lightfoot.

          4. And now Chris fails Ho’s purity tests. Off to the guillotine with you. Is there anyone who passes them?

    2. *

      “Meanwhile, the House of Commons is still considering BILL C-5, an act that
      for smuggling firearms. The idea is to reduce the ‘overincarceration rate of
      Indigenous peoples’
      as well as for other ‘marginalized Canadians.'”

      Gotta pump the brakes on jailing gun smugglers while disarming law-abiding


      1. Neo obviously doesn’t believe in natural rights. Neo wants the state to crack down on gun suppliers if their customers don’t jump through Liberal hoops to be “law-abiding.”
        Neo’s rhetoric is exactly the same as Lori Lightfoot’s.
        Neo is no conservative.

        1. Sorry NEO you fail Ho’s purity test. Toothless Jacobins want purity above all. Until purity materializes, spontaneously, all by itself, they will keep helping Potato because they have principles.

          1. I’ll certainly support him letting more guns into the country.
            Decriminalizing pot was a good move, too.
            Now you may fall back on your ad-hominem and appeal to emotion arguments that you are so loved for.

          2. Note how many would have you believe that adherence to principles is a bad thing, and compromising principles is a good thing.

            Truly Satanic.

          3. Yeah yeah yeah, keep masturbating with principles, you and UnMe are always ready to do so. The only principle that you follow in reality is to be 100% useless 100% of the time.

          4. Note Colon’s only type of response is argument ad-hominem or appeal to emotion, usually involving sexuality.

          1. The Indian smugglers are the good guys here, there may come a day when you thank God for them.

  5. Interesting that the Spawn-Fuhrer goes to the tropics in the summer after spending millions of the unborn taxpayer’s dollars on the Harrington Lake “summer retreat” (Dacha?). Perhaps he’s keeping out of range of those nasty long gun owners that he hasn’t disarmed yet.

  6. L – On January 1, 2001, for the first time in Canadian history, the Common-Law Right of the
    peaceful Canadians to possess firearms, became a crime. In a steady program to reverse the
    results of the Battle on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec, became clear.

    The ordinary citizen could not be trusted with power, that of being an armed citizenry. The inherent(born free) right of the citizenry to a government that can only govern with their assent was formally violated.

    What else is a form of power of the individual citizen? Knowledge is power !

    First the Trudeau regime bought off, (domesticated politically, made his pets) the Main Stream Media. Then to extend gov’t. control over the most, in theory, democratic distribution of knowledge/free speech in human history, since the printing press. C-11 giving the fed. gov’t. control over any (insert Soviet Communist term) misinformation or politically incorrect information e.i. the scientific method in medicine, the history of Western Civilization et al.

    Note- The Charter Rights: of Free Expression, Freedom of Association(friends/family/fellow citizens), Freedom of Peaceful Assembly, Freedom of the Press were all violated under the
    planned duress of the Panic-demic. This, in effect, eliminated the Right to a free and fair election of representatives. Not to ever be returned by those of totalitarian bent !

    The history of British Liberty, of which Common-Law nation’s have inherited, is described in the Magna Carta and the process under which it came about and eventually became The Constitutional document.

    Prof. John Robson’s documentary film would be offered on every Dominion Day of July 1st
    and on every November 11th, Remembrance Day by educational and media institutions loyal
    to Canada. That few Canadians are today at all familiar with, yes, our history is no accident.
    You might want to bookmark this or even buy a copy before it is declared “misinformation or disinformation by The Megalomaniac.

    A weekend movie for the whole family to guide understanding of the past 2 plus years and for
    the trials and tribulations to come.


    The Education system had already been infiltrated by Cult. Marxism over decades.

    The premise under Common-Law that sovereign power, individual Rights inherent in the citizenry, in

    1. Yep. Canadian citizens have the right to bear arms. That right was granted to us by God, or nature, if you prefer. The fact that the state continually violates that right notwithstanding.
      Any ahole who asks “where in the charter is it written that we have the right to bear arms?” is implicitly denying the existence of natural rights, and as such, is an apologist for authoritarianism.

      1. “Any ahole who asks “where in the charter is it written that we have the right to bear arms?” is implicitly denying the existence of natural rights, and as such, is an apologist for authoritarianism.”

        “Natural rights” are a Libertarian fantasy, sorry.

        I would actually LOVE to have the ‘right’ to own guns. But any ‘right’ that lands me in jail is NOT A RIGHT at all. Obviously. And screaming it from the rooftops won’t ever make it a ‘right’, either. I really do wish that wasn’t the case…but it is. Period.

        1. Sorry, lad, but they are an evolutionary fact.
          You and the latest SCOTUS judge would get along great.
          The European Jews of the 1940s didn’t even have the right to be alive, according to you.

          1. Now Fred fails the test.
            If you disagree with Ho on purity issues you’re Hitler.

          2. Yep. If you don’t believe in natural rights, you fail one of the most basic tests.
            I’m quite sure you don’t believe in them, either.
            Still, nice try with the ad-hominem, your SOP is logical fallacy of one sort or another. You, like most leftists, are ruled by emotion.

          3. Look at yourself you pathetic whore. Everyone who tried to have a good fate argument with you here, got immediately reduced to Lori Lightfoot and Hitler. You’re unable to respond in a way that is even borderline respectful, to anyone having a slightly divergent view from yours. You’re immediately hysterical and rabid. You feel a pathetic need to demonstrate your above all purity and rest on an alleged principle that in the end isn’t a principle at all. It is an excuse to blanket all those who disagree in at the slightest as heretics. That’s why I will not bother to argue with you. Just insult you, bitch. That’s all you deserve. I agree with you on guns. We’ve been over that. But you’re still a rabid whore and a monumental hypocrite.

          4. “Out of state guns” being to blame for Chicago’s murder rate is exactly the same argument as “illegal guns” being to blame for Toronto’s murder rate, you disingenuous toad.
            Its like blaming Michelin for potholes, or blaming knives for stabbings.
            Now GFY.

          5. Irrelevant, it is not about the logic of your explanation, it is about you being a rabid Ho, and a demagogue Jacobin.

            Besides, great job at deflecting for Potato. Yet again you’re ready to play interference for him.

            Also you’re literarily the last regular here that should ever be accusing others of being disingenuous. You’re about as genuine as an eleven dollar bill.

          6. “The European Jews of the 1940s didn’t even have the right to be alive, according to you.”

            Not even close to what I said. I’d say “nice try”…but it really wasn’t.

  7. Did everyone miss that Justin ruled by fiat?

    When he comes back, will he reinstate the death penalty for his opponents?

  8. Soon Trudeau will ban cars that run on gasoline…

    then after several bans and after he causes the economy to crash

    he will ban the words ; economic crash, failure, leftard etc etc

  9. No Maxipad should be allowed to bitch about this. We have warned you multiple times this was coming. Own it now. It is on you as much as on libtards

    1. No. We all know that the PPC didn’t take enough votes from the CPC to make a difference, but lying in the name of political expedience is your SOP. The fact that the CPC is just a pale imitation of the Libs is on people like you.
      If the “law abiding” are so “law abiding” that they will hand in their guns, or stop providing citizens with them on behalf of a tyrant, then they are just as much an enemy of freedom as the tyrant is.
      God bless the Indian smugglers.

      1. If the current government continues their confiscation of property the Indians (and the Bikers) are going to have a lot of competition in the smuggling business…until the civil war goes from cold to hot.

      2. And what, pray tell, have you done to fight the tyranny?
        Just like with Freedom Convoy you want others to martyr themselves for your principles. And then you will bitch that they haven’t martyred themselves sufficiently.

        1. I’ve refused the jab.
          I’ve refused to get tested.
          I never wore a mask unless forced to by an employee of the store I was at, and ignored Karens whining about it like I was deaf to their shrieking.
          I don’t subscribe to cable.
          I make sure I don’t pay taxes.
          Boycott lots of outfits and products.
          I get around on an e-bike, sometimes a gas-powered bike and avoid feeding the dragon that way.
          I make my own booze.
          I bake my own bread, pickle and preserve much of my food, I’ve got over 6 months worth now.
          In short, I’ve gone Galt to the best of my ability, and will continue to do so.

          Oh, and if you ever watched Zulu, you would know that the Brits beat the Zulus, they weren’t martyrs, you sickened freak.
          Tamara Lich is a Libertarian, and Mad Max has sat at the same table with her, but she’s poison to the CPC, because their policies are to the left of Pierre Trudeau’s policies.
          But by all means, keep up with your lies, ad-hominems and arguments from emotion, as well as your Alinskyite methods of projection, you sickened freak.

          1. A whore like you whining about ad-hominems after yet another post full of ad-hominems is yet one more illustration of your bottomless hypocrisy.

            You did not go Galt, you provided nothing that others wanted to begin with. Galt was a success, you are a failure. There is big difference. You did not go Galt anymore than bum a street went Galt.

          2. “Oh, and if you ever watched Zulu, you would know that the Brits beat the Zulus, they weren’t martyrs, you sickened freak.”

            I am genuinely curious what twisted logic made this statement relevant?

  10. (I vote for the right to carry and I probably wouldn’t carry myself.)

    The Liberals are pushing this shit in the dog days of summer while the Gay Retard is on vaycay getting pegged by Angry Sophie with a big black strap-on.
    Are the Cons ready for a fall election?
    The Libs can always promise Jughead even more goodies besides the nothing they’ve given him so far if they can get back in with another minority and Hag Freeland as the new PM.

    Juthin can ride off into the sunset with a broken arsehole.

    This kind of government-going-off-the-deep-end shit is starting to get scary.
    They’re getting more militant every week.
    They’re coming for everything they don’t want you to have and God only knows what that doesn’t include.
    Maybe they’ll decree that a gun range can’t be within 100km of a skool.
    I don’t know how that would work. but these people are sinister and they’re obviously looking at every loophole they can.

  11. And now for the real story:

    Not a f*****g peep from any of the Cuckserfatibs about this.

  12. Once again Canadians lose their freedom and liberties and Herr Justine does it on a foreign beach. The liberal party seems just fine with turning Canada into a third world country where criminals have more rights than the lawful.

  13. If it wasn’t passed in parliament, it is not law.
    When the law breaks the law, there is no law.

  14. “Yep. If you don’t believe in natural rights, you fail one of the most basic tests.”

    What if I don’t believe in Santa, or the Tooth Fairy? Do I still “fail”?…

    Maybe you should go organize a Pride Parade in Gaza. I mean, you have the “natural right” to do so, right? Let us know how it goes, okay?