22 Replies to “Nope”

  1. whall shyt.
    ya mean all those times l bashed a cockroach in my time l shouldacoulda popped them in my
    mouth like a beer nut? (albeit squishy)

  2. I read yesterday that Beyond Meat stock isn’t performing very well. I can’t imagine cockroach cocktails and cricket casseroles will fare much better. The disgust and revulsion reflex is too high a bar to clear.

    The only practical use I can see for these products is by astronauts on long journeys and for colonizing other planets. Transporting and breeding cockroaches and crickets is easier than transporting cows, for instance.

    I remember reading that one of the big failings of communism was a massive misunderstanding of human nature. Think of the propaganda of the New Soviet Man. The globalists are repeating the same fundamental error.

  3. So … there are 1mm cockroaches on a “farm” in China … ? That should be enough for a half gallon of cockroach “milk” (read: vile innard juice). So what happens when the anti-meat’ers have raised multi-trillions cockroaches to supply enough “milk” for everyone? None of those cockroaches will escape their “Level-4” containment facility …? Right? None of the multi-trillion cockroaches will find their way onto airliners and spread throughout the world like a Biblical plague?

    Cows are udderly inert by comparison.

  4. “Whoopee ti yi yo, get along little cockroach…..”

    It’s bad enough that we may have cricket roundups, but I somehow don’t think cockroaches will take too well to branding time.

    No doubt, there’s gonna be some low-down varmint wantin’ to rustle your cockroach herd. The question is whether that’ll be a hangin’ offence.

  5. Not sure if it’s science or conspiracy theory, but I’ve seen a number of posts stating that the enzymes in bugs are not healthy for humans. Insignificant in small quantities, but if bugs become a staple in your diet then you’re going to be poisoning yourself. I haven’t seen a study or even a video with a bunch of credentialed scientists talking about this so who knows – just putting it out there so we can all keep a watchful eye on how the science evolves.

    1. Always remember, they want the planet’s population to go from 7B to 500M… They want most of us dead, so forcing us to eat bugs that’ll kill us prematurely is a feature, not a.. er, bug.

  6. Reminds me of the line “have you ever smelled moth balls? No, I just can’t seem to get in between their legs”.

    I won’t even ask how you milk cockroaches.

    1. I won’t even ask how you milk cockroaches.

      The same way certain “offended” groups milk funding out of the government?

    2. There’s ants that milk aphids so just a small CRIPR tweak should create a tiny crew of ants that milk cockroaches.

      For anyone that didn’t read the article, a certain species of cockroaches produce crystalline “milk” that they feed the cockroach eggs in their body. Scientists want to analyze the crystal and “are hoping to reverse bioengineer cockroach milk, but first they need to understand the exact biological and chemical mechanisms underlying the process.”

  7. There’s a reason people don’t eat insects. The Chinese set the bar at bats and rodents as the lowest form of animal life to eat, and even that isn’t going so good.

  8. I expect details of the Fenris Badwulf Roach Dairy will be forthcoming. Potential investors are interested.