34 Replies to “Embrace Hollywood!”

  1. I saw the movie when it came out, and it was badass, entertaining, and indeed, made one sad to leave the movie theater. But at least I grabbed some free plastic straws on the way out.

  2. The asshole has the nerve to blame drumph for Hollywood going woke and unwatchable. They did that well before Trump even announced his whitehouse bid. It’s still insane to me that tom cruise of all people may save their asses.

  3. ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is pure action entertainment; highly recommended!
    And so is ‘Elvis’!

  4. I like Cruise.
    Oblivion, Edge of Tomorrow, Vanilla Sky, the Reacher movies, no doubt a few others.
    Still, at this point, none of them justify giving Hollywood one red cent.

    1. There’s also Beavis and Butthead do the Universe, and they poke fun at white privilege at one point during the movie.

      1. That would be “Levon Helm”, not “Leon Helm”. He was the drummer with “The Band”.

  5. I concur with “It wasn’t art. It didn’t mean anything.” I was a bit disappointed by the heavy nostalgia, the stunt casting and the hilariously derivative plot. But it was fun in a way that movies haven’t been for a while.

    There’s an extant theory that the reason Star Wars was so popular among general audiences wasn’t so much the movie itself as the zeitgeist – it was the first positive, upbeat movie with clear heroes and villains engaged in a classic struggle where the good guys win and don’t have to feel guilty about it to come along in the 70’s, a bad economic, social and military decade for the US.

    I think that’s what’s driving TGM, as on its own it’s at best an average movie with a huge practical FX budget.

  6. Excellent fun film. Heroes are heroes, they do not climb a Brokeback Mountain, they are not transitioning, they do not struggle against oppression. Instead they train, struggle with their past, get better in their craft and end up doing heroic stuff. The film was exactly what II wanted it to be. 10 out of 10.

    1. When you watch a movie ask yourself this question: what is the subliminal message the nomenklatura is trying to push?

      I will give you an example: Star Wars is the celebration of Communist victory in Indo-China.

  7. This is a movie full of cliches, written by a committee. I’ve seen more intense fighter plane action sitting on the toilet in the morning exercising my constitution…

    Naturally I was looking in the mirror.

      1. It takes too long to get into character. I would sit there and wonder what my motivation would be…
        The pressure of doing all in one take is enormous.

  8. Since I started watching movies from the 40s and 50s a couple of years ago I’ve discovered movies can have complicated and unexpected plots, cool characters, gorgeous dames, snappy dialogue, exotic settings, creative cinematography and memorable acting. All that, plus lots of drinking, smoking, fighting, gambling and (nonexplicit but nevertheless hot) sex. Who knew?

    1. They used to before cape crap took over along with wokeism. They even merged cape crap with wokeism which is just unwatchable garbage.

    2. Since I started watching movies from the 40s and 50s a couple of years ago

      And many of them have been uploaded to YouTube and Odysee. Yippee!

  9. Did the pilots all have the LGBTQ+BLM “pride” flag stenciled near their cockpits?

    Heh heh … he said cockpit … heh heh

  10. I started skimming the review as it evolved into an anti-Trump hatefest. Eventually I quit altogether. As far as the movie goes, I saw it 3 times in my local theater. There are good reasons for that, one being that the movie only cost me $8. Florida is great for so many things. But I digress. I’m a private pilot, so I especially appreciated the authentic flying scenes. I’m also a huge fan of the historical Grumman corporation, and I wanted to see the Tomcat fly again. That was a great airplane. On top of all that it was a reminder of my youth, when America could do, and did, everything. Plus I have developed a certain respect for Tom Cruise. He is quite capable, and so much more than a pretty face.

  11. I like most Cruise movies. I didn’t like Top Gun. Didn’t like the first one either.

    MI’s are excellent. Oblivion and the Edge of Tomorrow were the best.

    1. I didn’t like Top Gun.

      Admittedly, the plot’s a bit thin, but who cares about the romantic angle when the movie has such great flying scenes?

      1. Exactly that. I remember seeing it for the first time behind the Iron Curtain in its final installments. First a state run naval magazine run a short blip about the film (by then news from the civilized world were filtering through mainstream). I knew I had to see it. Soon after we went to parents’ friends who had a VCR, and there on a bootlegged VCR tape (three times over) I have seen this film (also Rambo II on the same day). Americans flying the most glorious and coolest fighter in the world the mighty F-14 Tomcat were winning against russians. That was it. There could not possibly have been anything cooler than that.
        Following summer, my father (a university professor) went to Norway to paint houses (he managed to get a Polish passport, just him, not the rest of the family) and from the trip he bought me a Matchbox 1:72 scale model of the Tomcat… I was in heaven. Yeah I loved that film and the F-14 will always have a special place in my hart.