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  1. It should be noted that this isn’t related to the TV movie Manhunter, and the series that followed, from the 1970s.

    I thought that Brian Cox gave an good performance in the role of Hannibal Lector, which, later, was played by Sir Anthony Hopkins. I think this was re-made as Red Dragon about 20 years ago.

    BTW, I watched Vertigo earlier this evening and I was reminded of why it wasn’t my favourite Hitchcock film. I just didn’t like the story.

    1. I preferred Cox to Hopkins as Lector (on a Manhunter vs Red Dragon basis, SOTL excluded). I also thought Tom Noonan was a much scarier Tooth Fairy than Ralph Fiennes.


      1. The use of Iron Butterfly’s In-a-Gadda-da-Vida in the climax scene is awesome. Great movie!

    2. Manhunter was based on the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris.
      An excellent thriller novel, although not a great movie.
      Soundtrack includes ‘Innagadadavida’, so drop a tab and hang on.
      Hard for kiddies today to relate to due to cell phone cameras.

      Harris also wrote ‘Black Sunday’, another great novel made into a decent movie.
      Bruce Dern at his peak.

  2. Brian Cox’s Lector was the most psychologically chilling portrayal of a psychopath I’ve ever seen.

  3. Australia has set a record for covid deaths with 95% vaxxed and close to 80% booooosted. ADE is real folks.

      1. Yep, also love their new armored personnel carrier in the first film. Best supplied army evah.

  4. Dick Cheney Ad For Daughter Liz:
    “There Has Never Been A Greater Threat To Our Republic” Than Donald Trump


    I used to H8 Cheney, but if he is against the Greatest Threat to America, Donald dRumpf, then I am with Cheney.
    Go Liz Cheney, show those Wyoming hicks that dRumpf is pure evil!

    1. Is it going to be as bad as Y2K?

      It’s time to spends millions on more computer consultants!

    2. “resulting in IT programs crashing or even data being corrupted”
      Only if the real-time developers are in their 20’s…

  5. On the heels of the provocation by pamper clad USA house speaker re. Taiwan, Newsweek reports:

    Zelensky Makes Public Plea to China’s Xi Jinping After Calls Unanswered

    “In an exclusive interview with the Post, the Ukrainian leader urged the Asian superpower to use its outsize political and economic influence over Russia to bring the fighting to a stop.”

    Pray the hostilities end before the Ukraine is down to the last Ukrainian. The US plan for the Ukraine from the horse’s mouth (10 sec clip). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGj-cHyEhPs

    1. So his family won’t get as upset over his death, I am sure Justin will bring in an extra 10,000 of his relatives.

    1. If you had listened to the CBC you would have gotten the story correct, that it was 31,000 people were added to the Leisure Class in July.

  6. I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

    Gallap releases a new poll.
    Middle Eastern countries top list of world’s angriest, most negative countries

    The interviewer even asks if “climate change” is a factor!

    But Shiny Pony will try to solve their anger by opening up the floodgates even wider for millions more of them.

  7. readers tips? heres one:
    call 18009595504 its one of CRA’s, that office located in surrey bc l believe.
    pacific time.
    they tell you the hours 815 to 430.
    but dont say ‘pacific time’.
    leading one to mistakenly think they are open when they are closed and viceversa

    1. Oh, I don’t know….. I think the $8 million we taxpayers forked over for Voice of Fire was far too low….. (sarcasm = off)

      1. A friend of mine sat down on a cube- type seat to contemplate Voice of Fire. A guard rushed up and asked her to please not sit on the art. National Gallery has lost its way, but I guess that started dome time ago. Thry recently lost another director.

  8. a voice in the wilderness.
    l just dont know who or what to believe anymore.
    l have autism and rely of provable facts, reliable processes, systems, protocols.
    l like the predictability of machines and numbers.
    but its getting so damned difficult to trust even these things theres so much godam agenda.
    my personal experience and observation of the bigger picture.
    wtf. really. trainloads of BS.

    1. Well, you are not alone. I try to make sense of things, but conflicting claims are everywhere. At this point, I am pretty sure government is not to be trusted. Many people feel the same. At least there are alternative sources for information, and many of those are conscientious about proving their claims with data, and testimonies based on first hand experience.

    2. Consider changing your measurement methods.
      Ignore the words,observe the acts.
      Actions are real.
      Words mean very little coming from serial liars.
      Intent is meaningless,ditto for motive,these are unknowables..

      But actions can be seen,measured and evaluated.
      And the actions of our helpers,provide every reason to reward them..
      Reward them in such a way,that no one will be tempted to repeat these actions for at least 4 generations.