36 Replies to “The Minister of Self Awareness”

    1. My sentiments exactly. Who voted for this POS? You have to start wondering about the integrity of Canadian elections.

  1. They’re still jailing truckers and they have the gall to claim this? These people are pure scumbags.

  2. Put her in a sea can and ship it to Russia.
    Armour Transportation people take it up the ass.

    1. Hey! Those tennies have steel toes.

      And they’re going to unfreeze those truckers bank accounts first chance they get.

  3. Pictures of her today clandestinely trying to pull her 3 day old shit stained panties out of the crack of her ass in front of others.
    Nice sneakers ya uncouth skank.

  4. You are in a restaurant and Freeland is seated at the next table. Suddenly, she grasps her throat, turns blue, and slides off her chair and collapses on the floor. Select the correct response:

    (a) clear everyone from the restaurant because she clearly needs air
    (b) start resuscitation through an m95 mask and faceshield
    (c) put all your bitterness and desire for retribution aside and treat her with the same compassion and dignity she has given us

    1. Can I go with d) Take a chair and begin beating her on the head with it to dislodge whatever is stuck in her throat? Isn’t that called the “Himmler Maneuver”?

      1. Jamie, DCH, joe and Colonialista – All hilarious responses, although I think ordering popcorn might take too long, but then again, she is a windbag. Another d) might be “Phone Steven Guilbeault, let him listen to the gurgling sound, say ‘you’re next’, then hang up”.
        This is all far fetched of course because no self respecting Canadian would be sitting next to Freelander in a restaurant. Most people go to restaurants to eat without heaving.

  5. Why does she always look like she grabbed the first piece of clothing she found under her bed? A bedgraggled Nurse Ratchet? Ughhh

  6. Step One: Destroy the trucking industry.
    Step Two: Create a government trucking graft machine, headquartered in quebec, probably.

  7. The woman is talking as though Canadians are ignorant of what she and her sidekick done to the said truckers recently.
    Is she wrong?

  8. The walking/waddling? definition of Delusions of Adequacy.
    What is it with Liberal Political Women?
    Are they really braindead?
    Of just obsessed with power?
    Maybe she believes the BS that she spouts?
    Trudeau believes he is King,maybe God Emperor,so Christine probably feels entitled to her very own reality.
    Can’t wait for the truckers Strike these Liberals and CINOs are going to provoke.
    Too dangerous to haul freight to.
    Too dangerous and corrupt to risk private property in..

  9. “Please truckers, don’t come back to Ottawa on Labor Day”. Jockeying for position with an attempt at a unifying message in case those rumors are true about a permanent flight from the capital by El Presidente Juston Vacation del Costa Rica.

  10. Could slime stream media be more obvious, they are grooming Canadians to accept her as Justine’s replacement. Yea that air head hasn’t done enough damage right MSM? For gawd sake someone tell her she’s a size 12 not a four, her lack of apparent intelligence really offends me anyone else?

    1. eljay, The Turd and Perogie thighs are still in power after three elections, which proves there are not many smart people left in Canada.