22 Replies to “Turning Up The Heat”

  1. That’s 80.6 Degrees Fahrenheit and 66.2 Degrees Fahrenheit respectively for us that live south of the Border.

    What’s next? Saying your refrigerator must be maintained warmer than 5 Degrees C? Your Freezer no lower than -3 Degrees C? You can save a lot of money on electricity doing that. You will also waste a lot of food and likely have lots of Gastrointestinal illnesses too.

    1. The AC temp is not unreasonable. Spain is hot. All summer. In the Midwestern U.S. We keep ours at 77, daytime; off at night. And winter high furnace temp of 67. Not a big deal.

      The big deal might be the government telling you you have to do that.

      1. “The big deal might be the government telling you you have to do that.”
        Really? Ya think?!

        How about just let private enterprise fix the electric grid so that cheap energy is readily available to everyone, and then let people decide for themselves? As long as consumers are willing to pay the price, who cares? And as long as no one gets hurt, the government has NO business telling people what they can and can’t do in their own homes! The government needs to Butt Out!! And in case you didn’t hear me the first time, let me repeat that for you: The government needs to Butt Out!! Let private enterprise do what they do best, and leave people alone!!

    2. My advice? Don’t EVER eat spoiled eggs. Thought I was gonna DIE with THE WORST food poisoning once. So bad my limbs went numb. It was my future mother in law’s leftover (too long) frittata. I became hyper cautious eating at the in-laws after that.

        1. Highly possible! And I was living in sin with her daughter at the time. Sorry fellow Christians … but that’s my one weakness … women.

  2. Good.
    Now do it in Canada.
    How dare Trudeau not do it?
    Every government and school building, starting with the CBC nest.

    1. I wish they’d do that in Canadian malls. Oftentimes they have the heat cranked up so high that you end up walking around sweating with a coat on.

  3. Hard to believe a technologically advanced society would be so shortsighted as to allow this to happen. Oh right, they’re socialists.

    1. My NEST thermostat keeps defaulting into “eco mode”. I’ve tried … but can’t seem to permanently KILL that feature. Hell! The government won’t be controlling your thermostat … some woke dickwad at Google will be.

      1. Just sign out of the internet on your NEXT thermostat/controller…that should fix things.

      2. Kenji u have done this? See 6 too.
        Solution 5: Turn Off the Home/Away Assist function.
        Home/Away Assist uses input from sensors in your Nest thermostat managed and your phone’s location to automatically switch the behavior of the device in your home when you leave and when you come back (Turn on the Eco Mode when you leave and switch it off when you come back).

        This is a very good function and will help you reduce your HVAC energy consumption and your energy bills as well, but sometimes and for some reason this feature stopped working and the thermostat is stuck in the Eco Mode.

        So you have to turn it off but you need to consider that when this function is off you’ll have to turn the Eco Mode manually.

        Here’s how to turn the Home/Away Assist feature off:

        Open the Nest app.
        Tap Settings.
        Select Home/Away Assist.
        Turn this option off.
        To turn on the Eco Mode manually you need to follow the next instructions:

        Go to your thermostat on the wall.
        Go to the Quick View menu.
        Select the mode you want.
        Solution 6: Turn Off Eco Mode completely.
        Turning the Eco Mode can be a solution for your problem but I don’t recommend it for all of you because you’ll lose an important feature that can help you lower your energy bills and increase convenience, I recommend implementing this solution in specific conditions for example if you’re sleeping at night and you notice that the Eco Mode is enabled and you don’t have time to fix it.

        Follow the next steps to turn off the Eco Mode:

        Open The Nest app.
        Go to your thermostat and Tap on Mode.
        Set the thermostat to Heat/Cool.
        Click on the Eco option.
        Select End Eco Temperatures on the thermostat.

  4. The future coming to your town in North America brought to you by a windmill-loving, solar-panel-hugging liberal progressive twat.

  5. I’m quite sure our little dick-tater has that idea on his bucket list and at the same time far too many brain dead canadians are willing to give him that power .

  6. I bet the Spanish police are salivating at the thoughts of cracking the heads of some mom and pop shop owners for daring to set the thermostat lower than 27 degrees.
    A problem everywhere, including in this article, is the thought that we can negotiate our way out of this by compromise. All these wanna be dictator politicians need to be purged from society.

  7. Ffs. 27 C is fine. What a bunch a pussies Most people older than 30 grew up with NO air conditioning. When did we all become such a bunch of entitled whiners?