46 Replies to “Thank You For Buying an Electric Vehicle”

  1. They don’t stop. There’s no appeasing them. The suicide cult just moves on to its next target.

    1. Funny how these “non-existent” slippery slopes appear out of nowhere.

      And, another thing: has anyone else noticed that all these parallel “fear campaigns” are increasing in number AND pace?

      There is the distinct whiff of “Timetable” in the air.

      There IS a goal and a (final) solution; after all, we are dealing with death-cultists. But there appears to be a “dead (so to speak)line

      Are we looking at the “western” variant of the entire apocalyptic Shia “twelfth imam” thing?

      The last handful of inquiring minds would like to know.

    2. Imagine that? Yet another “conspiracy theory” comes to life. The Totalitarian Left will never stop. Until they’re stopped … once and for all.

  2. “The deeper problem is our car dependence”

    What they mean:

    “The deeper problems are any, even the slightest manifestations of independence from the matrix. ”


    “The deeper problem is the existence of CBC”

    1. Colon

      That last comment is 1000% the issue: WORLD WIDE MAIN STREAM MEDIA.

      LYING FILTHY Propagandists…Each & Everyone of them FULLY deserving a NUREMBERG NECKLACE….Ala 1946.

    2. The CBC should turn in all its vehicles.

      I was going to say their reporters can use public transit, but actually they just regurgitate what the PMO says, so there is no need for them to travel.

  3. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    The environmentalists are modern-day Puritans – they have a deep fear that somebody, somewhere, is having fun. Life is supposed to be suffering, it’s not supposed to be fun. Well, except for them, of course. Their fun is making everybody else miserable.

    1. You’re required to have mandatory fun when praising the collective. Never alone in way. Just like communists that forced people into collective living, so do the modern day left.

    1. I’m so glad I decided to read the comments before posting exactly the same observation. I agree! Kill the corpse. They are nothing but a new world order echo chamber.

    2. DanBC …
      Thanks for the link. I read that last week but couldn’t recall where. Mr. Marx is a total jerk. He didn’t even acknowledge the original Klaus Schwab article , but merely plagiarized it as if it was his own . So here we have the CBC once again pushing the WEF narrative rather than reporting truthfully.

      The plan all along is to completely remove cars from the peasants. First it was oil wrecking the world , then the push to EV’s , knowing that a) there is no supply chain for batteries in sufficient quantity and b) the is no electrical infrastructure to support EV’s , so EV’s must be shared. Next EV’s must be elminated.

      BTW : Mr. Marx looks like the type who lives in his mother’s basement.

    3. They still fly around in their jets.
      Carnival Cruise Lines 46 ships put out more “CO2 emissions” than than the private vehicle fleet in Europe.
      They are targeting individuals and their food, freedom and mobility.
      By design.
      Trudeau is a traitor.
      Private vehicles are idle 95% of their existence, they are a nonissue.
      0.03% of 0.04% is not much, this is what human activity adds to the CO2 in the atmosphere.
      It’s bullshit.
      We are being lied to in an industrial scale and it’s being shoved at the kids who have huge anxiety issues because there is nothing they can do. They become handicapped. It’s child abuse.
      This climate nonsense is a crime against humanity because our children are being told the world is coming to an end when it most assuredly is not.
      People need to be arrested tried and hung, no pardons.

  4. When a$$holes like Paris Marx (Great last name and Ultra-woke first name btw) write such screeds, they NEVER think about the poorest working classes who have to live far outside the urban cores (and the bulk of the jobs). Driving is their only option. Public transit simply is not.

    If anyone with a Twitter account wants to leave him/her/them/it a comment, ask this urban bigot why he/she/they/it why they have SO MUCH HATRED AND ANTIPATHY TOWARDS POOR PEOPLE: https://twitter.com/parismarx

    1. Enviros, leftists, progressive twatwaffles (BIRM) loathe the grubby, bovine working class. They want them reduced to serfdom so they might live and die at the twatwaffles’ command.

    2. This moron is a thoughtless, soft nobody who would die in any other part of the world.

    3. “When a$$holes like Paris Marx (Great last name and Ultra-woke first name btw) ”

      I know, right? The nose ring and ear studs were just icing on the cake.

      Want to be taken seriously? Then ACT seriously.

  5. I’ll repost myself from elsewhere…

    All these galaxy brain ideas about reimagining how people get around all seem to rest on a common assumption: Everybody works in a cubicle farm in a downtown core, which is only a modest commute from their home. I work a job that requires hundreds of pounds of bulky tools and materials be close at hand as I move about the city to irregular jobsites. F*** you, I’m not going to haul that on foot, on a bike, on transit, or in a gutless pod car that has room for 2 bags of groceries tops.

    Weather does not exist in their utopia. Pouring rain, howling winds, clogging snow, caked ice, and scorching heat? Good luck keeping up the walking and biking and waiting for cramped transit 365 days a year. F*** you, I’m not dragging my gear through the elements.

    “You only use your vehicle about 4% of the day, how wasteful!” F*** you, I am not loading and unloading all my gear multiple times a day so that the vehicle can go back into circulation.

    And as for that 4%, most people want to use their 4% at the same time, going to and from work. Just like everybody wants to use electricity when they get home at night. You’re not going to be able to structure that into neat little shifts. And we all know how priority for the most convenient shifts is going to be decided. F*** you, I’m not going to be relegated to only being allowed to travel at 3am because I’m dead last on your ‘progressive stack.’

    Many of my coworkers are on-call, meaning if something breaks in the middle of the night, they need to go fix it NOW. I’m quite certain they’d say f*** you, I’m not servicing an emergency in a taxi.

    You ever have to use a company vehicle? There’s always one bastard that turns it into a pigsty. Add anonymity and it just gets worse. Your kid puked or crapped in the publicly shared vehicle? “LOL it’s the next guy’s problem” Similarly, I have family with severe allergies, perfumes and the like trigger serious asthma attacks, and I’m not immune either. F***you, I am not using a vehicle that other people treat like a dumpster, or getting sinus congestion from their cheap cologne that has soaked into the seats.

    “Oh, OF COURSE there’ll be exemptions for…” F*** you, I’m not playing that game, where you graciously grant me a license or some other BS permission slip to keep doing what I’m already doing, which you’ll withdraw on a whim.

    1. V10

      Love your entire post.
      They will have to PRY MY cold dead hands of my Duramax…count on it.

    2. My wife worked with an urban based multidisciplinary health care team who visited unwell, incapacitated and/or disabled people in their homes often more than an hour by car from where we live. That work would not have happened without our car. It’s not just tradesman this article ignores.

    3. V10.

      Steakman sent me.
      Great post. Our overlords have no clue about the ramifications of their gang green policies. No clue because no experience in the workaday world.
      And they’d rather die than seek input from the deplorables.

      1. The “overlords are FULLY AWARE of the intended consequences of their actions. It is DELIBERATE.

        They may not be quite up to speed on the proverbial “Unintended Consequences”.

        They may also figure that because they hold an almost absolute monopoly on the “attitude adjustment” and “executive action” fronts, that they really do not believe they have to worry.

        There are things that go “bump” in the night.

  6. Paris Marx no less.. A downtown soyboy commie who rides his bicycle everywhere and so should you.. We can all write opinion pieces for the CBC.. I’m of the belief that we need to micromanage the fun out of their lives.. Anything they enjoy or identify with needs to be banned or at the very least taxed heavily..

    The planet demands it..

  7. Once again, it seem that like with firearms, consent to licensing = consent to confiscation.

  8. If vehicles are only used 4% of the day… Then maybe all the climate change disaster apocalypse stuff isnt because of individual car ownership?!?! Isnt that kind of the argument for the other side of the climate argument?

    I wonder if studies have heavily examined the co2 emissions change during covid versus non covid…to see just how much less was emitted by anthropomorphic sources when so much of the world was shut down…

    Also…cant wait to use Schwabs Rolls Royce…or live in his house, when we are all sharing and caring together!!

    How will sharing cars be good for the next dozen or so variants of covid…or the next plandemic??

  9. Private vehicle ownership offers people the greatest autonomy that we’ve ever had, which is precisely why they want to get rid of them and control the fuels they run on.

    CO2 is life more of it is better

  10. “Our government should be doing much more to get Canadians out of cars altogether.”

    Cripes, they are already destroying the economy so no one will have a job that they need to drive to, anymore. Show some appreciation.

  11. This problem requires the use of discreet lone wolves with a common unspoken goal. That is all.

  12. The deeper problem is that we peasants are too free. Can’t have that.
    I remember a cynical song on Youtube long ago called “It’s in the Koran” (it got banned). The song’s lyrics claimed that the 911 cheerleaders in the Muslim world wanted everyone in the world to be “slaves, or Muslims, or dead.”
    That song’s lyrics can be adapted. It’s the laptop class/elite/powerful who want us all to be slaves, or dead. They want LOTS of us to be dead. We breath out planet-destroying carbon, you know. They want just a few of us alive, not free, not driving around or travelling anywhere or eating what we want … but working hard to ensure that they still have their luxuries.

    1. The song correctly referred to core Islamic doctrine.

      Check it out.

      Essentially, a sort of “offer that cannot be refused” when dealing with “infidels”.

      Option One: “SUBMIT”. (Islam does NOT mean “peace”, it means “SUBMISSION”, despite all the lies spread by the degenerates in the LSM, academia and polliemuppets in general), Part of this evil doctrine is the concept that EVERYONE is BORN “muslim”, but some have “strayed”. Thus, “submission” to Allah, is NOT “conversion, but “REVERSION”. Subtle, hey?

      Option Two; “Be enslaved”

      Option Three: “DIE”: Pretty straightforward, really.

  13. At what point do we bring back the “Kill A Commie for Christ” patches from the 60’s?

  14. Cars come right after guns.
    Don’t think home ownership is far behind.
    The “you don’t need” people will never stop.
    And that’s why you need a gun.

    Thus endeth the lesson.

  15. It’s the freedom and independence a car gives you that pisses them off. No surprise here at all. We can’t just have people going wherever they want whenever they want without the government having something to say about it. That’s like, liberty or something.
    With the leftist redefining of the word freedom, they would be freeing society from the burden of personal transportation and the injustice of the poor not being able to afford a car, gas or electric. Taking cars from middle class assholes is the most just and free act a government can commit.

  16. E-bikes and E-Scooters seem popular at the moment, the latter have been added to the city in the form of temporary rentals by companies like Bird and Nucleon.

    We will see what happens come fall/winter..

    1. They’ve been around Edmonton for a couple of years now.
      These E-scooters disappear during the winter months, then spread like litter in the spring, lying around on every street corner and sidewalk (when they’re not busy mowing down pedestrians/stealing money from gullible wokesters)

  17. An investigation into this writer’s holiday trips is in order.
    Of course, the underlying idea is that deplorables should just work without moving around, minimizing their carbon footprint, in order to maintain the ruling class who has the hard task of bringing the common good to the world. It’s only just that the same ruling class enjoys a bit of rest from its severe effort in the most exclusive resorts, now clean from pollution and from annoying little people (who are also pollution).