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  1. Why should that be surprising? The former head of AHS, Verna Yiu, took Albertans to the cleaners as well with a base salary of over $560,000 per year. Nice work if you can get it.

    Yiu, by the way, was a professor at the University of Alberta. Now I have another reason to tell my alma mater to go to hell when it comes grovelling to me for money.

  2. Hopefully she never saw 75% of it that went to taxes!

    Oh. Wait. Leftists never pay their taxes. Taxes are for you suckahs

    1. Hopefully she never saw 75% of it that went to taxes!

      Even if that happened, she’d be left with nearly $150,000/year. Not too shabby, is it?

  3. It would not surprise me if a subtle bribe was involved in this. How else is it that public health people right across the country were all singing from the same song book. With a wonderful bonus in the offing, would you question the dictums coming from higher up?

    1. It wasn’t the science…
      Just plain greed of money…
      Soulless bunch aren’t they?

    2. Yes!
      Oh how impressive she was at the presser when she rinsed her hands with chemicals so frequently we lost count!
      The Science!

  4. Like giving an award to a school shooter at convocation for marksmanship.

  5. Hey Danielle, you gave us 4 years of notley with your back door deal with the progressive prentice, that set this province back decades and cost us billions, and kneecapped the Wildrose.

    Maybe you should take a hike.

    1. Many felt the same way. Then she forced the other candidates to face the question “What are you going to do to stand up for Alberta?” and the answer was “nothing”. So now she’s the frontrunner.

      This is the same kind of thing. The cabinet candidates are left defending the indefensible. And the non-cabinet candidates, where is your voice?

      If it weren’t for the perfectly reasonable distaste you express, she’d have it in the bag by now. As it is, Brian Jean is reportedly neck and neck despite being invisible.

      1. None of the above would win a lot of recent elections. I guess invisible is a variation on that idea.

      2. D Smith was out-politicked by a master of the game, who read the room when he whisked in from Ottawa on sinisterly cold breeze and started sounding exactly like the Wildrose just long enough to evaporate their support. Combined with some high profile Wildrose gaffes and some deft character assassination by the media, there was nowhere for them to go. The nanosecond old JP’s primary rivals were vanquished, he immediately did a heel turn and started running the place exactly like Redford, Stelmach, etc. Which is what really blew everything all to hell.

        As for B Jean, he was a former PC MP in the era when they could have done something to help this country and didn’t, and is a completely sold in member of the AGW cult. He’s just another member of the old club, just in disguise. Just like Prentice.

    2. With a Conservative government that out-spent every Liberal and NDP provincial government in Canada, the NDP came easily to Alberta as the urban population is as leftist as most other cities in the deranged dominion. Smith screwed up but the result would have been no different had she continued to split the urban-rural non NDP vote. She’s likely the best hope they have now. She’s the most libertarian and potentially the most potentially separatist candidate. I don’t see all those brave commenters too afraid to use their own names throwing their actual name into the ring.

      1. Alberta has not had an actual conservative government in decades.

        Kenney doesn’t have a conservative bone in his pudgy little body.

        Neither did Prentice. Or Redford, or Red Ed.

        All were progressive through and through.

        And Danielle smith is cut from the same cloth.

        She like all the others has learned to appear conservative.

        Question John. If it was so necessary and so good and so right, why wasn’t it voted upon by the party members?

        Instead it blindsided them.

        Smith proved herself to be untrustworthy.

        It was easy to predict the disaster that resulted from her double cross

        1. I’m not defender her screw-ups. She’s spent the ensuing years in the political wilderness. If you can’t move past that, support one of the party insiders and see if anything changes.

          1. I’m not trying to pick on you JOHN but you are voicing the kind of opinions that too many Albertans share, So you’re a bit of a proxy here.

            Daniel Smith was awarded with a radio show from a far left radio net work. That’s telling right there.

            So rather than spending any time in any sort of wilderness environment she was given a radio show to ensure she was front and center in top of mind and that her opinions would be well known to all Albertans.

            Failed politicians of all stripes should only be so lucky.

            To me it looks like she quit her plush job at a time when it was looking like Kenny was on the ropes and she was setting herself up for what exactly she is doing now.

            It seems to me you are defending her screw ups because they should actually disqualify her from leading any conservative, true conservative party because she is not a true conservative.

            She is a progressive conservative and far more progressive than conservative.

            And we have been down that same road so many times where we Replace a progressive conservative with another progressive conservative who pretends to be a conservative.

            Rinse repeat.

            Don’t be fooled nor make excuses for her.

  6. At approximately $100/ every lie about the wuhan flu that is not a bad “investment” by the Alberta gubmint.

  7. Instead of spending 591,545 on Miss Piggy’s doppelgänger we could had have a lobotomised amoeba for free and the amoeba would have been correct about covid a lot more often.

  8. So how does one get a “lying your ass off in public” bonus of that magnitude?

  9. Easy now, Danielle. I’m sure the good Doc is onside with you for all the rest of the science: AGW, etc.

    1. 30 Pieces of Silver…

      Judas at least felt remorse for betraying Christ.

  10. I’ve carefully watched Dr. Deena Hinshaw and there is something not right in the head with her. I don’t know if she is paranoid, is on the spectrum to some degree, or something else, but there is something wrong with her.

    Beyond that, her absolutely despicable lies about the teenage boy who died from brain cancer, which she tried to spin into a Covid death should have resulted in her immediate firing. But she is not an honourable person and has no shame, so she’s still “working” at her job.

  11. Typical entailed leftist parasite. The kind that has no problems ruining lives and suffers from phantom honking.

    1. No.
      These entitled “leaders” and “deputy ministers” and “assistant deputy ministers” all have lavish pension, bonus, and severance packages.
      And there are just as many of them during Conservative terms of government as there are Liberal or NDP.

        1. Lots of bloated overpaid conservative yes-men are employed at the senior bureaucrat level during years of so-called Conservative rule.
          Every government does this, right and left.
          eg. the so-called War Room that Kenney promised. Then put one of his cronies in charge. The bloated, over-budget office has done next-to-nothing.

        2. Not disagreeing with you.
          Just pointing out conservative gov’ts do this all the time too.

          1. I am in full agreement with that. I just don’t see nominally conservative governments like that of Fat F*** Ford to be on the right. The same goes for various apparatchiks serving those governments.

  12. This is in no way surprising. The Mafia do these types of payoff schemes all the time.

    These woman health nazis were easily and eagerly paid off, their lack of character and integrity is the reason they were hired in the first place.

    Political corruption worse then Haiti. In Canada the Mafia are not the criminals they are Government bureaucrats and politicians and they operate right out in the open , almost bragging about their lawlessness.

    Henshaw and Bonnie Hitler came pretty cheap.

    Mafia governance.

  13. If only we could stop granting the ‘Dr.’ honorific to these miserable uber-remunerated psychopaths. Merely being in possession of an MD shouldn’t automatically justify being called ‘Dr’. A doctor — general practitioner or specialist — is an MD who works directly with patients. The toxic dwarf Tony F. got his in 1966; he never practiced medicine. Don’t know the history of Henry and Hinshaw but I’m guessing they have never really practiced medicine.

    1. During the convocation ceremony at my alma mater, there’s a point at which the graduands are granted the titles pertaining to their degrees, along with the associated rights and privileges. Referring to her as “Doctor” would, therefore, be completely appropriate.

      The origin of the title is the Latin docere (to teach). It would be equivalent to someone being a master in a guild.

      1. BADR!

        Thanks for the explanation.

        So they have been told they can use this honorific.
        That’s fine but I will not use it for people like Henry or Hinshaw.
        They don’t practice medicine AND they don’t TEACH do they?
        In fact they have punished medical doctors on the front lines who tried to teach the public about various therapeutics.
        I don’t respect ANY of the public “health” officers. Notta one.
        And therefore I will not show the respect they think they are entitled to by virtue of owning the parchment.
        My respect has to be earned.

        1. Thanks for the explanation.

          You’re welcome.

          A lot of physicians and dentists act like they have exclusive right to the title “Doctor”. Some, I’m sure, resent that I sometimes refer to myself as Dr. BADR.

          1. BADR, had a sense you may sometimes use the honorific. I would, without hesitation, call you Dr. BADR.
            You have more than earned my respect and everybody else’s here I believe.

  14. Thanks goodness those fiscally responsible Tories are in power. Can you imagine how much the NDP would give her?

  15. Meanwhile, Airdrie AB, which only has a
    An “urgent care centre”, not a hospital, which started staying open 24 hours only in 2017, is now closing in the evenings, over the weekend, for the next eight weeks, due to shortage of overnight doctors..

    I’m sure that bonus they gave to Deen the Queen, could have gone a long way to getting another Doctor to staff it..


    The shortage is so bad, there is a local clinic that is hiring on interns to work at clinics, under the supervision of “actual doctors” at the clinics. Almost like apprentice or newly minted doctors..

    Almost all doctors in the area, are not taking new patients and the ones that are,
    It seems, coming to the area are from African countries or India…
    Just saying..

    1. I’m sure that bonus they gave to Deen the Queen, could have gone a long way to getting another Doctor to staff it..

      The combined salaries of Hinshaw and the aforementioned Yiu could have paid for a lot of qualified medical personnel.

    1. Hinshaw was a Notley hack. One of Kenney’s biggest mistakes was not purging the provincial civil service of all of Rotten Rachel’s loyalists.

      1. Imagine the severance she would have been awarded.
        Part of the same package that awards her these lavish bonuses.
        Doesn’t matter who is in power.
        All the top bureaucrats get this gold-plated treatment.

  16. I can’t tell by Danialle’s tweet if Dr. Hinshaw’s bonus was based upon a performance standard being met and is on top of her regular contract, or this was simply part of her contract for staying on for these years, and it kicked in at this time as it would have regardless of the Chinese Flu being foisted upon us or having never been released.

    It’s bad optics for sure, but MUCH worse if this was given to her for an actual bonus that wasn’t in her contract, and in light of all the Dr. or nurse shortages in AB.

  17. Smith made a colossal error in attempting to unite the conservative parties in Alberta. A stupid blunder aided and abetted by Jim Prentice. She has acknowledged her lack of judgment and is now attempting to atone for it.

    She was forced out of talk radio by Chorus ( Global) because she had opinions that didn’t fit with their center left mandate. If you went coast to coast there is not 1 (one) Chorus/Global talk show host that has a differing opinion on any topic. They universally agree on absolutely every subject or they don’t work for Chorus/Global.

    Smith is a libertarian/social conservative. The most right wing candidate in the race. She has acknowledged her previous blunders.

    Does she have what it takes to lead the province? I don’t know but in terms of being a conservative nobody has run this province that is further to the right than her.

    We’ll see.

  18. Is there a global “cookie cutter” for “Chief Medical / Health Officers”?

    Given the planetary synchronization of appearance, “style” political pretensions, etc., I would say; “YES”.

    But apparently, none dare call it conspiracy or TREASON.