6 Replies to “The Games Leftists Play”

  1. There are good quarters and bad quarters. A technical recession is 2 consecutive negative quarters. But so what?

    They could be bookended by 2 exceptional quarters so over the year the economy was ok.

    What matters is deep sustained drops in gdp over a year. That’s a real recession.

    We’ve not seen that yet. But we will.

    1. So what’s the formula for a recession then? If not “two consecutive quarters with negative GDP growth”, what is it?
      Is the definition of recession something vague and subjective that can be manipulated for political purposes, like what the Biden and the dems are pushing now? Or something objective like the traditional definition mentioned above?

      1. There needs to be a better definition of a recession. 2 consecutive quarters of negative growth is a lousy definition. So two quarters of -0.3% growth vs 2 consecutive quarters of -2 % are both recessions technically even though one could have job growth increases and the other massive layoffs. Right now we are nearer to the first category

    2. Actually, a significant drop in GDP over a year is better defined as a Depression (albeit, a minor one). Of course, economic labeling and definitions are fluid these days. I think people are getting too caught up in time periods in labeling the performance of the economy. Simply put, two consecutive quarters of negative growth are a recession. Always has been, always will be. Whether they are bookended by positive growth is immaterial to the definition.

      Personally, I think we are headed towards and major depression. With the application of this Green Utopian legislation, the attack on fossil fuels, and the continued printing of money…as well as the questionable work ethic and entitlement of the younger work force…and most importantly the current administration’s outright purposeful eroding of consumer confidence…we’re headed towards the cliff.

      The current administration playing around with the definition of Recession is just a by-product of their actions.

  2. I’m currently visiting a friend in Chicago. She is a realtor. She is a hard-core, lifelong Democrat. But even she is terribly worried about the insane inflation and other economic problems before us.