Canada Day, 2022 Edition

Ottawa Police fined a protester $1,130 for writing “FREE TAMARA” in chalk

Just curious, were these members of the Ottawa Police Force actually Canadians or imported from Justin Trudeau’s paternal homeland of Cuba? Asking for a friend.

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    1. I agree. It was outrageous that she was re-arrested in the first place and this is doubly so.
      My wife and I went to a Canada Day celebration today at the Legion in Ajijic, Mexico, near where we live. It was great!
      Love the country, ambivalent about an increasing segment of the population and deplore the government.

  1. The Ottawa Police are completely disgusting and useless political pawns. I live in Ottawa. They have been contemptible for years. and pretty much useless as a police department in anything other than generating ‘fines’.

  2. Monumental BS coming from the highest levels…

    Arrest all children for writing on roads in chalk…ha, ha, ha,

    I gather the name “Tamara” is persona non grata, among the effete elite, that run this lemonade stand;
    rudely impersonating Canada.


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  3. That could become a rallying slogan.

    I’m reminded of what happened with opera composer Giuseppe Verdi. He got involved in politics after he had become rich and famous and his surname became a slogan, of sorts, for a unified Italy. The phrase “Viva Verdi” began appearing, but it wasn’t because of his popularity but Verdi stood for “Vittorio Emanuele Re D’Italia” (“Victor Emanuele, King of Italy”).

    The country was unified in 1861.

  4. All cops are liars.
    If the worst of them raped your daughter, the best would lie that it never happened.

    1. No….all cops are not liars….and I’m sick of assholes like you claiming that. So piss off.

      1. GFY Art – these cops of late are at best THUGS. Nothing more!
        Evidence? Check out some of the recent videos here on SDA.

        1. Yep…we’ve got plenty here in Alberta.

          One look at the BS violent arrests of a few of our Christian Pastors…

          Not saying they ALL are rotten, but certainly there is a bunch easily prone to being violent…against citizens.

          However I wouldn’t give 2 shits regarding our National Force. The RCMP is a Colossal Ernst Rohm JOKE….Rotten & Corrupt all the way up to that Fat Lesbian Sow of a comish.

    2. No, and no. You are a bot and causing trouble here on SDA and trying to look as a typical poster here.

      Lots of good cops, I personally know a few of them. Yes leadership in Ottawa is evil, but a lot of cops are good.

      1. We have family members who have gone into “law enforcement” in various branches for the right reasons and work hard to make a positive difference in our world. They accept the risks, but it’s much harder for their families.

      2. Oh all the good cops, almost as common as the good Nazis. Sure, like all those who refused to crackdown on the Freedom Convoy protesters. All zero of them.

    3. Bluddy, you colon and my dead pet rock have something in common, and that is your IQ level.

      1. Speaking of IQ… it is telling that you feel the need to specify that your pet rock was dead.

    4. No, not yet – only half of them of them are crooked liars, with the remaining decent hardworking cops still being enough to make a difference.

      But after another year or two of unopposed unrestricted turdocracy, I expect that the transformation of our police forces into Staatsturdopolizei will be complete. Then, the assertion that “all cops are liars” will simply be another routine mandated condition of continued employment and positive social credit scores.

      As currently done in every other basic sh!thole dictatorship nowadays…

  5. Well, they have done it. They have actually managed to ruin Canada Day. It is now this day of atonement for past wrongs. Plus they have successfully disparaged flag flying. The flag now just reminds us of anger and divisiveness — not my view, but pleanty of whiners in the newspaper who insist that the truckers ” appropriated” the flag . . . As if they were not entitled to display it. The government has used the truck rally to create further division, when it should have been an opportunity for working towards unity and mutual understanding. I only saw a brief clip of CBC Ottawa Canada Day celebration. I did not see a single flag. I think this is all being orchestrated by a government that wants to see the breakup of Canada. Sounds extreme, but I believe that is the case.

    1. Well, I wonder how many of those supporting Ukraine realize that Ukraine seceded from the Soviet Union in 1991 because they did not want to be dictated to by Moscow. Methinks that is Canada’s destiny.

      1. And also that in 2014, the legitimate government of Ukraine was overthrown by a western sp[onsored coup.

    2. It has not been Canada for a long time. It is MultiCult Day. Just like all Veteran’s Day events are Native Recognition Days.
      Canada is now a Fake Garbage Country.
      The sooner it collapses the better. Burn those damn Red Rags

    3. No this government sees Canada as a post-national country. It will prefer people fly the UN flag.

      1. It will prefer people fly the UN flag.

        I thought it was “Pride” flag in whatever version it is now.

    4. They don’t want to break Canada up. They want to grind it into the dirt. The goal is one Canada, united, sea to sea – with every square inch of earth scorched.

    5. Hello Linda,
      Flag flying was never a forte in Canada.
      This Liberal government has done absolutely nothing to unify this country.
      I live in western Canada and cannot wait for real freedom, real government and a free society.

    6. You know that old saying; ‘The only power they have over you/us is the power you/we give them.”
      But, yeh, Linda, sure seems like their game plan.
      They’re sure working it…

    7. Linda, you make good points, especially the one that not a single Canadian flag was seen at the official-propaganda celebration. Trudeau in his speech talked about “reclaiming the Canadian flag”:

      Yesterday there was a bizarre article on the CBC web page (bizarre even for the CBC) denouncing the fact that the Freedom Convoy flew so many Canadian flags. The article urged establishment Canadians to take the flag back.

    8. The break up of Canada would be a good thing. Every province could be self governing. The federal level of government contributes nothing to our well being.

  6. We have family members who have gone into “law enforcement” in various branches for the right reasons and work hard to make a positive difference in our world. They accept the risks, but it’s much harder for their families.

  7. Remember, if you fly the flag that our soldiers who fought the Nazis flew… You are the Nazi… (well, according to our PM anyway)

  8. Happy Dominion day.

    We are now at the stage, were we measure.
    We should track they’re weight.
    The Unstoppable Force.
    The Immovable Object.
    Good luck to us all.

  9. Canada is a Penal Colony not a Democratic Country where all votes are EQUAL.
    F*ck Canada.

  10. I wonder if rainbow colours would secure a free pass at Free Tamara. So many are out on their own recognizance we can’t tell who’s a criminal.

  11. The Ottawa justice system has priorities: Protecting Justin’s ass from any criticisms by arresting people with chalk and arresting Tamara Lich for getting her picture taken.

    As such, there are times when other more minor crimes slip through the cracks.
    Like this one:

    “Joshua Graves had previously exhibited romantic interest in one of the Ready girls, but had been told to stop speaking to her, his relatives claimed.
    After his detention last week, the 21-year-old was forbidden from getting in touch with the woman he was accused of stalking as well as other witnesses in that case, both in person and on social media, according to court documents.
    Stabbings happened three days after Graves made his court appearance for his first criminal offences. He was arrested on Thursday, given a charge, and then released on Friday.”

  12. Now that the world has seen this, how much of the Earth’s population will go to Ottawa (or anywhere in Canada, for that matter) knowing that the Gestapo will arrest you simply for being there?

    Canada is a country of f— -ups.

  13. This is the first year I have not heard fireworks on Canada Day! The turd does not seem to realize that the more he persecutes Tamara the more followers she gathers! She is admired greatly by more and more people . What does he think he can do he should admit defeat and release her and stop then it would go away. It was like the convoy if he had just sat down like a man and talked to the people it would have disbursed. Of course he would have to be a man to that …..impossible ! Instead he ran away and hid under the bed ,like he has done every single time he is in water .