20 Replies to “Justin’s Toronto Star”

  1. Wow, how Toronto Star tries to get customers:

    “From housing and healthcare to transit and taxes, every aspect of society has been impacted, or will be soon.
    We’re reporting, explaining and interrogating the stories that shape how we live, both now and into the future.
    For rigorous journalism on the issues that matter to many, not just the few, turn to the Star.
    We don’t repeat. We report. Get your first 26 weeks for just $0.99/week + tax.”

    “rigorous journalism”, “we report” Hahahaha!! 🙂

  2. “Appropriating Indigenous or Black attire;”

    Where have I seen this before?…

  3. So long as you use … “equity” … to discriminate, differentiate, and disburse unequal taxpayer funds … you will get “racists” questioning the blatant discrimination practiced by leftist government. Don’t call me “racist” for YOUR truly racist favoritism. YOU (government) are the ones treating certain races as … incapable of playing on a level field. That’s RACIST !!!

  4. I will tell you what. I did not use to give a single damn what race or religion somebody was. I was raised to see all people as equal, and I always have.

    But just lately, I’ve been starting to get the message that other people would very much like us all to be UNequal, with me and mine on the low end of the equation. Non-White/non-Christian will be chosen over white and/or Christian.

    Frankly, I’m not having it. I vote accordingly.

    1. I’ve been saying for some time: encouraging all whites to think of themselves as a monolithic ethnic and cultural bloc under constant siege is not going to end well for all involved.

    2. Keep voting accordingly, Phantom. Unfortunately, there is nothing to vote for.

  5. Forced myself to read a lot of the Star comments. Talk about posters who follow the same ideology. The Trump hatred, though I am still trying to find what he did as compared to Biden that was so terrible, is paramount. Thought the US seemed to be doing very well under Trump. The right side of Thomas Sowell’s scale is based on the individual yet most posters decry us Conservatives as evil, stubborn swamp creatures that stormed the Capital. Seems one of their favourite progressives, Putin, is busy slaughtering people that just want freedom in their own country.

  6. What is wrong about asking someone where they come from? There are a large number of black people in the church I attend, and I like to know what country they came from, and they do not mind. They all came from various countries in Africa, mostly to pursue their education. Once a year we even celebrate the various countries represented in our church.

    1. Lois, I’ve been asking people of other ethnicities where they’re from, for years. I had no idea I was a racist white man because of it. In fact, I have traveled extensively and am always curious when I hear an accent I may not recognize. It is an effort to engage in conversation and find out more about that person. The Torstar is a ridiculous rag.

  7. The Toronto Star — inventing problems that don’t exist for solutions that don’t work.

  8. be nice if sumbuddy got past the demand to subscribe then do a copy and paste into
    SDA. silly me.
    lm white, lm rayyyyyyciiiiist despite
    -having a mixed race kid;
    -the only one in high school walked home and chatted up the Nigerian bloke with that
    ‘harry belafonte’ raspy voice. and black? oy. with him it was nearly accurate.
    -l have worked for, with and had a black tenant no big deal.

    but lm white and lm rayyyyyyciiiiiiiist.

  9. Racism exists! Ok, I will accept that. Racism is part of the human condition. All of us are “racist” to a degree. EVERYONE, regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual preference, whatever! I believe it’s ingrained and hardwired into every human on the planet, because, after all, we are pack animals, and have a tendency at an instinctive level to be with our own perceived kind, but as a society, we’ve learned to suppress those instinctive tendencies, because we’ve learned that all people are the same, born with the same inalienable rights to be treated equally under the law. Yes, I will say it. ALL lives matter!!!
    So I refuse to believe that the society we have built in the last 50-60 years is “SYSTEMICALLY racist! We did at one point function that way, but the whole point of the civil rights movement, and Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech was to deliver us from that outmoded, instinctive thinking.
    Sure, there are some of us that will still think that way, but I’ll challenge anyone after 40 years of affirmative action to prove that racism in society is “systemic.” That’s just more Marxist, wedge-driving propaganda to divide us into selective groups, with one group being the oppressor, and the other, the oppressed.
    Sorry for the rant, but the red star needs to be called out for it’s “anti-racist” racism.

    1. “Sure, there are some of us that will still think that way, but I’ll challenge anyone after 40 years of affirmative action to prove that racism in society is “systemic.”
      Exception is the Canadian Apartheid System,Indian and Northern Affairs,which is Systemic Racism at its finest.
      A bunch of over paid white Liberals do unto our indians,for their own good of course.Creating a massive bureaucracy and destroying all hopes and dreams on the Reserves.
      Ensuring the most corrupt dominate the dependents.
      No one is accountable for the harm and destruction this system inflicts and the taxpayer is always responsible with funding these thieves.
      So yes,most people are colour blind ,except for our Assault Style Liberal Parasites.

      1. I was referring to society in general when I posted that, but you raise a good point about the indigenous first nations — a point that I admittedly failed to consider. However I will posit that the government’s current policies is to blame that systemic racism on the average Canadian, and making the average Canadian pay the restitution that the government seems overly enthusiastic in doling out to those communities.

        Margaret Thatcher was correct. Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.