27 Replies to “The Insincerity of Chrystia Freeland is Appalling!”

  1. I would love to be able to carry a pistol when fishing in bear country.

    The Honourable Member For Post-National Socialism was elected by morons.

  2. Kai-yoot (two syllables) is the correct pronounciation based on the etimology of the word. In the original indigenous languages of Nahualt from which the word came it was “coyōtl”. It was Spainishized to the three symbol kai-yo-tee and then adopted into English outside of the North American west. The original two syllable version got Americanized to Kai-yoot and is closest to the original indigenous word. Therefore kai-yoot is the correct pronounciation.

    1. I speak Canadian English and I don’t care what illiterate foreigners call it. In Canada it is pronounced Kie-ote in my elementary school phonetics. Not Kie-ote-ee.

  3. The blobby b!#ch knows that she will never be held to account.

    That, and she is emotionally retarded.

    1. I went to a reception at the Cdn Embassy in DC in her honour. And I have never seen such a pompous, self involved, ass hole…. not only in politicians … but in the entire population. She acted like a teenager, bragging about how many great things she gets to do, first class, this that etc.

      But then again, she might be better than her boss.

      1. Scott, I will wager she pulls them out to eat children whole.

        Brian, this might be the only time in her life when she has felt special.

        I want to be a fly on the wall when it all comes crashing around her.

  4. I’m sorry … I don’t speak “Canadian” … what’s this “Kay-hoots” she is speaking of? Canadians don’t need a gun to shoot “Kay-hoots”?? Is that a word for crazy-eyed Muslim Terrorists?

    Oh well … she grew up on a farm … so she knows all the critter names better than I do. Or is English her second (or fourth) language?

  5. For me it’s not her pronunciation but the retarded style of her speech delivery. It always strikes me how she’s kind of twitchy/wrong wired + her whole demeanor is of a vexed/bored kindergarten teacher. So for me what is appalling is her imbecile entitled vibe + that Canadians don’t seem to care.

    And she’s being pushed as the next great #1, in case Dear Leader (God forbid! of course) will have to walk in the snow. This is even more appalling.

  6. The bigger story is the PMO interfering in the Nova Scotia shooting investigation to push forward their gun control measures. RCMP Head Poodle, Ms.Lucki was only too happy to oblige.

  7. So I should call Freerange next time I have to run a coydog out of my backyard in Puslinch as she grew up on a farm and would know how to shoot one of those varmints? Yeah, right. She is like the late and former Agriculture Minister, Otto Lang, during the PET era and his exchange with Diefenbaker:

    Otto / Freerange: I have been out in the fields all my life.
    Diefenbaker: So have the gophers…

    All my uncles were farmers and hunters. I spent two weeks every summer shooting on a farm in southern Saskatchewan, 3 or 4 hours per day. But I would not call myself a farmer, nor would I call myself a hunter. I have too much respect for both those professions to sully them with my name or a false claim.

  8. You guys are all better than me. I can’t bear to watch or to listen to her for one second.

    1. I’m there. The falseness of her presentation is extreme. She is mouthing a speech, nothing more. I’m sure she doesn’t even expect anyone to believe it. She’s just going through the motions.

    2. Lasted maybe 15 seconds, evil, entitled, cynical, demagogue, … nausea inducing.

  9. She reminds me of a robot that has a loose wire and sometimes it connects and sometimes not.

  10. People missing the big picture that this entire mentally ill criminal government has committed treason. Yet we laugh over irrelevant BS.

  11. As long as Jagmeet Singh and the NDP support this corrupt, incompetent and inept Liberal Government they are free to stick it up Canadians behind with a 2X4 on any and every issue they choose.

    It is time to make sure that every NDP Member of Parliament, every NDP Party Member and every NDP Supporter gets the message that this deal with the Liberals will, in the end, devastate their party far more than the Liberal Party. They will pay a very high price for helping the Liberals remain in power.

    The average Canadian sees Trudeau, his Cabinet and his party members as the cause of most of Canada’s problems. The NDP will be repudiated and punished in the next election by your average Canadian.

    It is time to let them know the truth. They backed the wrong horse. So, the sooner they end the ride the better off they will be.

  12. Language is a tool of social interaction.
    It will change over time due to majority usage, just as clothing fashions do.
    My family continue to mock former CBC radio man Ken Winters who insisted on pronouncing ‘Stalin’: stal-eeeen.
    No Ken, the overwhelming majority — including well educated speakers — pronounce it “stal-in”, which is therefore, by usage, correct.
    A century or so ago, a fellow student at university expressed his extreme annoyance over the commoners’ ’pronunciation of ‘err’, as in To err is human. He insisted that the correct pronunciation is “irr” while most people — nearly all except a tiny minority of pretentious twits — pronounce it “air”.

    Ms. Freeland is one such pretentious twit. 99.9999999% of Canadians, including the well educated, pronounce it ky-o-tee.

    1. I have to disagree on “err.” “Air” is simply a wrong pronunciation according to English pronunciation rules (double consonant after a vowel makes the vowel short). Pretentiousness doesn’t enter into it.I haven’t heard anybody mispronounce it in that manner in a long time. Then again, it’s no longer an everyday word, so I mostly see it in poetry and hear it in hymn texts and in church.

  13. She talks to everyone like they are 4 year olds, along with that halting speech, co-ordinated with that annoying head nodding.

    There’s something seriously wrong with this Wretched Nazi offspring.

  14. “Kie-oat”. That’s how most people I know say it.

    Whenever this fake Ukrainian speaks, she sounds like she’s addressing a kindergarten class.

    1. Same here. I grew up in the American Midwest, lived in Ontario, then NY State for many years and am now back in the Midwest. I always heard ky-ote in the Midwest. But Americsn Easterners tend to say it as three syllables.

      Another pronunciation that bugs me no end is ro-DAY-oh for “rodeo.” I think that came from Hollywood, as that’s how they pronounce Rodeo Drive. The great 20th century American composer Aaron Copland (long O) wrote an orchestral suite called “Rodeo.” He himself said RO-dee-oh, like virtually everybody outside of California did until they started taking their cues from television. (I heard it once in Grant Park in Chicago with Copland himself conducting, and talking about it. Cool experience.)

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  16. i have used a hand gun to protect myself from running dogs on the farm,,,,,she is a failed attempt to clone hitler from dna says:

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