The Uvalde Fiasco on Display

The tragedy in Uvalde, Texas continues to get worse:

The City of Uvalde does not appear to want to answer questions on the school shooting that occurred on May 24 and stole the lives of 19 children and two teachers. To that end, they have hired a private law firm to argue that they have no obligation to release those records. This comes as journalists and parents were prevented from attending a meeting where surveillance footage from that fateful day was shown.

Lawyers for the town argued that the records, including body cam footage from officers, photos, 911 calls, emails, text messages, criminal records, and additional materials, could include “highly embarrassing information,” according to a letter obtained by Vice. The city has received 148 public records requests, and argues they should not have to respond to any of them. Concerns have mounted over police mishandling of the situation.

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  1. Next time a doctor or an engineer is involved in a lawsuit, they should try that one: “Your honor, we don’t want the hospital/project records made available to the families of the victims because they may show us to be a collection of incompetent buffoons.”

  2. “could include “highly embarrassing information,”
    Well yes.
    19 people are dead.
    In a most tightly controlled area.
    “Gun Free” no less.
    So some persons should be “embarrassed” ,not to mention ashamed,nor “held responsible”.

    A crazed child with an amazing arsenal of very expensive weapons,gains access to a “Secure Area” and is then left free to slaughter for over an hour…
    But we cannot allow you to see what went on,cause someone might suffer embarrassment!
    You see Embarrassment is so much more harmful than Death.
    Those Dead children and their teachers ..It is better we never know,than allow some minions to be embarrassed.

    Oh the joys of being a Progressive” never having to admit your are wrong.
    Never admitting that your cure ,killed the patient.
    For “pure Intention” must be held in higher esteem than actual results.

    Either we are witness to a major failure of Progressive Idiocy..
    Or this massacre went exactly as planned..
    The more the worms squirm and deny responsibility,the more likely they condone the insanity we witness.

    1. *
      The latest revelation is that even though they were
      in the school roughly 3 minutes after the shooter
      entered… they waited 58 minutes for a key to a
      that… wait for it… wasn’t locked.


    2. Then obviously it was an MK ultra wind up sent to kill. I’m not being sarcastic. They will be embarrassed that this was ordered by Justin Trudeau. What else is there not to imagine?

  3. If they won’t release information voluntarily they will certainly release it under the Texas Freedom of Information Act or in discovery in the upcoming 21 lawsuits. Why even fight it?

    1. Because they need time for the shredders to digest that big meal? Wouldn’t be the first time…

      1. Exactly, Phantom. They need an immediate Court Order to protect any and all documents, video, and telephone records, at the very least.

        1. How much do you want to bet that rather a large number of the phones used by those officers will suffer from a permanent wipe… they will suddenly forget their passwords, and enter the wrong one so many times that the phone wipes itself. Comey/Wray’s FBI certainly set the example by having terrible recollection of their phones’ passwords.

  4. This right here…is when people should realize that “the law” is a one way street–you comply to their demands (they don’t comply to yours).

  5. What in the heck is biden up to?

    Our AG is in Ukraine and now we learn this. (At Fort Hood in Texas, an order recently came down for a “rush” job on 49 military vehicles — specifically, that they be repainted from their current desert camouflage to a green color that’s more suited to woodlands or temperate climates)

  6. Reminds me of Robert Barnes and Viva Frei talking about Pfizer’s defense: because the government is their co-conspirator even if they did everything wrong they’re accused of — including fraud — it really doesn’t matter because the government consented to it.

  7. This shooting went exactly according to police policy. I wouldn’t go so far as to say somebody planned it this way, mostly because we know they’re not smart enough to make and execute such a plan.

    What I think is that they followed orders. Said orders were issued in full compliance with police safety procedures and city/county/state/federal policy.

    The only guys in the place who did not follow orders were a rogue element… who actually got the job done. Also that lady who told them all to shove it and rescued her kid herself. She’s got stones like Gibraltar.

    The rogue element seems to be the ones who held the casualty count to 21. Without the cowboys it could have gotten worse.

    And now, after the fact, all those managers and senior officers are tracing back the decision tree and discovering exactly where, when and how badly they were stupid. Unsurprisingly, they don’t want to be exposed as a bunch of incompetent, seat polishing, time serving nimrods.

    The civil suits are going to be informative, I think. 21 murders, discovery should be fun.

    1. Said orders were issued in full compliance with police safety procedures

      I’ve noted before that what I think is happening in these cases is the police are following an outdated “armed gunman taking hostages” playbook which mandates waiting him out.

  8. Amazing to think that information, videos, radio transmissions, all paid for through taxpayer funding is being withheld by municipal employees who are in effect paid for by taxpayer funding! Talk about the tail wagging the dog. How about all paychecks and pensions paid for by the taxpayer are immediately suspended and revoked until the taxpayer is fully informed of the consequences of the dereliction of duty that the school board and police department participated in. Why do we continually allow these charlatans, poltroons, incompitants to dictate to us. We have a social contract that we have allowed to wither and die on the Tree of Liberty. Allowing ourselves to be willingly dictated to by the numerous miscreants that now hold public office, whether by incompetance or worse illegally, is well beyond the thresh-hold of insanity.

  9. These cops were f*cking cowards and bullies on that day, and from every conceivable angle we have witnessed since, they continue to be f*cking cowards and bullies.

  10. Not a single elected member of the Uvalde city government or its police force should feel safe from the citizens in that city any more. Not professionally safe, not emotionally safe, not physically safe.

  11. but but but copssss are topsssss.
    even this guy, google it:
    ‘austin hopp loveland lawsuit’
    5 years hard time in prison for beating up a 73 yr old with dementia (the trauma worsening it)
    his buddies back at the station hi 5ed each other and laughed at the body cam vid
    “listen for the pop” what abject savagery.

  12. The shooter was known to a retired FBI agent who egged him on. Video shows cops in the school for at least an hour while he shot up the place. School officials/board trustees are stonewalling all inquiries and information of the event.
    Smells like Sandy Hook to me.

  13. Finally, someone important is speaking the truth:

    “The law enforcement response to the Uvalde school shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers was “an abject failure” in which a commander put the lives of officers over those of the children, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Director Steven McCraw said on Tuesday.

    “There is compelling evidence that the law enforcement response to the attack at Robb Elementary was an abject failure and antithetical to everything we’ve learned,” McCraw said.

    Police actions after the gunman entered Robb Elementary School and began shooting have come under close scrutiny, with many parents and relatives expressing deep anger over the response.

    The Texas DPS, days after the shooting, said that as many as 19 officers waited over an hour in a hallway outside classrooms 111 and 112 before a U.S. Border Patrol-led tactical team finally made entry. McCraw reiterated that in the hearing on Tuesday.

    The classroom door in the elementary school was not locked even as police waited for a key, and there was no evidence any law enforcement officer ever tried the classroom door to see if it was locked, McCraw said at a Texas Senate hearing into the May 24 mass shooting.”

  14. This is what you get when the highest priority emphasized in training, and daily by LEO management is that each and every officer arrive home safe and uninjured each and every day. That may be a laudable goal, but it most definitely should not be their highest priority.

  15. well if youre going to go into that line of work and get compensation ie earnings accordingly, lets put it this way, does the soldier recruit get all the way thru training, earn rank, flying overseas to the scene of strife, only to decide, nope, not goin’ out on patrol, too dangerous? is that how it werks with copsssssss? (yep) if you think all them ssssssses indicate hostility and contempt just multiply it by 10.