9 Replies to “One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest”

  1. Ukraine Russia Russia didn’t pan out


    China China China…

    All the World is a stage…

    They desperately need a World War…

    Don’t give it to them…

    1. How soon will we see lists of people being sued in class action lawsuits for pushing the clotshot. There is a reporter in Victoria who was constantly on the radio sneering at people for not getting jabbed. he would advise people who asked advice like he was a virologist. he was snide and condecending to people who were nervous about the shots. No names but I called him BrownshirtBaldy for the cheesy toupee he wears. He desirves a financial slap at the least for vax injuries he may have caused.

  2. When we learn this was an Iranian financed Biological Weapon, developed in a Chinese Lab, what should our response be? And what will it actually be?
    History will be written by the victors.
    Apparently in Mandarin.

  3. “…another blow to its years-long effort to determine how the pandemic began”

    Truly an enigma wrapped in mystery.

  4. Isn’t it clear? The pandemic began when the WHO declared there was one…

    1. It can’t be WHO exclusively. It was a well co-ordinated conspiracy among all nations. Otherwise, how did it happen that all had the same approach to the lock-downs etc. Why did they all denounce the use of Ivermectin unanimously?

      It has to the work of the Deep State.