29 Replies to “When Guns Were In Schools”

  1. There might be 10 things you could point to.
    The attack on boys/men/fathers as some kind of enemy of a peaceful, co-operative and functioning society might top my list.

    1. The wonder is that the press were able to reach his sire for comment.

      Most likely, someone had already put Papi’s full name and address on the Internet, and invited decent people to find Papi and see what he had to say for himself.

    2. #1. Replacement Theory, err Replacement FACT: This isn’t the same country or culture we once were … even in the 1980’s when we were still “America”. Pssst … we’ve always been multicultural. We just had a singular DOMINANT culture that celebrated excellence of character.
      #2. Postmodernism: basically cultural nihilism. Everyone is cynical and jaded … and hate all that existed at one’s birth.
      #3. Call of Duty: and a multitude of dehumanizing, violent, video games. Killing is cartoonish and FUN!!
      #4. Rejection of God and Judeo Christianity: No rules. No morality.
      #5. Anything is a “Family”: Men are extraneous and useless. Hell! Fathers are dangerous.
      #6. Culture of Blame and retribution: popular psychology declares everyone a victim of anyone and everything that makes you uncomfortable.
      #7. Demonization of men: From cradle to grave, and in EVERY institution … men are baaaaad mmMK?!? Being told your sex is toxic and assigned LAST place is demoralizing.
      #8: Proliferation of single parent homes: and designating a two parent home as … ugggh .. privilege”.
      #9. Drugs: drugs, drugs.
      #10. Culture of universal, imminent DEATH: we’re all gonna die of: COVID … sea level rise … flaming skies … drought … extreme weather … forest fires … we’ve only got 5 years!!!

      1. It is a perfect storm of a lot of factors. Couple of things I discovered in trying to find out why the world lost it’s f***ing mind in 2020. There were significant changes in how the US government worked with pharmaceutical companies in terms of grants, subsidies etc. Also in permitted advertising of same pharmaceutical companies. You all remember, “ask your doctor about Viagra”, wasn’t permitted before the 90’s. Funny how they find something that is rare, then all of the sudden it’s an epidemic. ADHD, peanut allergies, celiac disease (gluten), gender dysphoria and on and on.

  2. The sire and dam of Salvador Ramos are blubbering in the mainstream press, wailing about how sorry they are that they raised a murderer.

    All this means is that it’s laughably easy for someone to find them and carry out Texas justice—a far swifter and fairer form of justice than anything provided by Texas courts—and the cow and her bull fear for their own miserable lives.

    Let them face the consequences of their piss-poor parenting in full. Only God has any business forgiving them. The parents of the children their brat slaughtered in cold blood are excused.

  3. What was getting popular starting in the 90’s? Computers and Video games. And they just got more and more realistic. I read that a lot of the Big Tech moguls don’t allow their children to immerse themselves in their cell phones or gaming devices.

  4. we used to take our shot guns to school and put them in our lockers so we could go hunting after class….we all had taken gun safety and there were no questions asked as long as they were cased…the chemistry teacher and the english lit teacher had a 10 gauge and a 12 gauge that they had stored in the office as they were hunters too…no-one ever misused their privilege.

  5. I would have gotten a lot better education if guns hadn’t been allowed at school when I was there.
    I always had a shotgun or .22 behind the seat and all anyone had to do was ask if I wanted to go to math class or if I wanted to skip out and go hunting geese or rabbits or deer.
    We shot a lot of geese and rabbits.

    Never any problems.

  6. I can remember when I was 12 in the 60’s walking in the bank with my 22 and leaning it on the counter to make a withdrawl. Nothing was said, it was ok or normal.

    1. steve, I had a 22 at 12 that my Dad gave me and a shotgun that my Grandfather had given me. Similar circumstance, you could take the gun pretty much anywhere.

  7. Seems like shooter was a Emo/Sad Boi that fell down the well of bad feels. Nihilism and narcissism are a bad combination.

    Time to round up the Emo/Sad Bois and put them in the merchant marine until they get better. They probably need some sun, honest work, beers, and interpersonal relationships to sort them out. The ones that can’t adapt, maybe dump off in foreign ports or in stormy waters.

    1. Sums up the murderer perfectly. He was also a compulsive, psychotic, Call of Duty shoot ‘em up video game LOON … who would chat with faceless players across the globe. Yeah … further dehumanizing the twit.

      1. Yes.

        When you stare into the abyss, it stares back at you.

        When you speak into the abyss, it speaks back to you.

        When you live in the abyss, it lives in you.

        Social media and the virtual , digital world are anti-social. They replace the true, honest experiences of the world with crude, warped facsimiles that leave people increasingly incompatible with reality and their fellow man.

  8. We don’t have a gun problem…we have a mental illness problem. That aside – the left knows the only thing standing in the way of them running roughshod over everyone is the 2A.
    Further – Given the Ulvade and Parkland Fla. police’s obvious reluctance to engage school shooters… I think we can kick the “only cops should have guns” meme right to the curb where it belongs.

  9. It Takes a Village

    “Don’t you dare touch my kid.”

    Communities need to take more responsibility for slapping the shit out of deviant, off-the-rails youth. Some parents obviously aren’t getting it done. Threats to follow…

    “I’ll put your kid in the hospital.”

  10. Children have killed thousands virtually by the time they finish high school, it’s a surprise that more of them aren’t messed up.

    The gaming industry is worth more than sports and entertainment combined, follow that money around and it’s a good bet that it’s used to deflect criticism.

    Hollywood certainly deserves some of the blame too.

  11. The fantasies that our Progressive Comrades spin around firearms are reflections of their ignorance.
    Those of us taught to hunt at an early age,learnt very quickly that firearms are tools.
    Tools that can do a fair amount of harm ,if not used properly.
    When you destroy half the meat in a shoulder,because you did not take your time,you never hear the end of it,until you establish a habit of clean shots..
    But you learn the basics well.

    Exit wounds..probably the best explanation of why no hunter would willingly shoot a fellow human..
    But the people raised in ignorance,almost with a taboo on all firearms, seem to believe great things of guns..
    I wish I could buy one of these “Wonder Guns” the Libtards and Media keep talking about..
    Self loading,self directed,cunning weapons..
    Why if I had me one of those “Assault Style Rifles” that I read about in the press and hear politicians prattling on about on TV,I would never leave the hunting camp..
    Except to collect my moose,from where ever the “Wonder Weapon” reported in from..

    Yet every time I ask”Where can I buy one”,I get the strangest reaction..
    Sorta like a deer in the headlights and never a manufacturer or supplier…
    Could it be,that it is all fantasy?
    Coming from idiots whose entire knowledge of these tools,is what they saw at the movies.

    1. I’m reminded of Eddie Murphy’s “sound-seeking projectiles” from a long-ago movie.

  12. At school I had a 20ga grouse gun, 303 deer rifle and a 22 target rifle which I often carried through campus. None of them ever attacked a person. The only restriction at my uni residence was that knives / guns etc were to be turned into the proctor for safe keeping. I was the proctor.

    1. Someone I knew in the 1970s at the residence at the U. of Alberta legally kept a pistol as it was his only residence. I suspect it was against university rules. A year later a room mate of mine kept a 50 pound box of dynamite in his closet for a few days. Those were the days when you could buy a box of dynamite with a land description. I’m betting he had a hell of a weekend blowing up shit. The violent people were mostly in jail or nut houses.

  13. Ultimately, this boils down to personal responsibility.

    He made a moral choice to murder in a world that disregards moral choices and replaces them with “excuses”.

  14. 2 points:
    the “judge not, lest ye be judged”. to me it boils down to THE JOB’S ALREADY TAKEN, which is why in the past (dont even look at them now) the haughty holier-than -thou televangelists (you listening john hagee??) pronouncements made me cringe.
    there are those in hollyweird, are conducting a career-long experiment to see what sort of havoc they can foster with ever graphic scenes in their movies, taking a rough gauge in the long term how many tragic headlines there are and maybe finding a correlation in their works.
    all for their *own* additional but personal and private entertainment.
    in other words a truly demonic mindset.

  15. Look up the Bath Michigan school killings. There always has been and always will be a way for the unstable people to hurt their society.

  16. 1980’s Ontario, we had a shooting range in our school that kids used during activity period.

  17. I remember decades ago a woman who did not want to have a dog to protect her in her home , her argument was that she would be more afraid of the dog than of the criminals.

    I am not making this up, that was how she saw things.

    Anti-firearm people are just like that irrational woman; if there were guns in public places, they would be more afraid of the guns than of the criminals.

    And If teachers had guns, they d be more afraid of the guns than of the criminals.

    I have no statistics to support my point( at least not right now at this minute) , but I would bet money, it is mostly women who are more afraid of the gun than of the criminal.

    They d rather let sheep be alone in the field, easy prey to wolves, than have dogs protecting the sheep; because they are more afraid of the dogs than of the wolves.

    They are the same people ( mostly women ) who are against physical punishment…the spanking of the kid is to them more scary than the kid becoming a dangerous criminal.


    1. There are a lot of strange juxtapositions in liberal minds. If these 19 children had been aborted, progressives would be celebrating that as some kind of victory for the human race.

  18. Back at high school in the 60’s’ in history class, we were encouraged to bring any historical items we may have had.
    One student’s father was a WW11 vet who w as thick in the action. He liberated, among other things, a Nazi flag and a German Luger. He brought them in.
    Not ONE word of opposition was heard from staff or students.
    Try that today and the cops would shoot you dead.