18 Replies to “Jennifer Granholm: Stupid or Liar?”

  1. so she is claiming putin causes inflation, just like the mess in Ukraine is caused the slowdown in shipping a year before it happened

  2. Stupid and she tells stupid lies. Have you ever listened to her? She could make the Turd or Zero Obamidiot sound deep.

  3. If you’ve seen her before, this is no surprise.
    The DeMarxist party specializes in outright lies, deception and fraud.
    She is some kind of special, but like her fellow travellers, as corrupt as the day is long.

  4. Nailing Jell-O to the wall would be easier than getting a straight answer out of her.

  5. We are now ruled by SPECTRE, complete with Blofeld and his brain-dead lackeys.

    1. HiHo – Speaking of SPECTRE, it looked like a debate between Harvey Specter from Suits and Margret Trudeau, the former We Charity employee. I know Specter is a fictional character but Margaret isn’t quite real either.

  6. Anoferm, agaainsnt the wall.

    All of them..

    Fly you to your destination.

  7. sorry for the dark mist.

    Technikly speaking this should be,

    “a walk in the park!?”