27 Replies to “You Will Live In Pods, Eat Bugs, Own Nothing And You Will Like It”

  1. I had enough of that sort of living arrangement when I finished my B. Sc. I spent my undergrad years in dormitories and residences. That sort of environment didn’t allow for much privacy.

    Do I want to go back to that to keep Schwabbo happy? Fugeddaboudit.

    1. And 14 adults, 2 bathrooms…..that’ll work….oh, and the pics look so neat & tidy.

      1. The Asians all seem to tolerate this kind of dehumanizing living condition … the grandchildren of Mao are somewhat like America’s children of the Depression … they’ve learned to embrace living with nothing and liking it. They seem to tolerate hive living as well as your average insect.

        And since America has been importing and supporting vast numbers of Asians into our country … to do the jobs our Women’s Studies graduates just won’t (can’t) do …

    2. Rupertslander,
      4 of us lived in a small unheated cabin in Boone NC back in the ice age of 74.
      Try using old kerosene heater at 10 below zero. Get in a fight over who would go get the next kero can fill up.
      Freezing on my @ss on a cot, and dreaming about the warm jungles of Vietnam.
      Never again, college professors making $100 thousand, 1975, living in homes that are central heated.
      Screw That.

    1. If you like working in a cube farm, you’ll love this.

    2. Nicer than a most of the barracks rooms my soldiers lived in (1980s, British.) Wouldn’t surprise me to hear many people opine that convicted criminals should live in better accommodation than that.

    1. Pass the ketchup?
      Hold my Beer?
      Need to pick the bug shells between my teeth.

    2. That was one of the many things that I hated about working in a cube farm. The partitions offered next to no privacy. I could smell whatever horrid concoction my colleague in the next cubicle was eating, only to vent it later on, thereby depriving me of breathable air. A few desks down, there’d be someone arguing with their “significant other” or bit of crumpet.

      I’m sure those SDAers who’ve been in that environment know what I’m talking about.

      It certainly didn’t allow me to sit at my desk and concentrate on what I was doing as there was always something that interrupted my train of thought. So much for the “increasing of productivity” that was used as a selling point for those glorified chicken coops.

  2. We the brain dead, in order to form a more perfect ant colony . . .
    On second thought, maybe this IS for me. A week of my snoring and I’ll have the place all to myself.

  3. For far less money and absolutely no vetting you can sign up for the “Spahn Ranch” model.

  4. No, thanks. I lived in barracks when I was in the Marine Corps, and I didn’t like it.

  5. Bed bug haven. Roach hotel.
    So given it’s younger working class ( needing these arrangements), where do they have sex or does each cube come with noise cancelling headphones?