32 Replies to “Something Wicked This Way Comes”

  1. Draw it all out in crayon and show where the windows are, dig a big hole in a remote location, then set up trail cams.

  2. Best comment on Instapundit: “My son is only in kindergarten but is masturbating at a high school level.”

  3. Robert: Speaking of Groomers – The Troubling Case Of Jazz Jennings, The Media’s First Transgender Child

    Jeanette and Greg Jennings decided their child, Jared Jennings, was not going through a “phase,” but was actually a girl. So they raised their child as such. As Jeanette put it, her child would avoid “depression” and “suffering.”

    Jazz Can’t Feel Sexual Pleasure, soooo, Jazz has been open about dealing with depression and an overeating disorder. “I was actually struggling severely with mental health issues,” Jazz added.

    I can’t post the link because my message gets deleted every time.

  4. Of course they are.

    The only people who end up doing real time in prison on charges of child abuse are loving fathers whose faithless wives want hubby gone so mommy can stuff herself with black pudding. All the real pedos walk.

  5. These people need to beaten, severely. Parents better start taking these perverts out of the reach of children and everyone else who supports this idiocy.

  6. Hating weirdos is illegal in the Liberal world where pedos and groomers are applauded.

  7. Ah, the Ben Levine method of sex education. It’s a little “hands-on” for my preferences. Some teachers really seem to like it though.

  8. And the Kanadian sheeple will just bend over and take it. Real people would take these sick bastards and burn them at the stake.

  9. Since when does a school get to conduct its own investigation? Looks like a police matter to me.

    1. burning them… seems a little extreme. definitely the sheeple you refer to need to start pushing back, speak up and keep at it. don’t let a few loud voices take away your rights. Defend your family.

    2. Are you talking about the RCMP with their 40 years of sexual abuse of female members which is costing them billions of dollars? No-one was seriously disciplined for what was essentially rape – sexual abuse of a person over which they had controlling influence. The RCMP are at the highest level of organized crime.

      1. No they are part of the largest crime/terrorist org in Canada its called the government of Canada. They are just the killer/inforcement arm. They are the Killer Elite.

  10. Not to nitpick, but I don’t know any 4 year olds able to read at the level of the “homework”. When do little kids learn words like penis and vulva?

  11. Anyone still sending their kids to schools like this is contributing to the problem.

    Schools are hunting grounds for predators who would do this sort of thing.

    1. Schools are hunting grounds for predators…. has been that way for decades. Parents must make time to pay attention. What is happening with your child? Do you know? or sadly even care? Asking questions makes them vulnerable to a certain crowd (actually I believe its not that large a crowd), Defend your family!!! think this will be my mantra for the next while.

  12. “Some parents thought that it was entirely appropriate for the school to be giving this assignment.”


      1. The movie Blue Thunder was released in 1983. Early in 1984, both the TV series based on it and Airwolf went on the air at about the same time.

  13. When my daughter was young about 6 or 7 … she had a cute little girl friend who, on occasion would spend the night on a sleepover. On one of her visits, the girls were laying on the floor (separate from each other) in their pajamas … watching television with my wife and I. After a while, my wife flagged my attention waving at me and pointed to my daughters friend. I looked, and the little girl was literally rubbing one out on our family room floor!! Well … I hadn’t seen THAT ONE before!! Perhaps this is the standard of behavior in her family … where they just openly … *ahem* … meet their needs.

    So what to do!!?? Should we intervene? Should we notify her parents? Should we instruct the girl to do that in private? Should we ban our daughter from seeing her!? Should we report her parents to CPS!? Well … we did NOTHING. I guess we chalked it up to NORMAL human behavior … the kind of behavior that EVERY normal kid works out in their own way. No adult intervention necessary. She wasn’t molesting our daughter. She wasn’t intentionally creating a spectacle (she was being somewhat discrete). NO INTERVENTION NECESSARY. The schools should do the same … leave the damn kids alone!! Stop grooming them to conform to YOUR sexual preferences. Hands OFF our children.