17 Replies to “Photoblogging from Charleston, SC”

  1. Suddenly, I have an inclination to imbibe a Mint Julip on an antebellum porch.
    Nice shots, bro.

  2. So, this is what foreign territory looks like. I’m starting to forget, what with being a PRISONER in my own country.

  3. Lovely place. I had the privilege of being there back in the days we had rights in Canada, back in the days before The Turd and his minion Singh destroyed the Constitution.

  4. My kind of town. Don’t forget to visit the market for fresh pralines and boiled peanuts.
    Two blocks away you gotta visit the Confederate museum but be careful. It is treated as a sacred
    site so speak in hushed tones. Also don’t miss the old slave market.
    One of the most beautiful cities in the whole friggin’ world.

  5. Lived in the South for many many years. Visited Charleston regularly. Wore out any number of shoes walking and sweating and walking again. Don’t forget to get a bowl of SheCrab soup if it’s in season. I usually went to North Charleston for that. Oh yes and the Citadel. Go check that out. And swing in those big swings just north of Rainbow Row. I could go on and on but you’ll find everything. Enjoy and tell us how it went.

  6. did a Dixie trip four years back .BC. before covid in clustefukastan . started in Washington, Virginia, including the historic triangle, down the coast including Kill Devil Hill (the real first flight), the Carolinas, bbq heaven . all the way to Georgia to see the Hunley . worked better than the Canadian sub purchase. back through the interior , through Richmond and Waltons country , Fayetteville and Raleigh,Richmond and see George Washingtons estate at Mt. Vernon, the Trump of his day though his mansion is still made of wood. the wealth of the area is unreal. though the first settlers in Roanoke disappeared and the settlers at Jamestown said they couldn’t farm it

    1. Your trip sounds terrific. When I drove to Florida from Montreal back in the daý, I zoomed past many places that I now wish I had stopped at, mainly, the BBQ / Seafood restaurants in the Carolinas. My sister tells me she stops at her favourite BBQ spots at every opportunity on her trips south.

  7. I’m putting this comment here because it was rejected for no reason:

    Not one of these brats would show up to their part-time jobs or a mosque wearing the rubbish that passes for clothes. If I had my way, I’d go all Peter the Great on people’s @$$es and fine anyone wearing pajamas outside the house. DON’T get me started on leggings and fat people in them.

  8. Exquisite. I used to gave relatives living there, so visited a number of times. One had her house destroyed by a hurricane. They have since moved further north.

  9. I overheard a guide explaining to tourists that many people think some of the architecture in Charleston resembles New Orleans. He corrects them saying that New Orleans resembles Charleston I so far that Charleston predates New Orleans and that part was settled by French Huguenots fleeing persecution in France. Beautiful city – in the historic district a property owner must get approval from the Board of Architectural Review before commencing any renovations and must select the contractor from an approved list. Walking the back streets was a real treat.