Martin Armstrong’s Crystal Ball

More of a crystal computer model. Unlike other models Armstrong’s computer generated forecasts have been uncannily accurate for a long time now.

If he’s right again we’ve got a lot of troubled times ahead of us.

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  1. It’s going to be much worse and start sooner as our politicians are complicit and encouraging it.

    Trying to get off of fossil fuels long time before we’re ready is that how this ends.
    Much of the easiest to harvest has been used up which makes going after new deposits more difficult.

  2. You know neither the day nor the hour that the Lord will lay His Hand upon those who defy Him.

    He who claims he does know is a liar.

    So be spiritually prepared for the catastrophe every day. It could come this very night, leaving you maybe minutes to spare.

    And when it does come, there will be nothing meaningful you can do to hedge against it, no matter what someone’s fancy computer model says. Bank-confetti can’t be eaten and makes rotten kindling. So keep your treasure safe in heaven.

  3. TWAT
    He’s bin cuming for 2000 years now, and his train has still not landed

    1. Hey NME666 – I just want to say thanks for being part of Jesus’ return.

      2 Peter 3:3-4

      Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

      And saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.”

      1. Jesus was suppose to return within us doing what he preached

        We’re failing Jesus BiG TIME

        F*ck Satan and all his minions

        You have to save yourself with Jesus and God’s help if you so choose, but you have to ask for it…

        And dam well mean it…

  4. I enjoy hearing Martin Armstrong. His wave models have similarities with some of the most reliable Elliott wave gurus who have pretty decent records of prediction based on fractal wave movements. Rational man should be above such depressing determinism but human mass psychology and history seem to prove them correct.

  5. Armstrong’s computer generated forecasts have been uncannily accurate for a long time now.

    Read That Again

    Armstrong’s computer generated forecasts have been uncannily accurate for a long time now.

    It’s almost like he knows the players and the playbook.

    Oh that’s right he has met all the players…

    “Be wary of someone who has never failed, or seem to have no faults… Too good to be true usually is. Perfection hides something.”

    Henry Cloud

    I sent Martin a link about the airplane crash over Ukraine:

    July 18, 2014

    Over 100 AIDS Specialists Were on Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine

    Putin, Ukraine trade blame for Thursday’s crash, which left wreckage and bodies scattered across kilometers of rebel-held territory near Ukraine’s border with Russia.

    The AIDS activists were delegates to the 20th International AIDS Conference, which is due to open on Sunday in Melbourne, Australia, according to a report in USA Today.

    And low and behold Martin Armstrong shortly after my email to Martin Armstrong he comes out with this…

    That’s everything I Personally Know

    After that I no longer trust Mr Armstrong but what he is allowed to for tell us s with his computer program that is always right is exactly where we are headed.

    They play us very well when the own everything and everyone they choose to make us think that they actually matter…

    Anyone else?

    Fauci and Obama’s video response

    1. Wrong Armstrong link

      It is this one

      I was so excited I did not do my proper check and balances

      Sorry everyone

      Here it is

      This is where Martin Armstrong completely covers for Fauci and the AIDS fake cure

      Remember Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17) which was a scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur? It was shot down on July 17, 2014, while flying over Eastern Ukraine. All 283 passengers and 15 crew were killed. Immediately the US accused Russia and then imposed sanctions on them. It was shot down by the Ukrainian Nazis with an old Russian missile that Russia was no longer using. They did so trying to get the US to enter their revolution against Russians living there in Donestk. Why has Zelensky refused to allow those people to vote? Russia had no motive to shoot down that flight and it was not over Russian territory. It was a false flag to try to blame Russia by the very Ukrainian Nazis who support Zelensky.

      1. That’s right not one mention from Armstrong

        No AIDS mentioned

        No mention of the destination and where a large sum of the passengers where going to a AIDS conference meanwhile you saw that news clip with Obama and Fauci it was all about the AIDS conference and the researchers who died but Armstrong has

        No Mention of Fauci

        No correlation between Fauci then and now with the fake corona vax

        He completely dismissed it


        Omission is lying without mentioning it

        Meanwhile he used tons of my links in the past that I sent him

        Busted Martin

        But I am the only one who knows the truth

        Well and God

        I am good with that…

    1. Lastly

      Now enter into the equation what we know about Russia and Ukraine in 2022

      Diversions for the Pfizer drops of how deadly their fake vaccine is…

      So was Roe vs Wade for the second Pfizer drop

      Let alone Fauci getting rid of all those researchers Eh?

      We’re they going to call out Fauci?

      I think they were and Russia and Ukraine covered for the deep state.

      We do live in hell

      And evil is coming for us all

      Will you stay the course with God or will you fall with mankind?

      That’s your future

      1. Do they know who I am

        This site does and so do they

        Am I scared

        Abosf*ckinglutely Not

        I stand with God…

        And that terrifies them…

          1. I have Given up all pharmaceuticals products when I discovered the product they were saving my life with was made in Humanized Mice using their patented abortion line.

            My Dr dropped me at the beginning of Covid couldn’t have me around to tell the other patients what was used to make their meds with.

            I was willing to die then to not take their Frankenstein potions.

            Never been healthier…

            i Don’t take any illegal or legal drugs as well

            We are living in the end times

            But only you can save your soul

            Right on cue

            Attack the messenger and omit the message

            Right Over the target I would say…

  6. I can’t watch any more of this Blarney Science. It is Nostradamus in reverse. It is very easy to find, post facto, an event that fits your theory. 9-11 had nothing to do with economics. And maybe he should have spent a little more energy in stating how he investigated the ancient world’s patterns. And does this apply to China or India? Which, up to the glorious British Empire, were isolated experiments for the historographer.

    1. Classic case of cherry picking to fit a narrative. Happens all the time particularly in investing. Interesting but also full of holes. If only the world was that simple.

  7. Crash of 2008 + 8.6 years = 2016.6

    let s say that is roughly 2017

    but in 2017 there was no crash, quite the opposite, things were going up, and kept going up.

    but let s say there had been a crash in 2017, then,

    2017 + 8.6 is roughly 2026, which is not 2032 and is not 2022 either ( we are into a crash right now ) , but he says next crash will be 2032.

    I don t see what is accurate about his 8.6 year cycle.