13 Replies to “Lets Review”

  1. I’m a bit thick but are the vaccines causing the disease? That’s what it looks like to me but I need a smart government person to verify it.

  2. BC is in the same situation with 99+% of the deaths in the 70+ age group being in the fully vaccinated AND Boosted group, of the 227 that died only one was unvaxxed. There was a weird negative one in the “unprotected group” which might mean someone came back to life? I think the unprotected group is the people in the “unhappy immune suppresion valley” which occurs for 21 days after any jab. Maybe the booster makes that “immune suppresion valley” permanent and it never expires. I think the UK data was pointing in that direction until they stopped publishing it. That would explain the rise in all cause mortality among the group who choose to take this experimental gene therapy from pharma companies who had been absolved of all legal liability – what could possibly go wrong.

  3. There are two types of people:
    Those, when coerced into injecting something, trust those doing the coercion, and those who do not.
    Well call the first group “idiots.”

  4. Case count have always been irrelevant. PCR tests were flawed to show false positives and now nobody reports getting covid.

    Death rates would need to have purebloods separated out from the “recently vaccinated”.

    They covered their tracks by polluting the data.

    NPC’s ignore the fact that testing protocols were changed to pass the vaccines. They ignore that pharmaceutical companies demanded and were given liability immunity. They ignore the fact that Pfizer tried to seal their testing data for 75 years. They ignore the fact that most governments and pharmaceutical employees were excluded from vaccine mandates. Without having to know a single thing about the science, any rational adult should have been able to deduce that there have always been serious red flags around these vaccines. Once you start getting into the science – alarm bells should have been ringing like crazy.

  5. As I said last week, it would be nice if someone of authority would look into the higher number of deaths with a weaker variant and a highly vaccinated population. At minimum it should force everyone to pause on the mandates. Also clearly shows we’re failing miserably in early treatment. Cases are probably way off on count, I’ve read it could be as much as 10X more than actual. Let’s just say it’s 2X, that puts the IFR at .6%. The FDA now says treat the coof like the flu. Two years too late.

    1. We are not failing in early treatment; we are being deliberately denied early treatment to sell the ‘king “vaccine”.

  6. Is that deaths from or with covid? If with, then since more people have it, there will be more deaths with covid.

    1. I look forward to someone actually isolating the virus that causes the dreaded “covid”. It does not exist. This lie has to be crushed by someone with a brain and some political power. The BS is smelling so bad that I don’t know how these stupid Canadians wearing masks even function, and in my town there are tens of thousands of fools.

    2. The BC data was purported to be FROM Covid and was broken out by Vax 1,2 or 3, Unvax and Unprotected and also by age group with the 70+ triple boosted taking and absolute s*** kicking from the virus.

  7. Pretty amazing analysis. What’s wrong with Henshaw? I believe the public health people will soon be thrown under the bus. Continuing to support vaccines while not acknowledging the obvious problems is a losing strategy.

  8. F–k the not vaxxes. The sh-t is killing people, there is no need for anything except trials and lots of rope.

  9. The biggest lie of the whole thing is people saying they wear a mask, socially distance & get vaxxed four times because they don’t want to make anyone else sick.
    As a Master Corporal I used to know would say: BULLFUKINGSHIT.
    Yeah, everybody’s suddenly a saint?
    Lol. Its just not possible, never has been and never will be.

  10. I notice that the death rate per capita is very high right now: about twice as high as at the highest point in 2021. On a per case basis, it is a little lower. Of course, it could be that our case rates are artificially low because people are not getting tested as often. I don’t find any of this perplexing.
    The only perplexing part is the media coverage. Canada’s death rate is higher than at any time other than Jan/Feb 2022. The media doesn’t seem much interested.