Go Woke, Go Elsewhere

The worm is turning.

The updated Netflix Culture memo includes a new section called “Artistic Expression” that states that it will not “censor specific artists or voices” even if employees consider the content “harmful.”

“If you’d find it hard to support our content breadth, Netflix may not be the best place for you,” the memo states, later adding that employees may be required to work on projects that they “perceive to be harmful” and that if they have a hard time accepting their work assignment, they might want to consider working somewhere else.

Coincidentally, I cancelled my Netflix subscription this month, along with 25,000 gazillion others. Lots more from Ed Driscoll.

30 Replies to “Go Woke, Go Elsewhere”

  1. Wife and I dropped Netflix a few years back because we were unimpressed with the content: endless selections of lefty shows and movies no-one cared about.
    Right after that, we heard Netflix hired the disgusting Obamas, and we laughed and high-fived each other.

  2. I have discontinued my Netflix subscription as well. I didn’t like the wokism and refuse to pay their new exorbitant fees to see most of what is available elsewhere for much less

    Ya run out of whatever quality productions Netflix offers pretty quickly then it’s just a lot of garbage no one watches.

  3. What a bullshit memo. Reed Hastings … and all the people surrounding him are hardcore, diehard, EXTREMIST Leftists. The core culture at Netflix hasn’t changed one iota. They’re just protecting their assets … by sending out a FAKE memo to the Press … who happily gobble it up.

    The memo is simply telling their employees to practice their activism … undercover … and to not embarrass the company anymore … and worse … crater its stock price.

    1. That kind of bullshit doesn’t work. They are going to find that out. I’ve been a subscriber for many years and I’m a hairs breadth away from terminating my subscription. And it’s not necessarily because of their woke content. They just have very little good programming anymore. And I’m finding this is generally true about all movies and television today.

    2. Kenji, no matter how many times it is pointed out, that netflix, twitter, facebook are crap the masses still are so dumb they embrace it. I have never used either of them, or a couple of others. They have a value and communications is it. When they will not allow one to communicate on their platforms they are useless.

  4. I still keep my subscription – my adult children sponge off me. If Netflix catches on I guess they’ll be on their own. I may actuall watch something at the end of the month. Norm MacDonald supposedly recorded something just before he died last year. One of the last comedians. I doubt it will be woke

  5. Interesting, interesting… I happened to turn on The Hunt the other day. It’s a show about rich Liberals kidnapping and then hunting down and killing right wingers (literally calls them “deplorables”). I’d say that Netflix has a large amount of cleanup to do.

    1. Yes but at the end said deplorable has the last laugh.
      So it kinda of is a ” feel good ” story plus immensely satisfying.

      1. Yes JB & R(D)S, The Hunt was silly but enjoyable. I really enjoyed watching the heroine, not for the movie, but just for watching her, man, what a great rack! Had she been a brunette, she would have been perfect, and she can kick ass as well….what’s not to like?

  6. They told us who they are.
    Now they will tell us that they aren’t groomers and haters.

  7. Cancelled years ago as well. Will not support any woke company – and that leaves very few choices these days.

    1. The only reason I still have cable is that there are two channels that I watch: Turner Classic Movies and, now that Better Call Saul is back on, AMC.

      If there’s nothing worth watching on TCM, there’s often a movie worth searching for on YouTube (lots of spaghetti westerns!).

  8. Hey…let’s compare the financial health and status of Netflix at the time of the high 8-figure deal with Obama and with the present. Just for kicks and giggles.

    Incidentally, the result of this new Netflix policy isn’t going to go the way they want it to. Sure, some milk toast opposing views will come through the gauntlet….but, at the same time, even more radical and outlandish views will come through as well in a deluge of debauchery.

  9. Let it burn to the ground – I’m not ready to make nice to an outfit who handed $65 million to the Obamas for the shit film American Factories nor did I think it was “bold” and “nuanced” showing pre pubescent girls twerking in Cuties.
    And since when do corporations let the chimps run the zoo? In my experience shit ran downhill and the boilerplate from the top on the date of hire was always “If you’re unhappy working here…pack your shit”. I think management is doing some nifty stick handling shifting some of the blame away from them.
    And just how many transgender employees does Netflix have that they can threaten a walkout?

    Share price was almost $700.00 in Nov./21 it’s now an anemic $180 and change. You can almost smell the panic.
    Somewhere in the U.S. a Blockbuster exec is having a chuckle.

  10. And yet somehow Disney+ subscriptions increased.
    The games they play.
    Netflix stays for now.

  11. Norm MacDonald has a new special being released at the end of the month on Netflix.

    He is a comic that was never afraid to cross a line. I’m looking forward to it.

  12. When it hits $20 Cdn I am gone. It started out at $7.95 per month and now its at $16.95. Go figure.

    Funny how things are so ass backwards these days. “We pay you for a specific reason: to put 35 – 40 hours a week of honest work. If you do not like it…LEAVE.

    Finally, someone has the balls to stand up to these no nothings.

  13. Netflix – Disney – Crave and all the rest of the Subscription business is either owned by Shaw, Bell, CBC etc or some other offshoot of our MSMedia etc. NONE Of Whom I will, if I can help it, support….they screw us over enough as it is.

    I’ve said it before, there are ways to get content without emptying your wallet.

    You need an Android Box. NVidea Shield Pro.
    BEST of the Bunch. Payback in <two months

    You need a VPN (y'all should be using one anyway…no.?)
    Then you Download Kodi and Stremio to your Android box.

    On Kodi: I use an Addon that provides – Full World wide sports…ANYTHING….and as a hockey fan..its excellent..!! For Movies & Series: STREMIO and again: ANYTHING, it's all there.

    Net cost to me: 80/mo. for internet services – w/5g wifi in our place.
    Be damned if I'm going to pay $150-200 a month to watch reg tv, get bombarded with constant Woke garbage I've no intention of ever watching or buying.
    6 yrs now…Do NOT MISS “TV” whatsoever.

    1. You know its done, Steakman.
      One can get Kodi on a Raspberri Pi, no need to use Google’s Android OS.
      I’ll have to do some research, see if I can find a way to stream F1 races in real-time with Kodi.
      Thanks for the reminder!

      1. That’s if you can get a Raspberry Pi for less than an Nvidia Shield these days.

  14. So, people are still finding excuses to fun the publishers of “Cuties”, because Norm MacDonald.
    People are very stupid.

    1. Nailed that, hiho.
      Have we not amused ourselves to death, yet?
      Kill your fooking TV, already.
      The grand distraction abides.
      And Norm ain’t that funny.
      If we all say the things we say, on this platform, then we should all eschew the flicker screen.
      Read books and listen to sweet music.
      If we all hadn’t have gone to the movies for the last decades, maybe we would have seen what we are now reaping.
      I am just as guilty as the next guy, but at least I saw how cutting the cable was prudent, way back before we partied in 1999.
      Oh, and I still miss them days before 1993 , when the Internet was just some dystopian dream.
      Have a nice day.

  15. Never joined these stream guys, ever. Actually I’ve been quite ‘amish’ about cable TV in general (always used antenna + Roku/free stuff). It’s just because I don’t trust the big players from Canadian media.

    1. Mr. Musk was the first CEO to not only successfully survive cancel culture, but he is succeeding in fighting back and putting the Social Justice Warriors to flight.

      Now other CEOs realize they can succeed too. Especially as they know they will get canned if they continue the destructive woke cancel culture policies and small to huge corporate losses.

  16. Comment at Instapundit on the kindergarten masturbation story out of BC:

    “My son is only in kindergarten but is masturbating at a high school level.”


    “Canadian kindergartners given masturbation homework assignment. “According to Libs of TikTok’s Substack, 4-year-olds at Alert Bay, British Columbia, were given a homework assignment discussing where and when to masturbate.The incident happened at the T’lisalagi’lakw School which is part of First Nation territory. School officials are said to be investigating the matter which was reportedly undertaken by one particular teacher and wasn’t indicative of the overall curriculum.” “