16 Replies to “Transgenderism Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization of Pedophilia”

  1. As soon as I see the word “research”, I am immediately suspicious. “Research”…..as though somehow that is supposed to be essentially the word of God. Far too much “research” is absolute nonsense and isn’t “research” at all, but advocacy.

    And notice the word “experts” in this piece of swill. Yeah…..it is absolutely normalization of pedophilia. It has been waiting in the weeds for decades….remember NAMBLA?

    1. Experts in psychology and child development said they are not aware of any evidence showing that increased exposure to LGBTQ people or topics makes children more likely to join the LGBTQ community. Instead, they said it is likely an environment of increased acceptance allows people to more openly consider whether they might be part of the LGBTQ community.

      Wait! What!? Didn’t the “experts” just contradict themselves? Increased exposure to the LGBTQAI+2s doesn’t turn your child queer … but increased “acceptance” of the LGBTQAI+2s … does? These people aren’t really trying to hide it anymore.

      1. Ya, i dont get it either…they keep talking about acceptance… But everytime i ask when they will add a (S)traight or (N)ormal to that ever increasing alphabet soup, they dont feel so accepting.

      2. Well, then, there is no need for these clubs in schools.

        We wouldn’t want to waste time!

  2. Earlier this week, I was speaking with one of the people who want to buy my house in B. C. We went through the purchase contract (which didn’t have a sanity clause, by the way…..) and we came to a part that referred to me as “the Seller, he or she,” because it was based on a boilerplate format.

    We paused for a moment and he started telling me what his stepdaughters are being taught in school and he’s lost count of how many letters there are now and what they all stand for.

    My response was that I thought I had it bad when I had students at Armpit College who were studying a technical discipline without having a proper background in geometry.

    Yup, even Fort St. John’s been contaminated with that obsessive ideology.

    1. BAD – My younger son (late teens) loves Ben Shapiro. Here Ben tells a student, in a very supportive audience, why he doesn’t think it is hate speech to say there are only two genders. He says it in the clearest language. I like his analogy of his grandfather having paranoid schizophrenia, and his doctors didn’t say “Nate, your fine. We believe the radio is actually talking to you. That is not a service to him”.


    1. Check some of the “other tweets” from that link. I predicted this. The singe will capitalize this event to his advantage. That’s why this kind of vitriol should stop, but again, I WILL NOT stop it. I believe in the people’s right to protest any way they want, even if it is vitriolic, as long as they remain peaceful.

      I just don’t want the libtards to associate ME, PP, or any of the CPC leadership candidates with this kind of unruly behavior.

      And yes, of course these people are grooming. Telling children that they can do whatever they want with their bodies without telling their parents? I don’t give a twig’s whistle what Politifact’s fart checkers say… That’s a grooming! Their “sex-perts” can go to you-know-where.

      Funny… have you noticed that when the right shouts down the left, it’s “abusive,” but when the left does it… You all know what I’m talking about…
      You know… the “thing!”

      1. This is why I will not even turn to look when this douchebags are wiped out by the SMOD.

        Karma: a real b!#ch to people who groom kids.

  3. Yet another battle in the civil war.
    This one should already be firing live rounds because if you f**k with children you should eat hot lead.

  4. “Talking about gender identity and sexual orientation in the classroom would not be grooming, because it is done without intent to sexually abuse a child, experts said.”

    Experts or naïve morons? I could see the morons saying that talking about sexual orientation would not be grooming IF done without intent, but “because it is done without intent” shows a level of thoughtlessness that is breathless.

    I’m with Buddy on this. Hot lead it is.

  5. Facts do not exist at Politifact. It is nothing more than a commie propaganda rag.