Mao is Mother now

The Chilliwack Progress- Northern B.C. school district to no longer acknowledge Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

SD91’s director of instruction Claire McKay is paraphrased in the email as saying at a meeting the week prior that a focus on the traditional concept of mothers and fathers is not “trauma informed practice.”

Skinner told Black Press that the email reflects the direction of the whole school board and not just McLeod.

It’s not hyperbole.

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  1. Imagine being so desperate for employment, so driven on obtaining that promotion, so hungry for virtue signalling points via likeminded yokels or outright confused that you forego all common sense to promote this tripe.

  2. Staff are asked to remember that some children have lost a parent or don’t have a relationship with them — those days could be a painful reminder of this loss — and to use alternative language to reference those days

    I was one of those children. Abandoned by my mother (for the security of an older man who didn’t want children) to my alcoholic father. My childhood was marked by a FAILED mother and father. Funny thing … despite the trauma caused by my weak examples of “traditional” parents … all I ever did was yearn for good parents. Never once did it occur to me that The State or two mommies or two daddies or a drag queen could replace my defective parents. No, I looked at the EXCELLENT parents … mom and dad … of my friends families and dedicated myself to become one of those. And wish I had been born into a better situation.

    My trauma laid blame where it belonged … on two weak people who spawned me … not on biology. Not on natures construct of the male and female FAMILY. Our schools continue to cripple children … not strengthen them.

    1. Challenging for sure, but also strengthing. I don’t know where the notion that people/kids should never have to deal with difficulties came from. Kids who do not learn to deal with difficulties never mature. I think that may be what went wrong with our PM. It explains his shallowness and complete lack of empathy.

      1. My mother lost her father during an air raid in WW II. Her mother raised her and her two siblings (my aunts) all by herself.

        Yes, the loss hurt, but it also built character.

      2. I don’t know where the notion that people/kids should never have to deal with difficulties came from. Kids who do not learn to deal with difficulties never mature

        You just answered your own question.

    2. Now that both of my parents are gone, I’m technically an orphan. Ever since I took over my father’s affairs, I’ve left a card on his urn as well as my mother’s in observance of their respective days, as well as their birthdays.

      Just because they’re dead, it doesn’t mean I have to forget them.

      1. My condolences.
        Orphans are those whose both parents have passed away before person is 18 years of age.

        1. Thanks.

          I was well into middle age when my parents died. I used the term “orphan” to describe that situation.

          1. You are welcome. My apologies if my post sounded grumpy. James 1:27 isn’t preached or followed very well. I am thankful to be blessed by caring much older siblings, even if it was many years ago.

          2. No offence taken. You were likely correct in your comment.

            Well, my father did look after an orphan, so to speak, when he arranged that I should inherit his estate if my mother died before him. That’s what happened and, for more than 5 years, I’ve been looking after their affairs as I settle his estate, as well as dealing with some of her things that were left over.

            It’s what a son should do. That’s something that needs to be taught as well. One’s parents may be gone but one can still honour and respect them by fulfilling one’s obligations to them after death. For example, I could have sold some of the stuff I still have remaining, but I wanted to get a price that either my father or mother would be pleased with.

          3. I tip my hat to you, faithfully doing the honourable, albeit heartbreaking, job required.

          4. I tip my hat to you, faithfully doing the honourable, albeit heartbreaking, job required.


            On the other hand, the house wasn’t going to clear itself, so somebody had to do it.

            I’m now down to one immediate relative in this country and she, being in her 90s now, couldn’t help me. I may have had to take care of the whole mess by myself, but I didn’t have any snarky relatives to fight with over who got what out of the estate.

            Then there are the visits by my canine stepbrother and we shared a few good times together. It looks like the next trip will be the last time that we’ll be staying in “our” house and I intend to have some fun with him. After that, it’ll have new owners but I’ll still have stuff that I don’t quite know what to do with. (Anybody want a lawn mower? A set of china? A bedroom set? Just wondering…..)

      2. Your remembrances are a testimony to your character and love. You are building up treasure in heaven. Good man.

        1. Whenever my canine stepbrother stays with me at the house, I take him over to the urns to say “Hi”. I don’t think he recognizes that they contain the ashes of my parents, but I think he understands that they’re significant.

          He had a hard time accepting that each of them was gone. One day, they were there and, the next, they weren’t. He didn’t go into my father’s bedroom for several months and he was quite reluctant to jump onto my father’s bed after I started sleeping on it.

    3. Kenji, I too was one of those children. Mother died when I was 5, father crawled into a bottle to deal with it. Did not get good parenting at home. My siblings and I pretty much raised each other. So I looked to what seemed to work for other. Now I am a parent of two whom everyone who meets them says they are the most intelligent, polite, respectful and opinionated people they have met. Am I a perfect parent, god no, but when I f-ck things up, I take the blame and move forward

    4. Kenji:

      From your always excellent comments here I would never have guessed that you had survived that family experience. It speaks well of your good character and in a broader sense the adaptability of human beings when not tended to by the helpers with “trauma informed” ministrations.

      On my end I had a business partner 18 years my senior who became a kind of second father.

      1. I’ve had several mentors in my lifetime who provided essential role-modeling, wisdom, and guidance. God is very good in the way he brings people together to satisfy human needs. But I suppose it takes an open heart … not a bitter, broken heart that sees ONLY negativity and envy over things you’ve been denied. It takes an open heart to avail yourself of every helping hand God presents in our lives.

        So yeah … let’s drive God out of the classroom … tear the 10 commandments off the wall and replace Him with drag queens and the Rainbow BLM flag. Let’s celebrate the Queer and strange … and destroy all that is Good and Holy.

  3. Not that I give a flying fig about Hallmark Holidays but why not have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Filthy Disgusting Pervert Day?

    1. Last I checked, there has never been a National Fathers Day Pride Parade … or Mothers Day Pride Parade … but there sure is a Queer Day Parade

      As IF all those non-binary agitators are “harmed” by mommies and daddies

      It’s not their personal “trauma” causing this ATTACK on mothers and fathers … it’s their hate. Hate of Judeo-Christian normativity

      1. Kenji, you and I will both be dead and the stupid will still be with the “people”.

  4. Running a top speed to keep up with the newspeak.

    … “a focus on the traditional concept of mothers and fathers is not “trauma informed practice”

  5. That edict also violates the Fourth Commandment, the one in which we’re instructed to honour our father and mother.

  6. People who keep sending their kids to these schools are part of the problem.

    No students, no absurdities.

  7. The idea is to make the majority suffer because of the imagined sensitivity of the few?

  8. What an utter crock of Woke Virtue signalling.

    These people disgust me…and as VOWG, regardless of anything, the STUPID is Strong in Canada..and getting worse on a daily basis.

    Kudos to you Kenji…!!
    I have nothing but pride for my 2 lovely, intelligent young ladies that are my girls. 29-31.