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  1. Well, even if there will be ‘royal’ commissions to investigate, if these goons in power, things will be dismissed. Like those claims that Ottawa Police did bad stuff during Freedom Convoy. No such thing, comrades. 80-90% from those claims (can’t remember now) were dismissed.
    Same in this case, if Prime Moron in Canada, Xiden in US etc overall if berserk-Left/WEF soldiers in power, NOTHING will happen with these investigate/audit/review commissions. If any that is. Because there’s big chance that these commissions will not even be created at all.

  2. I recall reading, way back at the start of Covid, someone commenting that if the virus was engineered it was a great weapon to help with the worldwide pension underfunding and overcrowding and increased demands in nursing home care. Or something to that effect.

    1. Yeah, that was me…I pointed out, also, that just before the virus reared its ugly head, China presented an edict to their people that de-humanized anyone carrying more credit in their finances than they could handle. I saw the whole thing as an attempt to make the entire country healthier financially by discarding the money pits (elderly). There were some other things that China instituted prior to this as well…(like hiring 600,000 more riot police).

      1. Thank you for your astute observations. Good thing we pay all that $$$ to the media to provide us ‘information and analysis. Sarcasm off.

        1. Oh, the media did report it. They’re just too stupid and ideological to understand what they reported. As an example…read between the lines on this piece:

          The authors are mystified as to the actions of the Chinese govt. It’s not much of a mystery if you are in the proper mindset. The Chinese leaders are using what they call “dynamic clearing.” Ironic naming if you ask me.

          Here’s a nice pull from the piece:

          “As to severe cases and deaths, local media have raised questions about unexplained deaths at several Shanghai nursing homes.”

    2. Not arguing that that booster works BUT ….
      I think it’s a little more complicated than mark believes it to be. Scientifically speaking the two populations, boosted and not cannot be assumed to be the same. That’s is to say that the folks who got boosted are possibly different in other ways. Old folks homes, people at high risk, etc. may skew toward having been boosted.
      That being said, I am fully supportive of as many commissions/ investigations as it takes to investigate governments continuing mismanagement of covid 19.

      1. .

        “Scientifically speaking the two populations, boosted and not cannot be assumed to be the same. “



  3. The left has ALWAYS wanted to MANDATE death for old people. Primarily so they can TAKE their STUFF … but also to erase the wisdom developed over a timeframe much greater than that of their executioners.

    1. You are correct….and the reason is simple…..the left is incapable of creating wealth…so they wait for someone ELSE to create it and then they steal it. It is the hallmark of Marxism.

  4. Please watch the first 20+ minutes of the video. There is a presentation of official UK data showing that being triple jabbed with the Covid shot triples the chances of infection, hospitalization and death.

    It can’t be stated often enough: The more mRNA shots you take, the more your immune system is damaged.

    The shot is not just killing old people – it is killing younger people, too.

    1. I have looked at the UK vaccine surveillance reports in some depth. What you find is that in the aggregate from January 1, 2022 (the peak of Omicron), up until Week 13 (the last week the UK provided the hospitalization and death number by age group and vax status), the percentage of deaths in the “fully vaccinated” and “fully vaccinated and boosted” category in all age groups accounts for 80% of all the Covid deaths in the UK. And in the plus 70 age group, 84%.

      But that doesn’t tell the whole story…..because as the weeks went by in 2022 those percentages steadily increased. Week 13 data shows that the “fully vaccinated” and “fully vaccinated and boosted” categories accounted for 87% of the Covid deaths and in the plus 70 age group, 92.19%.

      They are no longer providing the data for hospitalization and deaths in their weekly reports….can you guess why?

      One other point is that of all the Covid deaths since January 1, 2022, the percentage of deaths in those under 70 who have received no vaccinations is 6.48% (3,251 of 50,150). That’s in a total population of 67.44 million people of, 4.8 Covid deaths per 100,000.

      Now let’s compare that to drug deaths in Scotland just for the hell of it. In 2020, Scotland showed 1,339 deaths by “drug misuse”….Scotland has a population of 5.454 million or 24.55 per 100,000. In England and Wales, the drug misuse deaths per 100,000 is 7.67.

      And of course, we don’t know what sort of underlying medical conditions might have been lurking in those “Covid deaths” under 70 years of age. Nor do we know how many people were killed outright by the “life saving vaccines”.

    2. You know Don, what amazes me is the willingness of people in the medical profession to go along with this crap.

      The truth about the vaxx is that it is an -experiment- in genetic modification, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the established technology of vaccines. Nothing. That’s why I always call it a vaxx with two x’s. The truth of the matter is that nobody knows what’s going to happen long-term with this technology. The inventors don’t know, the manufacturers don’t know, the government and the media certainly don’t know. This thing has the potential to be worse than Thalidomide in the 1960s. I’m not saying it is, to be perfectly clear, but I am saying that these Great Minds don’t know that it’s not.

      It’s an experiment. They just tried it to see what would happen. Seriously. That’s what they really did.

      And, to my continuing amazement, people who should bloody well know better are going along with it. They’re letting these lunatics do it. Canada, my ‘free’ country which is supposed to be so much better than the old Soviet Union, is forcing people to get the vaxx or face losing their jobs. Citizens of Canada cannot leave or enter the country unless they’ve had this vaxx. Then when truckers finally mounted a pretty reasonable protest against this behavior, the government invoked the Emergencies Act and threw them all in jail.

      And there are STILL plenty of doctors on the vaxx bandwagon. Third jab, fourth jab, fifth jab, they’re for it.

      Which tells me something that I really didn’t want to be true, although I’ve suspected it for a long time. Doctors, as a population, do not give a shingle schl1tz about “Science”. They don’t. You threaten their income or their reputation, and they’ll knuckle under instantly. We all saw it happen right in front of our eyes. You can count on your fingers the number of Canadian doctors who publicly went to bat for their patients. Everybody else shut up and stayed shut up.

      This goes for all the other sub-professions as well. Nurses, physical therapists, radiology, ancillary. I’d say out of all of them the nurses have fought back the hardest, but more as a pro-forma union thing than a real objection to human experimentation. We haven’t seen any real pushback anywhere. The worst offenders are government public health people, but there’s plenty of blame for everybody involved.

      It’s disgusting. Friggin’ truck drivers did better.

        1. Government employees is what they are. They are also whiners.

          I have lost a lot of respect for doctors over the past few years. They are not what they used to be.

          1. YES, government employees for sure. Unavoidable in a single payor socialized health system.

            ALSO, I have always considered banks to be government departments so their staff are government employees too.

            Canada is a company town and that company is gubmint: city, province, federal.

      1. Question: I did not know citizens could not enter Canada without being vaxed. I did know we can’t leave. I thought if you are a Canadian– returning without being vaxed simply involved testing, quarantine. But I have no official info on this.

        Good post, by the way. What is being done to Canadians is outrageous. Also, I wonder where the medical associations stand regarding the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

    1. So he admits that the general population was used to clinically test the “vaccine”. Did people consent to being used as guinea pigs? I think we know the answer to that.

  5. I mentioned here a year or so back that the ‘jab’ was a fundamental way for the governments around the world to try and establish a stable financial platform. When pensions were introduced in Europe they were based on the three score and ten life span of the average person. This was started back in the Thirties. The idea that in three score and ten the average person worked a little in excess of 45 years, from the age of 16/18 to 65. The ratio that the pensions were orchestrated on were roughly 45 to 5, 45 years of work to 5 years of retirement before life expectancy ran out. Fast forward 100 years and medical science has increased life expectancy by approximately 10 years. Factor in that the average person now does not work as hard as their ancestors did just three generations ago, hence the average person will live well past threescore and ten.

    Now factor in that most government pensions kick in well before the age of 65. So now we have a work/retirement ratio of anywhere from 45/5 to 45/15 or even 45/20. The ratio is unsustainable at anything over 45/5. The biggest drain, if you can call it that, is the seniors that have outlived, as governments see it, their usefullness. They consume a bigger portion of health care and the government pension plans, because they have been badly mishandled, are short-funded. The solution is to formulate a plan to scare the hell out of everybody and convince them that if they don’t get a life saving jab, they will all die from a common virus that is 99% survivable. But the genius behind the plan is to make the results of the jab look like a regular age induced death. Pure genius, except the jab has a rather bad side effect in that it is killing people in their productive stage of life in untold of, unheard of numbers, ever before in human history. IMO that is what we are dealing with here. Try and disagree by saying governments would not do that to their own citizens and I’ll point out in history where government have done worse to their own citizens, especially so-called socialist, communist governments. Those in power for any length of time have a very common attitude to the masses, it can be boiled down to “I’m alright Jack, screw you!”

    1. Considering that (a) “don’t let a good crisis go to waste” and (b) “covid-19 is an opportunity for the great reset”, I think your analysis is very plausible. I would add to that the “crisis” also allowed central banks to inject those trillions in liquidity that is keeping the financial system afloat allowing big corporations to swallow large part of the economy.

  6. Yes, it’s not about serving your country or your fellow citizens. Put in other words … it’s about …

    “I got MY jelly donut”.

  7. well.
    l’m 70. a senior with the body and general health of a 25 y.o., most recent blud test 16 out 0f 18 markers WITHIN OPTIMUM RANGE.
    but, but nuthin lasts eh? be advised o great leaders and of that ilk, if it EVER comes down to it, rest assured, NO DUFF as they said in my stint in the reserve, *if it comes down to it* I WILL DO AS I HAVE PROMOTED SOME TIME NOW, I *WILL* ‘TAKE AS MANY OF THEM WITH ME AS I CAN’. and gawd help them they WILL pay a DEADLY PRICE for ever a fleeting notion of engaging in FORCED ‘assisted suicide’.

    pure liberalism this. pure liberalism.