19 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Flaming Sparky Cars”

  1. The batteries or its BMS got damaged, or were very poorly manufactured.
    I’ve seen cordless drill batteries fail, too. Exactly the same tech as used in scooters, ebikes, etc.

  2. That’s why you cannot take cordless tool batteries on a commercial passenger aircraft.

    1. I didn’t know that, but it makes sense.
      I wonder about flashlights, laptops, etc, that use the same Li-ion cells?

  3. Didn’t Boeing originally decide to use Li-ion batteries in its 787 emergency power supply?

    I don’t think that went well either.

  4. I played with Li-Po batteries flying model planes. Always charge in a fireproof bag. The large ones I charged in a 20mm ammo can. Never leave them alone. Use a smart charger, don’t over deplete them, don’t overcharge them. Do your homework. Etc etc. Pain in the ass. I would not want a car-sized one in my garage.

    1. LiPo is even worse than Li-ion.
      Can’t wait for the DeWalt Pouch batteries to start exploding.

  5. The new Teslas are safer by a huge factor now. Look at the published stats from NHITSA. But then that would defeat your tiresome and inaccurate narrative.

    1. Li-Ion cannot be safe in cars. Once punctured, or even damaged, they self-ignite, and are well-nigh impossible to extinguish. There is no “new Tesla tech” that changes this, unless they were to reduce their range by using much more expensive LiFePO4 batteries, which do not have a flammable electrolyte.
      Putting Li-ion batteries in the high-vibration, risk of high impact environment of a car is the height of folly.

    2. I’m an asshole so, so do I Mr. I Fart in Your General Direction.

    3. GUMBOT

      When I look at your website I see that Tesla’s generally get 5 star safety ratings for crashworthiness. Fine. It doesn’t measure anything to do with charging the batteries which is what is being talked about here. It also doesn’t mention anywhere about the possibility of fire following impact, which is extremely catastrophic, and it’s not listed for gas vehicles either. It basically comes down to whether the crash test dummy suffers too much damage. Perhaps you were a former test subject?

  6. Jo Nova huh?

    Tell me, is she still a raging Pro Mask, Pro Lockdown supporter?

    She was hard core on this back in 2020. Made the claim it was a ‘No Brainer’ to convert the entire Australian production industry into making masks and respirators and then stuck with it for months.

    I find it interesting. Jo’s background is actually microbiology, so when the Fauci started she SHOULD have been the go to person. Her background is NOT climate science, but displays the most open minded investigative attitude to the discussion.

    Fauci Flu? She started arguing with her regulars in the comment section and deliberately mis-quoting them.


    1. Jo was right. Does Western Australia exist? Do predictions matter? If I’d run the country, we’d have avoided the first lockdowns entirely. I knew hard borders and antivirals could stop much of the tyranny that was so obviously coming. On Feb 16th 2020 I warned that if we didn’t stop the flights we would be closing schools and factories in a month, and that’s exactly what happened.

      Call me the anti-lockdown girl. While some people wait to complain about lockdowns after its too late to do anything else, my plan was to prevent the lockdowns in advance, and it worked. Long lockdowns done without cheap antivirals in order to vaccinate with a risky leaky new technology were a crime I have relentlessly campaigned against.

      As for masks, most people want to reduce the entire scientific debate to a dumb binary yes-no political question — ignoring turbulence, air flow, electrostatic effects, particle size, viral load, fit, material, and about 20 other variables. Masks are neither as great, nor as useless as most people say. It has been somewhat disappointing to see people I thought were interested in scientific debate adopt political attitudes on so many aspects of microbiology. Does the truth matter?

      On borders, in West Australia (WA) the policy of keeping Chinese Bioweapons out meant no one has died of Covid yet, we had barely 12 days total semi-lockdown from June 2020 to now, we danced, we sang and our kids went to school. WE gave up holidays in Bali, but we have lived 98% like Covid doesn’t exist. Blessed and lucky. There were almost no masks and no reason to vaccinate either until 6 months ago when incompetent leaders let in the Delta virus in to NSW, leading to horrible lockdowns. One $50 Hazmat suit could have stopped billion dollar lockdowns in every state of Australia and NZ.

      WA was a huge success the West could learn from. The CCP still has plenty of bat viruses to play with. Sadly — WA has now gone full tyranny — digital ID’s and vaccine passports, and jabs for jobs. The time for zero-covid is over now that Omicron is so tame. We could have stopped zero-covid policies sooner if we promoted Vitamin D and allowed Ivermectin which I’ve campaigned for since April 2020.

      I have misquoted no one, though many mis-quote me.