Justin Trudeau Honours Veterans?



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    1. Trudeau is the leader of a fringe party, he only got 21% total of the votes last elction. He is a MINORITY and should resign and take ERIN NO TOOLE with you and JAG MEATLESS Singh

  1. Mr. Triple Vaxxed, who followed the science has COVID, but refuses to go to work because the science now say’s he can spread it to others.

    With the miracle of “reduced symptoms” I wonder if he’ll go golfing down in Florida while he waits this out, or play with the reduced symptom sick kids at home?

    1. I’m going to guess that the “testing positive” thing is a ploy… and the truckers really, really hurt his little feelings, so he went into hiding.

  2. Any trucker who might have had a trace of sympathy for Trudeau just got a demonstration of what a lying weasel he is.

    Not a smart move to strengthen the resolve of a powerful group.

  3. Just how Nixon used to start his answers to every question during Watergate: “let me be very clear…”

  4. He held a love-in earlier with his cult followers, aka MSM. He blatantly lied while his adoring cult members drooled and swooned.

  5. I thought my contempt for that weasel couldn’t get grow any further, but it has. As has my contempt for those who support him. Long live the truckers and may Trudeau’s despicable government become anathema to enough Canadians that it falls. Hard.

  6. Prime Moron making stuff up, talking out of his behind + claiming he speaks for all Canadians.
    And this Zero was voted 3 times in office.

    1. Worse than making stuff up … it was obviously scripted. Scripted to coordinate with the false flags being flown by anonymous “protestors”. And stealing food from the homeless? Let me guess, PM pussyboots claims the streets were clogged and prevented the homeless food deliveries. And abuse small businesspeople!? You mean the ones who support you and lefties who hurled abuse at the truckers?

      Pro tip … you lost the moral high ground on COVID about 2-years ago. And you’re slipping further and further toward the dark side.

  7. I’ve been looking for examples of the things he’s claiming but the cbc must be sitting on it. Also looking for evidence that swastikas are part of the convoy as suggested by whoever was interviewed on the ceeb, he represented some well monied jewish group.

    1. There was some knob with a confederate flag (and balaclava) that showed up for 30 seconds, and the truckers asked him to leave. Vandalism: Somebody put a Canadian flag on the Terry Fox statue. No, I’m not kidding, it was portrayed as vandalism. Too bad it wasn’t a Pride flag, I guess.

      1. I have asked before, but does anybody have access to the pics of the former NDP leader posing with the Terry Fox statue with a rainbow flag? I have heard it was done, but have not been able to find the pics.

        1. first
          no but I did see a SIHK holding a FUCK JAGMEET sign. Mr TruD’Oh’s blow job guy is also losing support in his own demographic:-)))

          1. Thank you, Mike. Made me throw up in my mouth a little bit, but I guess that pic was what I was looking for.
            Share it far & wide, showing the double standard for “desecration.” Not the same statue, but still of Terry.

        2. Or how about a picture if the beheaded Queen Victoria statue that the natives destroyed and no one said boo.

      1. Justin and Chrystia are convinced the Freedom Convoy is a Zionist plot, because that’s our masters’ explanation for everything.

        Our masters accuse the Jews of everything they’re guilty of. They always have and always will. And they pay people like this bastard handsomely to help them do it.

        That’s what he means.

        (Chrystia Freeland was groomed for power by George Soros, the most notorious self-hating Jew and enemy of the Jewish state alive today. Soros knew, or should have known, the Nazi history of her mother’s family. It clearly didn’t bother him.)

        1. Why should it? Soros said he’d do business AGAIN with the Nazis, as he did as a youth.
          Both Adam Smith, and Karl Marx wrote of POLITICAL economics. As the two can never be separated. Soros is pure greed. Amoral. Absent ethics.

  8. The Bong has lost control of the narrative. He is the focus of much of the vitriol. It’s about him.

    The nobodies who sit on the backbenches of the librano party can smell weakness. They know the Bong cant win another election. The smell of carrion is in the air.

    On the front bench those who see themselves as leadership material (think Freeland here) have suddenly started returning phone calls to the backbench. Communication has remarkably improved according to those who are now courted because their vote will matter in the leadership contest.

    Interesting times await.

    1. They know the Bong cant win another election.

      You may be a bit optimistic there. Dangle enough free trinkets and beads in front of a typical Canadian voter on this side of the grave (yeah, you know what I meant by that), and he’s a shoe-in.

      1. “You may be a bit optimistic there.”

        Yup. Especially with Pinky and Singalong Singh in opposition.

        1. And the Chinese made software in our equally Chinese made vote “counting” machines.
          The Dominion miracle coast to coast keeps Zoolander in front of the teleprompter

    2. I herd some MP wanted to have a non-confidence vote. Hillier? This is good: It will force the NDP to either support the Liberals or the Truckers. Given that politicians are as popular as Ebola right now, this puts the NDP in a corner.

      1. Joe – what makes you think Erin O fool won’t support him? He will go whatever way the wind is blowing. I would expect right now the total energy is being used to find a way to make the patriots look bad.

        1. Agreed, Concerned. Erin NoTool has no moral compass. He spent the past 2 years trying to ingratiate himself to the Media Party. He may be now trying to ingratiate himself to real people, but it smacks of total dishonesty. He ran a campaign on a vax policy that was only marginally different from JT’s, and his 3 point solution to the impasse started with an affirmation that many Canadians KNOW that vaccines are the best way out. His first point was the the truckers need to be educated. Disgusting.
          Will he risk upsetting the Media Party? I doubt it. Even if he does go against JT, no one would believe it is anything other than a weak man attempting to join a block party he did not have the balls to create.
          He has 2 good pensions. Let him go start enjoying them, where he can do less damage.

        2. Not saying O’Toole won’t support Trudeau, he’s stupid enough to do it. But I watched the trucker’s press conference and they are smart. They don’t see O’Toole as a proper leader for the Conservatives. This will push politicians into the open, and those that do not support the truckers will pay a price. Politicians better choose wisely.

  9. Heh, to pull off a strategy like this you require credibility. This is one of those times where those elitists are sunk by their own lack of self-awareness. In their minds, they are perceived as honorable, trustworthy, and brimming over with integrity. It must be so because their “yes men” and lackeys reinforce it every single day.

    The problem is that they are so far removed from the true basic citizen, they don’t realize that making statements like this does nothing more than highlight their lack of integrity. Sure, the press will all be good little soldiers and reiterate this approach…but no one is going to buy it. It does, however, answer the question as to what they plan on doing. They are going to try and wait it out. They really do think empty grocery story shelves will turn the “fickle” public back against the truck drivers. Trudeau stating earlier today that he won’t meet with anyone was the tell. They think they can shape the future narrative because they control the press. They are mistaken. He’s setting himself up for disaster because he has not the faintest idea about his audience. This approach will only resonate within the echo chamber.

  10. The only veterans he’s supported so far are “freedom fighters” like The Ten Million Dollar Man.

    1. I believe that Blacklock reported that JT announced a 40 million dollar gift to the Taliban to “help rebuild” shortly after the Taliban re-took Afghanistan. We all know our tax dollars will be building girls’ schools there.
      So there are other veterans JT supports. But similarly to your example, they are the ones who were shooting at our guys at one time.
      Our veterans ask for too much.
      Hell, their veterans didn’t even ask for anything, but had 40 mil tossed their way.

  11. Funny that he isn’t ordering the Ottawa Police to arrest anyone waving “Hate Flags” eh.

    Some possibilities:

    1. CBC need to keep “the” Confederate Flag and two posters with swastika symbols in the screenshots.
    2. Arrests of known Antifa & BLM members would be embarrassing.
    3. Not intelligent enough to know that the swastikas are meant to represent Trudeau, not an endorsement.
    4. People might wonder why a “Confederate flag” as once seen at the Georgia Capital is not banned, but Hamas & Hezbollah terrorist flags that are banned are allowed to rally every summer in Canadian cities without comment.

  12. Like the honour of his father who was a coward for refusing to fight in World War Two. And what about his old man wearing a German helmet while riding his motorcycle.

      1. He will be immediately replaced by a paranoid, alcoholic failed journalist who was raised to believe that Jews drink the blood of “Ukrainian” children.

        Will? Just kidding. He already has been, for all practical purposes.

        Justin has fled to his secure location, leaving Chrystia Donaldovna in charge. She believes that Putin and the Jews are behind the Freedom Convoy, and believes it more with each shot of Alberta Pure, because Gentile brains are never improved by vodka.

        If the protests have been peaceful so far, it’s presumably because DND have decided to ignore any orders from an audibly tired and emotional deputy PM to “do something about the fucking Zionists, you dickheads!”

        Nobody in Canadian military uniform wants to die for globalism in “Ukraine,” and the sooner Chrystia is driven from power, the sooner our armed forces can rest assured that won’t happen.

    1. “And what about his old man wearing a German helmet while riding his motorcycle.”
      Probably who owns the German WW2 flag as well……

        1. I remember, he looked like a complete tard, the sort of eccentric nerd everyone in high school hated.

          Looks like it’s be well scrubbed from the internet – will spend time later and look harder.

      1. Lieutenant (or Second Lieutenant) Pierre Trudeau was tossed out of the army in WWII for suspected disloyalty. I think we will find that his file has been purged of anything incriminating. He was likely such an asshole he was not trainable and punting him was the path of least resistance.

        Pierre’s shithead son Second Lieutenant (or Officer Cadet) Justin Trudeau spent a week or two (I’m guessing) with The Royal Canadian Hussars, a Montreal reserve unit. I remember reading that he joined about 20 years ago but read nothing more. I suspect he washed out. They prefer officers with backbone.

        1. He didn’t “wash out” It was WORSE. But it wasn’t Junior, it was his stupid brother, whatisname, Alexandre (Sacha).

          He attended Armoured Officer training at the Armoured School at CFB Gagetown. It’s an 8 month program (in two parts) over two years. Near (I believe) the end of the first year, he went AWOL. MPs found him in Fredricton. I believe he went on a toot. But of course it was much more than that. He knew his actions were giving his Directing Staff a big FU. The military takes this sort of thing very seriously. Anyone else would have been charged for dereliction and sent to Hotel Edmonton. After a period of “military style correction” and sadistic punishment, a normal slob would have been dishonourably discharged. But Trudeau, naturally, was RTU’d, and dealt with politely and quietly.

          The military was spineless and politically craven back then too.

          It made big news at the time. Both when “Pierre Trudeau’s son has gone missing!” to “Pierre Trudeau’s son has been found!”

  13. Trudeau and his media fluffers are liars.
    It isn’t any more complicated than that.
    They freely and eagerly lie to support their paymaster.

    Is it honoring the war dead to lie about the memorial?
    Some of these media losers should stop and think about what they are saying and doing for money.
    Trudeau pays them to lie about Canadians and to use the war memorial in their lies.

    BTW, where are the counter protesters who support the mandates and Trudeau’s fascism and the media’s lies?

  14. Why do I think if this was a Gay Rights, or Indiginous protest at the border, that the RCMP would be quietly observing from a distance, and protecting the protesters.

  15. From his tweet: “…And we won’t cave…”

    Turd ran away and hid in a bunker. That’s the textbook definition of “caving.”
    aka folding like a cheap umbrella.

    1. They will cave, unless they are prepared to see the country utterly destroyed. The majority of Canadians now support getting rid of mandates and restrictions. Trudeau seems to lack basic intelligence. A politician knows how to seek compromise.

  16. Honoring veterans? Not by forgiving Italian fascists for jailing them while Canadians were fighting to free Italy from German occupation, not by showing up late for being late for 2 minutes silence on Remembrance day.

  17. There is so much to cal BS on the Turd etal on.
    Support Vets….ya right, we can’t afford to support you
    Natives, others, illegal protests, blockades, civil discord, illegal acts….NADA
    Carbon Tax…..fix Natures ways regarding planet etal……ya right….tax for UN and Green Groups…
    Citizen rights, which sadly our supposed constitution enshrines…..hollow promise, and toilet paper really.
    Right to property and generally accepted rights, worldwide….pffft…NADA in Canada.
    Lock downs, gutting the economy, loss of civil liberties….no problemo…its Canada
    Citizens restricted in free entry/exit…..You bet….Gov mutts…jetting here and there, no issue.
    Carry on, those are just my rants…many more “I am sure”

    Thank God someone is FINALLY stepping up, leading a challenge to the Socialist/Communist leaning Gov’s of Canada
    I am somewhat thankful many who fought for a “Nation of Canada”, “Built the Nation”, and respected its foundations are no longer with us.
    They would be shocked and appalled at what Canada in 2020’s has become.

  18. “Stealing food from the homeless.” Bwhahahahahaa!
    Where do gets me sum o’ dat sweet, sweet homeless person food???

    1. They arrest you if you try to feed the homeless in Calgary, betting it’s the same in Ottawa.

    2. The Shepherds of Good Hope are among the most notorious enablers of alcoholics and junkies in the city. They give the bums free wine, supposedly to keep them from DTing while they try to turn their lives around.

      They only thought better of rewarding people for bad behaviour when the truly needy finally showed up at their doors, asking for something to eat.

      What they did unto the least of God’s children, they did unto Him.

      When I am king, the first thing I’ll do is send a demolition crew to dynamite Shepherds. The management will get 15 minutes to clear the place.

      1. Yea I don’t know my street preachers but was thinking about Artur Pawlowsk, I don’t think he’s the same thing your talking about.

  19. What a creep. Trudeau has to go. I don’t believe he even grasps what the protest is all about. Once we are past this, he will go down in history as worst Prime Minister ever. Our very own divider in chief. He has lost the moral authority to govern.

  20. I’m surprised the Turd hasn’t accused them of stealing candy from children and eating babies.

    1. Or putting unwanted kittens in a weighted sack and tossing it into the canal (sorry Vancouverite here at +9 C, is it frozen over?). Well you get the idea.

    1. The government house leader complains about the truckers “locking down” the city. The city was never on “lockdown” as you retards like to say. So there you go. It’s not a “lockdown” it’s a convoy.

      They keep talking about vaccines being a “gateway to freedom”. We’re born with freedom and it doesn’t depend on some vaccine.

      1. Not to mention libtards in Parliament wanting to “de-escalate” and “dial-down the rhetoric”, while the PM is tweeting that the truckers are stealing food from the homeless.
        They make me sick.

      2. “We’re born with freedom and it doesn’t depend on some vaccine.”

        Hear, Hear, James. Well said.

  21. Oh joy, Trudeau and his media are telling me what I think.

    If Trudeau or his media fluffers are smarter than you then you should let them tell you what to think.

  22. Canadians are being polite about this.

    He won’t like it when we’re not polite about it anymore.

  23. The ‘urinating on War Memorials’ claim.

    In the play book. Dragged out hard here in Australia during one of the Victorian protests.

    Here they even managed to find a tear stained (and minority) veteran who ‘saw what the protesters were doing’ and ‘immediately put on his medals’ and drove out to the protest where he ‘waited patiently for his chance to speak’ but was denied.

    Media Playbook.

    Of course also in the Media Playbook is to openly question the role of ANZAC Day in Australian culture and ask if we should be glorifying war.

    Still, important thing is that parking on a National Monument is EVIL (even if the two people later move their cars) but tearing down National Monuments is Social Justice. Very important. Trust the Science. Trust the Media. To not attempt to do own research. You are not qualified. Only Trusted Sources can Provide the Truth.

  24. The Turd’s tweet is straight outta Alinky’s Rules for Radicals.
    “Always accuse your opponent of doing what you are doing.”
    So, lets go thru his tweet, shall we?
    1. “hurl abuse at small business workers”
    Justin’s policy has resulted, on multiple occasions, in the assault of small business
    owners and workers. Check.
    2. “steal food from the homeless”
    Justin’s policy has resulted, on multiple occasions, in the arrest of people trying to feed
    the homeless. Check.
    3. “fly racist flags” Justin took a knee for BLM, Check.
    4. “engage in vandalism” Justin supported those activists vandalizing the statues in
    Montreal and Kingston, On. Check.
    5. “dishonour the memory of our veterans” Justin gave a known terrorist, who killed our
    allies and tried to kill our soldiers 10 million dollars. Check.

    “Always accuse your opponent of doing what you are doing.”
    Seems to me that if these radicals were doing anything that wasn’t pure evil, this rule wouldn’t exist.

  25. The lesser yellow spotted megalomaniac bravely hurling insults from the depths of his security cave. Does he or his puppetmasters expect us to take him seriously?

  26. I can only guess this was designed to elicit rage and violence, ‘cos I had to go outside and cool off. And I’m not even Canadian.

    Hopefully the truckers will see the win and just jeer and laugh at the vile, evil little shit.

  27. Trudeau using the War Memorial and the war dead in his lies isn’t honoring the men who died fighting for his freedom.
    Same with his media losers who are so eagerly parroting his lies.
    How can these media garbage people live with themselves after lying about the War Memorial and the war dead??

    There are some disgusting people in Canada, but it isn’t the truck drivers and people fighting for freedom.
    The corrupt losers in the media and the gutless politicians are the disgusting ones.

  28. Trudeau is demonizing, and the media are helping him demonize anyone who disagrees with him or with the liberal party.

    I hate using this comparison, but that is what the Nazis did, they demonized, de-humanized jews, created laws to keep them out of normal everyday life, they even made it illegal for jews to buy cake.

    We are forbiden to go into a store if not vaccinated…

    The left is turning into a bunch of nazis and the media are their happy helpers.

  29. I don’t know if Trudeau honors the memory of our veterans, but he sure treats them like shit.