Woke Wednesday

Justin’s Canada is being examined. What should we do with Canada?

We must cancel maps and science. Captain Cook was a colonial racist or something.

Mentioning terrorism is Islamophobic.  Sick and tired of terrorists being known to authorities.

I’m sure its nothing to worry about. Soros general demands purge of the military.

We don’t need parliament in Justin’s Canada.  Questioning the Liberal government is a security risk.

18 Replies to “Woke Wednesday”

  1. John Ibbitson’s essay accomplished what it set out to do: garner plenty of clicks, and probably some subscriptions, for the moldering Globe and Mail.

    These people deserve obscurity, not our attention. Who knows what Ibbitson really believes, but he’s smart enough to know that by publishing inflammatory drivel he’ll trigger conservatives far and wide. He’s a nobody who is desperate to justify a paycheck when thousands of superior writers blog for free.

    1. We know he speaks only for a handful but Canadians don’t seem to mind. This gives the Americans the impression that we are all as stupid as Ibbitson.

      Well, I’m not. You’re not.

  2. My two cents:
    The Liberals are the security risk and the Americans know it.
    The Soros generals are as well. Cull them all with extreme prejudice and liberate Canada.
    As soon as a Moslem becomes ‘known’, to Ellesmere Island they should be flown.

    1. Liberals and democrats are communists. The people just don’t care. America is going down and it will fall on Canada. God, how I would love to be wrong.

  3. So it’s a threat to national security if MPs read government documents. Isn’t that the same government that stomps on our rights and freedoms and tells us that if we’ve done nothing wrong, we have nothing to fear?

    1. You and I BA….in the Governments Eyes ..??

      CO2 Spewing, diseased Tax cows , that happen to be non-convicted individuals residing in the community.

      The Kampfs bekon…

      1. I know I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth repeating.

        During one check-in at the Edmonton airport, my backpack was taken aside and rummaged through, as usual. The maoling doing that rummaging became a bit too nosy, even though I largely was carrying clothing in it.

        I squawked because of her degree of “interest”. I was told that she was trying to keep me “safe”. I got a dirty look when I told her I felt less safe with her snooping than I did before. Her fellow maoling told me to drive instead if I didn’t like what was going on.

        Then again, during a different trip, a different airport maoling, a soyboy Antifa wannabe, told me that by being a male travelling alone with a single bag, I fit a “certain” profile and, thereby, warranted closer attention. I also wouldn’t be surprised if I’m on a mandatory harassment list because it seemed that each time I went through the check-in, somebody found something “suspicious”.

        At the same time, when one of my fellow passenger notices my displeasure at being “searched” (i. e., harassed), their reaction is usually a smug, self-satisfied “you must have done something wrong” look on their face.

  4. I’ve implied this to friends and family and indirectly mentioned on the websites I frequent but I’m just going to be blunt. It’s time to ask if Justin Trudeau has been compromised by China. Not does he casually support their basic dictatorship. Has China directly compromised him. Our Allies have cut us out on security sharing, and the Liberals again and again devote maximum energy to running interference on any issue that relates to China. The two Michaels, the Huawei decision, whatever happened at this lab, why are they repeatedly obstructing Canadian interests and promoting China’s?

    1. Adam.

      I would think that after near 10 years of listening to that filthy fuck, I’d say that is beyond obvious. Did he not, damned near as soon as he was elected in 2015, host a massive Dinner party soley for CHINESE Interests.. aka Communists all I sure. Resulting in a rather large increase in his personal Trust Fund..??

      He has been trained his entire rotten life to be a COMMIE – like daddy – so like sons…

    2. The entire LPC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party, not just the Prime Traitor. The LPC’s backers sold their souls to the ChiComs long ago in return for 30 taels of silver and they’re making Trudeau and his idiots dance to their tune. In a just society, the LPC would be proscribed and its backers hounded out of the country. But this is not a just society and it never will be. Delenda Canada Est.

    3. Time to ask?

      He already was and is. Canadians knew this in 2013 and voted for him anyway.

      It’s time to air-lift the fattest and most stupid of our Canadian brethren to North Korea and let dreadful nature takes its course.

      Stick a GoPro on his head. The viewing should be quite informative.

  5. Captain Cooke was breakfast for some of those diverse culturally equivalent noble savages.

    1. … but they used every part of Captain Cook … even used his bones for needles … Right? Noble native peoples … so peaceful. So at-one with Gaia …

  6. “Canada,” like “Ukraine,” is not a real country. It only exists because America’s enemies want it as a staging ground for a future invasion. The only beneficiaries from its existence are a few dozen oligarchs.

    When push comes to shove, nobody in his right mind will want to be the last to die for bilingual cereal boxes. Anybody who is actually an asset to Canada will be welcomed with open arms in a united North America.

    If you need me the day American tanks show up in Ottawa, I’ll be directing them to Rideau Cottage. I won’t be alone.

  7. Interesting read about Capt. Cook’s biography. Now I know why there are SO MANY reasons to cancel Capt. Cook. He is self-taught. Self-educated. Hence the woke college intelligentsia diminish ALL his accomplishments. They consider him an “outsider” to their exclusive educational edifices. How woke. How DIE (Jordan Peterson’s correct arrangement of DEI)